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Have you ever found your Discord server to be boring? Is someone in your circle of introverts not good enough to break the ice? Don’t you worry because Dad Bot for Discord is finally here! He comes with batteries (82 D Cells); I think the bot works that way? Nonetheless, here’s everything you need to know about Dad Bot, how to add him to your discord server, and some commands that you can issue.

Before we get started, who or what is Dad Bot? Dad Bot is an entertainment bot primarily used to add a bit of fun through the use of memes, “embarrassing confessions of your Discord members,” and, of course, dad jokes. With that out of the way, let’s dive into adding him to your Discord server.

How To Add Dad Bot To Your Discord Server

Dad Bot landing page for Discord Installation.
  • Click on the Invite Button and complete the Captcha (if there is one)
  • Log in to your Discord account
  • Select the server that you want to add the bot on
Dad Bot how to add on your Discord Server!

Alright! Now, you got a funky Dad Bot for your Discord server; let’s see what he can do for your channel by checking out his commands.

The Commands

To access his commands, you need to type d![command name]. For example, the command d!help will make the Dad Bot provide the list of commands that you can issue to him. These commands are capitalization sensitive! Here are some of the commands that Dad Bot will recognize and their corresponding functions.

Dad Bot Command NameCorresponding Action
helpThis command will display the help menu, including the commands you can issue for the Bot. Use the forward, and backward react to cycle through the menu or stop to close the help menu.
patreonThe bot will message the channel about the Patreon page of the creator. We’ve included it for you here if you want to support AlekEagle!
creatorinfoDisplays the portfolio of Alek Evans, which includes other creations that he made other than Dad Bot!
inviteThis command allows you to invite Dad Bot to another server directly.
githubIssuing this command will allow you to see other available components not natively built into the bot.
shardsDisplays the shard info of the bot
dadjokeRandomly sends a witty dad joke. If you like dad jokes, make the most out of this command!
Example: What do you call a deer with no legs? a No-Eyed Deer.
adviceRandomly gives you some advice. I’ve not yet seen any serious advice here, so follow with caution!
Example: run
kumikoSends a random picture of Kumiko Oumae from the Anime Hibike! Euphonium
mioSends a random image of Mio Akiyama from the anime K-ON!
embarrassMake sure to tag the user you want to embarrass. An example of using this command would be d!embarrass @username
Here’s the bot’s response when I tried the command out!
It’s really hard doing impressions, give me a little bit, okay?
dabThe bot sends a random image of someone dabbing. Dad likes to dab.
complainAllows you to complain anything and everything to Dad Bot; they would even give you a complaint ID!

Example of how to use the command: d!complain life sucks, I wish I had more money!
complimentWorks the opposite of the complaint command. Dad Bot will provide a compliment ID as well!

Example of how to use the command: d!compliment I love dad bot so much
suggestWorks similar to complain and compliment, however, you’ll now provide suggestions to make the bot better!

Example of how to use the commands: d!suggest more Anime character commands!
fdeleteUsing this command will allow you to delete your feedback, although I have had issues wherein the bot can not process my command upon using this.
infoProvides information for the bot such as uptime, memory usage, users, servers, etc.!
settingsThis command allows you to access the server and personal bot settings.
barbecueA weird command that makes dad bot send a picture of a hotdog with mustard on a bun.

Those are all of the commands for Dad Bot! Hopefully, you found some of these useful. While we’re on the topic of usefulness, here are some of the best discord bots on your server or for Discord users who like listening to music on their channel!

Why Dad Bot Over Other Discord Bots?

While every Discord bot inherently is the same, there are a few particular features that have Dad Bot rise above the competition.

Funny and Witty Bot that provides Dad Jokes: Dad Bot provides a ton of dad jokes to keep your Discord server entertained. Definitely, a great bot to start a conversation with newly acquired Discord members.

Intuitive to use and the developers listen to your suggestions: The simple help menu makes navigation for this bot intuitive rather than just flooding the Discord server with a block of text. Not to mention the development team takes their time reading the suggestions, compliments, and complaints sent through the bot’s commands.

Embarrass your friends: Now who doesn’t love to embarrass their own friends? Well, this neat feature comes with Dad Bot! You can embarrass your friends using a command, making it seem like they “exposed” themselves.

Dad Bot is very entertaining if you’re hanging out on your Discord server or even servers as an excellent icebreaker for you and your newly met Discord friends!

Did we miss any commands, or are there any bots you would like for us to do an in-depth guide such as this one? Let us know in the comments below!

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