CS:GO Case Opening: Evaluating Its Worth and Best Practices

Saad Muzaffar
Saad Muzaffar
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Cases in CS:GO have really gotten popular in recent years. With a ton of websites, and even CS:GO itself has its own official cases – variety definitely does exist in the space. However, this begs the question, are CS:GO cases even worth it? And, if that’s the case, what are some practices that help increase your chances of success in opening CS:GO cases.

What are CS:GO Cases?

Cases are virtual containers that are the brainchild of the game’s developers and can be unlocked by acquiring keys via the Steam store. Or, you can also acquire CS:GO cases by heading to various websites that have an even greater assortment of cases.

Hell Case

Once you’re in possession of a case, opening it offers a chance at securing any of the items stored within it. This event is governed by randomness, mirroring a lottery-like system, where you might procure any item from the case, regardless of its rarity.

Every item found in a case comes with a distinct wear level. These levels range from Factory New, reflecting an impeccable condition, to Battle-Scarred, indicative of significant wear and tear. This level of wear influences not only the visual aesthetic of the item but also its market price, with items in superior condition typically commanding higher prices.

Is It Worth Opening Cases in CS:GO?

While opening CS:GO cases may not be the most profitable endeavor, it is quite fun to take a guess as to what you’ll be getting from a particular case. Beware, though, don’t expect to make thousands off your first opening.

However, by sticking to the best practices we’ve mentioned down below, you might be able to make a chump of change from the entire ordeal too!

Evaluating CS:GO Case Profitability

Hellcase Skins

Before you go ahead and purchase a case, understanding a few fundamental points is important:

  • Not every skin is the same: Sometimes, you’ll see rarer skins turning out to be less cheap than more common skins. So, having worse odds doesn’t always mean that the skin will be better.
  • Supply and Demand Matters: If a skin was readily available, it wouldn’t be very expensive even if it looks good. In CS:GO, the supply or rarity of a skin directly correlates towards its value. Therefore, identifying what skin has the rarer skin is quite important.

Now that you’ve understood these points, here’s our take on whether you can make money from CS:GO cases:

The Game of Probability

There is no public information regarding the drop rates of CS:GO cases. In essence, they’re completely random. However, the chance of you getting rarer items, such as knives, is less than 1%. However, the odds may vary depending on which site you go to.

So, you might have to take a look at the lay of the land before settling on a particular case or site, for that matter. In essence, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be getting your hands on a super-rare item. Albeit, the more expensive the case, the better your chances of you not losing a ton of money on a bad skin.

Market Fluctuations

Market Fluctuations

With CS2 coming along, a lot of skins that previously were not rare have now risen in popularity. This is because CS2 has brought a lot of graphical improvements and texture remodels to skins that didn’t look that great in CS:GO.

Because of this, your ability to make a profit in CS:GO cases directly correlates to shifting trends in the market. However, if you are able to closely look at where the market may be heading to and and with a bit of forecast, you’ll be able to conveniently land ahead.

Can You Make A Profit with CS:GO Cases?

Yes, you can make a profit with CS:GO cases. While it may not be the easiest thing to do. It definitely is plausible, given that understand market trends and try to follow the best practices we’re going to mention down below:

Stick to Your Budget

Going over budget just because you think you’ll get lucky the next case is a shortcut to losing all your money. Once you’ve decided on a budget, stick to it. Even if you don’t make a massive profit off it, take the loss and carry on. Otherwise, you’ll end up in an ugly chain of chain-buying.

Research your Cases

Once you’ve decided to spend some money on cases, choosing the right one is of pivotal importance. We recommend taking out the average value of items in a particular case alongside seeing how much you may end up losing on the worst-case if you end up purchasing the case. This helps provide you with an accurate idea of what the case itself is like.

Trade Away

Another man’s trash might just be their treasure. So, if you do end up getting a shoddy item, don’t lose hope just yet. Try and trade it on the Steam Marketplace or get it deposited for cash instead if the site you are using supports that. In both cases, you’ll be able to reduce some of your loss.

Final Thoughts

Opening CS:GO cases can be an equally exciting and daunting experience if you end up over-reaching your hand. However, by following these safe trading practices, you should be good to go!

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