20 Cutest Anime Couples Of All Time

Richard James
Richard James
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The concept of love has been quite evident in anime and dates back to some of the oldest shows out there.

As a watcher, you get to experience a subtle yet positive vibe emanating from these couples. However, they’re not limited by a single dimension of flavors. 

Witnessing cute couples encompassing their true selves in a show can quickly turn out to be the focal point of the entire series regardless of what genre or audience it originally catered to – you might even spot them taking some cute anime couple pictures too; what a treat!

After some meticulous hunting, we’ve jotted down the cutest anime couples of all time and we have them listed down for you right here!

So, without further ado, let’s get right into it! However, if you are in the mood for some solo cuteness, take a look at our list of the best pink hair girls in anime!


Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki – Naruto

Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki - Naruto

Seems like the son learned a few skills from his father. You can only hope to be as smooth as Minato Namikaze when it comes to making Kushina fall for him. 

Over the years, they develop a profound trust with each other that results in the eventual birth of Naruto. 

Kushina’s hot-blooded attitude pairs extremely well with Minato’s calmness, to the point where it can be considered cultural treason to ship them with anyone else. 

It would be a tall order to find such cute anime couples. 


Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga – Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga - Naruto

Getting a girl as faithful as Hinata might only occur in fairytales. However, that is not all NaruHina is popular for. 

She cared for him and protected him when he was hated for being a Jinchuriki. 

Furthermore, Hinata stood up for him during the fight with pain. However, it wasn’t until they got older that Naruto managed to sort his feelings out for Hinata. 

Thankfully, Hinata is a patient girl who waited since childhood for him. With that said, the happy ending to their story is a rather popular one among the fans of the romance genre.


Mai and Sakuta – Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Mai Sakurajima and Sakuta Azusagawa - Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Whether you dream of a bunny girl or not, you won’t be able to beat Sakuta when it comes to catching Mai Sakurajima off guard. 

Sakuta: “I love you.”

Mai: “Are you sure?”

Sakuta: “I lied, I love you very much.”

Their witty conversations and deep trust for each other are the major appeal of the show. Nonetheless, both of them have admiration and love for each other, which is quite evident in their quest for solving the cases of Adolescence Syndrome. 


Edward and Winry – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Edward Alric and Winry Rockbell - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

“I’ll give you half of my life if you give me half of yours” is probably the cutest proposal in the history of cute anime couples. Needless to say, it did the trick.

Edward is often hot-blooded and is known to cause trouble. Whereas, Winry is the responsible one that never leaves his side when he needs her the most. 

Their small but cute quarrels are always entertaining to watch and serve as a nice break from the tense and dark environment of the show.  


Touka Kirishima and Ken Kaneki – Tokyo Ghoul

Touka Kirishima and Ken Kaneki - Tokyo Ghoul

Touka and Kaneki feel like a match made in the heavens. Her caring and loving nature compliment Kaneki’s selflessness perfectly. 

While there are certain hiccups in their early relationship, everything seems to be going rather smoothly for the one-eyed king.

With that said, both of them are meant for each other. Touka understands Kaneki’s humane nature, while Kaneki knows how she feels regarding her fellow ghouls. 


Yuuki Asuna and Kirito Kirigaya – Sword Art Online

Yuuki Asuna and Kirito Kirigaya - Sword Art Online

Getting stuck in a game with no one to talk to sounds like a genuine nightmare. Thankfully, Asuna found a player who was ‘living’ instead of surviving in the harsh world of Aincrad. 

Their relationship took a strong turn after fighting a multitude of battles together.

Ever since the Aincrad tragedy, Kirito and Asuna have started looking for each other and have formed a deep bond of faith and trust among each other. 

Needless to say, Kirito’s unintentional harem is often a point of jealousy for Asuna. Therefore, her attempts at reclaiming the best girl title are justified at the very least.


Celty Sturluson and Shinra Kishitani – Durarara!!

