Destiny 2 Calus Mini-Tool God Roll for PvE and PvP

Eoin Black
Eoin Black
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Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

These Destiny 2 Calus Mini-Tool god rolls have been individually theory crafted by me. I say theory-crafted because I haven’t gotten enough deepsight Mini-Tools to actually make them. That being said, I have over seven years of experience with Destiny, so I know what I’m talking about when it comes to weapon perk combinations.

For the most part, the Calus Mini-Tool is the new Funnelweb. It’s a 900RPM submachine gun that’s exceptionally good for PvE, especially when you consider the synergy it has with the new Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 subclasses. I think that the Funnelweb is still a better PvP option, but it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

I’ve gone through both my PvE god roll for the Calus Mini-Tool, as well as the PvP god roll. If you’re looking for perk recommendations, look no further.

Calus Mini-Tool God Rolls

Calus Mini-Tool PvE God Roll

Destiny 2 Calus Mini-Tool PvE god roll
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming via D2Gunsmith
  • Full Bore.
  • Accurized Rounds.
  • Grave Robber.
  • Incandescent.
  • To Excess.

I wish I had my hands on this Calus Mini-Tool PvE god roll, I really wish I did. RNG in Season of the Haunted has been cruel to me. I haven’t even gotten a single deepsight Mini-Tool yet.

Having said that, this version of the Calus Mini-Tool is clearly a god roll on paper, and according to players that actually have it, is in practice, too.

As a 900RPM submachine gun, the weapon’s biggest weakness is Range. Both Full Bore and Accurized Rounds increase that range dramatically. If you’re on console, you might want to consider running Smallbore instead of Full Bore because of the effect the latter has on Stability. If you’re on PC, though, Stability doesn’t matter too much so you should be running Full Bore to maximize your range.

I’m not crazy about running Grave Robber on this Calus Mini-Tool god roll, but the options in this perk column aren’t great. The only real competition is Unrelenting, which is a viable alternative for the extra healing.

However, my Solar Hunter 3.0 build that I main essentially has infinite melee charges, so Grave Robber synergizes with it too well to not run – it effectively keeps my weapon-up time at 100% because I rarely have to manually reload.

Incandescent is where this weapon gets interesting. It’s a new perk introduced in Season of the Haunted and was designed specifically for the new Solar systems. Its effect is simple – when you kill a target, it spreads Scorch stacks to nearby targets. The stronger the target, the larger the radius of the Scorch spread.

Needless to say, the synergy this has with Solar 3.0 subclasses is insane. Speaking from a Hunter’s point of view, it lets you charge up Gunpowder Gambles in a matter of seconds.

Lastly, To Excess will always roll on this weapon, so it’s not a choice as much as it is a feature. The perk’s effect is that when your super meter is full, kills with the Calus Mini-Tool increase your Strength and Discipline for a moderate duration.

To Excess isn’t a bad perk and it actually pairs nicely with Stareater Scales and other pieces of gear that would require you to hold onto your super. Otherwise, it’s not something you ever need to worry about.

Calus Mini-Tool PvP God Roll

Calus Mini-Tool PvP god roll
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming via D2Gunsmith
  • Full Bore.
  • Accurized Rounds.
  • Moving Target.
  • Tap the Trigger.
  • To Excess.

For my Calus Mini-Tool PvP god roll, I’ve opted to keep Full Bore and Accurized Rounds. The range benefit that combination of perks comes with is simply too good to ignore, especially in PvP.

Moving Target is a PvP favorite of mine for SMGs. It reminds me of running Stock back in Call of Duty on my submachine guns, and the effect is the same. It increases your target acquisition and movement speed when you’re aiming down sight (ADSing). When you’re running an SMG in PvP, you’re going to want to stay on the move and take advantage of your mobility tech – Moving Target enables you to do that while also staying on target in gunfights.

The one downside to running Full Bore and Accurized Rounds is that our Stability struggles a little bit. While I argue that doesn’t matter too much for PC players, you can certainly feel the effect of it. Tap the Trigger will help combat that and give you the edge in gunfights. That initial burst of extra accuracy is often just what you need to come out on top in aim duals, provided your micro-corrections afterward are on point.

Lastly, I’m not going to bother talking about To Excess in PvP because it literally doesn’t matter. If you’re holding onto your super in Crucible or Trials, you’re playing the game wrong.

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