Days Gone PC Features and Release Date Announced

Hatem Amer
Hatem Amer
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Survival horror games are a dime a dozen, we even reviewed one not too long ago. But something published by Sony Entertainment, that’s got to be something. Until now, if you were not on Sony’s platform, you were missing out on playing Days Gone. But that is all about to change soon as Days Gone PC release date has been announced and the port’s new features have been teased on a Playstation Blog.

Days Gone PC release date has been set to May 18 of this year. This is almost exactly a month from now. Moreover, the port will come bundled with new features that were not present in the Playstation 4 original.

Days Gone PC Release Date: May 18

In an article on the Playstation blog that came out recently, Sony and Bend Studios dropped the Days Gone PC release date. They also showcased features and gameplay from their upcoming port. You can read the full announcement on the blog, or you can go over our summary real quick.

The game, now announced to be coming May 18, will feature quite the new improvements – as you can see in the newly released trailer. The improvements mostly focus around taking advantage of the platform’s superior hardware.

For starters the port will come with support for ultra-wide 21:9 monitors and have its framerate unlocked. And if unlocked framerate doesn’t tickle your fancy, then maybe you’d prefer to know that the game will have support for 3rd party controllers.

More generic yet equally important details include increased level of detail, longer foliage draw distance, and graphical improvements. You will be able to engage in fights with up to 500 Freakers rendered at the same time.

And what better way to show off your maxed out settings than with the new photo mode. This new “super resolution” photo mode will allow you to pause and take screenshots of the game world.

But that’s about it for this reveal. The original Days Gone release was over 3 years ago, so even veterans might want to revisit the experience again. And now with Days Gone PC release date being set, you might want to refresh on those old mechanics.

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