CS2 Float and Wear Guide (Fully Explained)

What's this about floating and wearing CS2 skins?

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CS2’s skin system features elaborate and grueling mechanics that can be overwhelming to understand. It takes everything into consideration, including the item’s rarity, condition, and pattern number. This is what leads to those insane skin price tags that have everyone drooling over rare pulls.

I’ve personally been confused with how the entire Float and Wear system works, especially when I was first introduced to the game. Luckily, I was able to understand it after diving deep into the basics. So, I’ve devised an in-depth CS2 Float and Wear guide to help you out.

Float Vs. Wear

CS2 Float Value RangeCS2 Wear Value
0 to 0.07Factory New
0.07 to 0.15Minimal Wear
0.15 to 0.38Field-Tested
0.38 to 0.45Well-Worn
0.45 to 1Battle-Scarred
The CS2 Wear values and their corresponding Float range.

Whenever a skin is unboxed from any case, it is automatically assigned a precise random value between 0 and 1. That value is what’s called a skin’s “Float.” The specific Float will determine the exact condition along with what scratches, damage, and dirt, or lack thereof, will appear on the skin.

These precise Float values can be challenging to keep track of. This is where the “Wear values” come in. The Wear represents a generalized condition based on the Float value ranges I provided. It makes it easier to know a skin’s overall state without looking up the exact Float numbers.

The Importance of Float in CS2

Even though all CS2 skins that fall under the same Float range have the same CS2 Wear value, they won’t look the same. Unfortunately, not all skins are created equally, which is why you can see other skins with the same condition sell for higher or cheaper prices.

A great example of this can be seen on CS2’s AWP Asiimov skin. An AWP Asiimov with a Float value of 0.96 to 0.99 can range from $250 – $500, compared to the average selling price of $80 – $150. This also happens on a slew of other skins.

Overall, each skin’s appointed Float value is used to differentiate itself from other skins with similar Wear ratings.

The Importance of Wear in CS2

The main role of Wear in CS2 is to simplify and make it easier to absorb the skin’s condition. It gives casual players who don’t care much about specific values a generalized idea of the appearance of the skin they are buying.

Here are the five different Wear values in CS2:

  • Factory New – They are in near-mint condition without a scratch in sight, even to the most observant of players.
  • Minimal Wear – There might be some minor scratches, along with paint chips or dirt on the weapon. However, it’s still presentable with little signs of usage.
  • Field-Tested – It has several scratches, worn-off paint, and noticeable damage. They are among the most popular because of the great price-to-condition ratio, especially for more budget or casual gamers.
  • Well-Worn – Has pronounced skin degradation, paired with deep scratches, paint chips, and even rust. It can still work great for not-so-picky players because of their very cheap prices.
  • Battle-Scarred – These are the worst condition skin with some pretty severe damage. Some skins even get to the point where it barely looks like it had a once different design.

The Verdict: What Wear Value Skin Should I Buy?

If you have the money to spend, Factory New is obviously the best condition for a skin. However, for most, I’d recommend going for Field-Tested. They still look great at most Float values and tend to have an excellent price-to-condition ratio as well.

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