Celty Sturluson and Shinra Kishitani - Durarara!!

Unlike other anime couples, this one seems to be a weird mix of science and fantasy.

Since childhood, Shina has always been interested in extraordinary phenomena, including Dullahans.

He has seen his father perform dissection surgery on Celty’s body and has been fascinated ever since. 

While this behavior of his can only be labeled as ‘eccentric’, he tends to look into the unordinary that makes Celty fall for him. 

Having a Dullahan as your companion sure sounds unique. Ironically, her personality is more down-to-earth compared to Shinra.


Ryu and Urara – Yamada Kun and the Seven Witches

Ryu Yamada and Urara Shiraishi - Yamada Kun and the Seven Witches

Who knew kissing a witch will make you swap bodies with her? At the very least, Yamada-kun didn’t. However, we’re sure he doesn’t regret it. 

The curse of a witch sure sounds terrifying, but dealing with it has become a daily chore for our Yamada-kun. 

Unlike the energetic Yamada, Urara’s character is rather silent. Her past traumas had made her close herself to the outside world until Yamada came to the rescue.

Her icy exterior begins to gradually fade around him as she eventually comes to terms with her newfound feelings and confesses to him.

Needless to say, the entire process is entertaining to watch as it only gets better the more you watch.


Zero Two and Hiro – Darling in the Franxx

Zero Two and Hiro - Darling in the Franxx

Hiro’s boring life took a turn for the best after meeting the energetic yet cynical Zero Two. 

She is the dominant one in this relationship while Hiro just follows her around. 

The story goes through a lot of events that help in the progression of their relationship. 

No matter how you turn it, both of them are meant to be together. 

Their mischievous antics fill you up with positive energy and are extremely fun to watch. 

Unfortunately, their current lives weren’t meant to be long enough to have a happy ending.

Thankfully, they got the chance to reincarnate and be together a thousand years later.


Kraft Lawrence and Holo – Spice & Wolf 

Kraft Lawrence and Holo - Spice & Wolf 

Embarking on a journey with Holo the wise wolf requires a lifetime’s worth of luck, and Kraft Lawrence seems to have been blessed by it.

Holo’s character is quite simple, she cares for Kraft and can often get flirtatious around him. She won’t hesitate to protect him through her wolf form but is rather hesitant of showing it. 

Nonetheless, her witty remarks are more than enough to make Lawrence fall for her. 

The ride is slow yet peaceful, so you’re guaranteed to have an enjoyable time. 


Ichigo Kurosaki and Orihime Inoue – Bleach

Ichigo Kurosaki and Orihime Inoue - Bleach

The tale of Bleach takes place in a world of spirits and hollows, which becomes the starting point for Ichigo and Orihime’s relationship to progress.  

However, the story isn’t as smooth as one might expect. They face numerous trials together in order to protect their loved ones.

Despite Ichigo being indifferent to the concept of love, such events eventually change him to become a proper man and accept his feelings for her. 


Casca and Guts – Berserk

Casca and Guts - Berserk

The epic tale of Berserk shows us how companionship can transform into love. 

Guts is a stout and loyal gentleman that would quite literally go to the farthest depths of hell to save her loved one. 

Meanwhile, Casca is a headstrong fighter that is quite different from your run-of-the-mill shoujo characters. Nonetheless, any guard she had against Guts proves to be useless. 

Alas, she eventually joins the ranks of cute anime couples and is also a part of our list of the best black characters in Anime too!


Yoruichi Shihōin and Suì-Fēng – Bleach

Yoruichi Shihōin and Suì-Fēng - Bleach

Born to protect the young princess Yoruichi of the Shihōin clan, Suì-Fēng tries her hardest to be a useful asset. 

However, the workings of fate are rather unique and interesting. 

Suì-Fēng and Yoruichi are good comrades that will fight to protect each other’s backs. However, that does not mean that is all there is to them. 

