Dead Space Remake Trophy List Revealed and Has a Surprise

The Games Trophy List Hints at a Hidden Secret in the Game

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • The trophy list suggests the addition of an alternate ending
  • New Game Plus mode confirmed in the list
  • Impossible mode is back and is also a trophy

The Dead Space Remake is less than a week away, and many fans are excited to dive back into the once great series that is now getting a second lease on life. Fortunately, the trophy list for the title is here, and while there are a few difficulty trophies along the way, there shouldn’t be anything here that familiar players shouldn’t be able to get with a few good tries. Here is your first look at the Dead Space Remake Trophy List.

Dead Space Remake Trophy List Is Far and Wide

The Dead Space Remake is one that brings back the original title to its former glory with a whole bunch of bells and whistles to boot. WIth the addition of an intensity director to dictate the action and chaos on screen, to a fully voiced Isaac Clarke, the game is truly something new and returning fans are eager to play.

The trophy list for the game is now on ExoPhase, and there are a lot of familiar trophies that players who beat the game on the PS3 and Xbox 360 will fondly remember.

The trophy list is made up of your typical “Beat the Chapters” and other unmissable trophies, with a few missable trophies along the way such as getting a number of kills with a certain weapon, getting the Peng trophy, and much more.

A Screenshot from Dead Space Remake

We also see the return of Impossible Mode which was the game’s hardest difficulty in the original title where ammo, medkits, and other resources are more scarce, enemies are more aggressive, and was your run-of-the-mill difficulty ramp. However, there is also something of note at the bottom of the list with the ‘Reunion’ Trophy which has players see the ‘Alternative’ ending. This is a new addition to the title and one that we can look forward to discovering, as the original title did not have such a feature.

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