Dead Island 2 E3 2021 Trailer Leaked – Promises a 2021 Release Date

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Dead Island 2 is a game that may or may not need an introduction, depending on how read-up you are with your gaming history. Fortunately, E3 2021’s official YouTube account let a private video up early before Deep Silver’s presentation and let Dead Island 2 E3 2021 Trailer Leaked.

Update: The trailer looked legitmate at the time. We have attached the source of the trailer below. It has since been debunked.

Dead Island 2 E3 2021 Trailer Leaked – Is it for real this time?

Dead Island 2 is a sequel to the 2011 title but the title was announced at E3 2014 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Unfortunately, the game fell into development limbo and constantly changed developers every few years.

While the game has been rebooted numerous times by now, this time it looks like they’re delivering on the promise.

Koch Media did state that they weren’t going to show Dead Island or Saints Row at this years E3 presentation, so now it’s a curious case of why the trailer is archived with E3 2021?

The game doesn’t give a fixed release date unfortunately, it just shares a 2021 release date and appears to have a release for PS5/Xbox Series.

There is some conflicting information in the trailer however, the E3 2021 account is not the official account, and further, the end credits have Yager as the developer, which was the first studio assigned to develop the game, but Deep Silver announced they won’t be working on it further in 2015.

The game is currently being developed by Dambuster Studios.

We do have some conflicting information here, but considering how Dead Island 2 managed to skip release on the console generation it was meant for, could the wait for the sequel make up for it?

While Koch Media and Deep Silver have yet to give fans an official update for a very long time, this trailer is as close as we are going to get until one of the issues a statement about the trailer.

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