You cannot expect a flower to bloom overnight. Similarly, their simple yet entangled relationship develops gradually while providing eye candy for the viewers.


Eren and Mikasa – Attack on Titan

Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman - Attack on Titan

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve surely heard of Eren and Mikasa. 

Eren does something stupid and Mikasa is always there to save him from the ordeal. 

No matter what he does, Mikasa always follows as a reliable backup. While the rumbling might’ve been a bit debatable, it is an undeniable fact that both have feelings for each other. 

While some love stories are best left unfinished, it would’ve been great to see a conclusion to their tale of love. 


Shinei Nozen and Vladilena Milizé – 86

Shinei Nozen and Vladilena Milizé - 86

Death is a common term for the reaper of the battlefield. His comrades will eventually all die and there will be no one standing side by side with him.

There is no worth in living such a life. Therefore, it is better to die while fighting the endless hordes of the Legion. 

Carrying such burdens, it seemed better for Shinei Nozen to put an end to his life. However, Lena proved his ideology wrong and undeniably saved him from the jaws of death. 

Since then, both parties have a considerable amount of trust in each other which eventually develops into feelings of love.


Izumi Miyamura and Kyouko Hori – Horimiya

Izumi Miyamura and Kyouko Hori - Horimiya

Love doesn’t always need a sad backstory to blossom. Miyamura and Hori are the virtual proofs of this notion. 

The depth of their relationship slowly deepens throughout the series and eventually leads to a rather successful marriage.  

Ultimately, it is a love story where everything goes right for both of them. Both of them experience growth as characters and come to terms with their feelings in a respectable period.

Therefore, you might have to switch sails if you were hoping for a harem fantasy drama. 


Schwi Dola and Riku Dola – No Game No Life: Zero

Schwi Dola and Riku Dola - No Game No Life: Zero

What would you do if the world is falling apart and you are the final burning hope for humanity? Such a period can bring extreme depression and self-loathing. 

Riku constantly blamed his powerlessness for the deaths of his companions. His flickering life seemed to have no goal until he met Schwi. 

Consequently, a robot does not have feelings. However, being able to understand “love” was one of the biggest joys in Schwi’s life. 

Together, Riku and Schwi complete each other. Their deep faith in each other is what gave Imanity the last laugh in the grand war of Gods. 


Emiya and Tohsaka – Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade works

Emiya Shirou and Tohsaka Rin - Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade works

Matching a tsundere with an empty and selfless character sounds like a recipe for disaster. However, it has proved to work rather well for Emiya Shirou.

Watching Tohasaka and Shirou’s progression throughout the series has been an absolute joy. 

The witty remarks, cute whining, and a considerable amount of trust are what make a relationship enjoyable. 

Shirou can be extremely stubborn once he sets his mind to accomplish a goal. Therefore, having Rin by his side is the perfect leash on his emotions and selflessness. 


Chise and Elias – Mahoutsukai no Yome

Chise Hatori and Elias Ainsworth - Mahoutsukai no Yome

Finding the meaning of life isn’t a simple task. For Chise, the answer seemed to be unreachable. In severe depression, she decided to sell herself as a slave. 

Little did she know, that was the turning point of her life. 

Seeing her interactions with Elias have always been lovely. 

Being the literal definition of how cute anime couples should be, you will be finding much more than just joy in watching their story unfold.   


Takagi and Nishikata – Teasing Master Takagi-san

Takagi and Nishikata - Teasing Master Takagi-san

Getting teased daily might be a torturous experience for many. However, Nishikata seems to think otherwise. 

He simply cannot hope to beat Takagi san. Every time he tries to get back at her, Nishikata becomes the one getting teased instead. 

Needless to say, the anime is filled with lots of super cute moments. 

It is yet to be seen whether they will finally confess to each other. However, it will be a treat to witness nonetheless. Till then, let the teasing continue!

That concludes our favorite picks for the cutest anime couples out there. Which pair is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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