Destiny 2 Beloved God Roll for PvE and PvP

Eoin Black
Eoin Black
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These two Beloved god rolls are designed to maximize the sniper’s effectiveness in all areas of Destiny 2. I’ve put together a roll of PvE, as well as one for PvP – so there’s something here for you regardless of what you plan on doing with the weapon.

Beloved is actually one of the better snipers in recent memory. It frequently makes it into the top charts in terms of PvP weapon usage, thanks in part to the god roll I’m featuring today.

Not only that, though, but it’s actually got a pretty decent PvE roll, too. It’s not going to be replacing Izinagi’s anytime soon, don’t get me wrong, but it does output some seriously good damage for a legendary sniper.

I’m going to dive into both of these Destiny 2 Beloved god rolls to see just what makes each weapon tick. If you’re on the hunt for a new sniper, take a look at my breakdown and see what you think for yourself.

Destiny 2 Beloved God Rolls

Beloved PvE God Roll

Destiny 2 Beloved PvE god roll.
Screenshot via D2Gunsmith
  • Fluted Barrel
  • Appended Mag
  • Fourth Time’s the Charm
  • Box Breathing

This Destiny 2 Beloved PvE god roll is a great endgame sniper in the most traditional sense. The combination of Fourth Time’s the Charm and Box Breathing make it play similar to the OP snipers of old like Black Spindle. Obviously, it isn’t half as effective as that sniper was, but it is capable of outputting some serious damage.

Starting with Fluted Barrel which, honestly, doesn’t make too much of a difference. Barrel mods on snipers are far less important than on something like a shotgun, but it’s still worth giving some thought to. In this case, I’m opting for Fluted Barrel because of the increased handling it gives us.

Appended Mag is next up on the table. It’s a flat single extra bullet in our magazine, meaning we get a little bit more damage than we otherwise would. It also gives us a little more room for error with Fourth Time’s the Charm. It’s just a shame we can’t bump that mag number up to six. If we could, we could get two Fourth Time’s procs per reload – a substantial increase to our DPS.

Speaking of Fourth Time’s the Charm, perks of this nature have been sniper-staples for almost a decade at this point. Getting extra bullets in a sniper’s magazine increases the weapon’s uptime. Given that you’re mainly using them for short boss DPS phases, this translates to a significant increase in damage per phase. It’s pretty much mandatory if you want to take this thing into endgame PvE activities.

Lastly, Boxed Breathing is a perk that’s had a tumultuous history within the Destiny 2 META. In theory, it should’ve been great. In practice, though, it just wasn’t. It took far too long between shots for the perk to proc, completely mitigating the damage buff you were meant to get. These days, though, it’s substantially better thanks to a sizable buff. It grants you just over 31% more damage per shot if you wait 1.5s between shots. Combined with Fourth Time’s the Charm, it makes Beloved capable of outputting some serious damage.

Beloved PvP God Roll

Destiny 2 Beloved PvP god roll.
Screenshot via D2Gunsmith
  • Fluted Barrel
  • High Caliber Rounds
  • Snapshot Sights
  • Moving Target

As great as Beloved is for PvE, it’s a sniper, and snipers tend to excel in PvP environments. This Beloved god roll is no different. In fact, it’s one of the most popular and effective Trials snipers in the entire game right now.

I’m keeping Fluted Barrel, but that’s the only similarity between the PvE and PvP rolls. I’ve replaced Appended Mag with High Caliber Rounds for what should be obvious reasons. Having that extra bullet in the magazine doesn’t impact Beloved in PvP at all. However, the flinch that HCR grants the weapon can be the difference between winning and losing a gunfight.

The Snapshot Sights/Moving Target combo is a match made in heaven and has been used in sniper god rolls for years. Your ADS speed is nearly doubled with Snapshot, which will make a noticeable impact on your sniping in-game. You’ll be hitting harder shots quicker.

Moving Target works in conjunction with Snapshot Sights perfectly. Not only is your ADS going to be faster, but once you’re looking down your scope, you’re going to be getting much better target acquisition on enemies. Put it all together and you have a weapon that can take a moving Guardian’s head off from across the map in seconds – and what more do you want from a sniper?

Even if you don’t play too much PvP, it wouldn’t hurt to have one of these in your back pocket. Just in case. On the PvE side of the coin, it’s a great sniper that outputs serious damage, although it isn’t at the top of the META by any means. Still, if you’re able to craft one, you might aswell. You never know when regular snipers will be top of the food chain again.

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