Destiny 2 How to Complete Gone but Not Forgotten

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Eoin Black
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In Destiny 2, figuring out how to complete Gone but Not Forgotten is more complicated than most event tutorial quests. This one has been the victim of a pretty nasty day-one bug preventing players from progressing the quest. As a result, some Destiny 2 players are scratching their heads and wondering if they’re doing the quest wrong or if their game is broken.

I am to answer that question by running you through how to complete Gone but Not Forgotten in Destiny 2 – step by step.

How to Complete Gone but Not Forgotten in Destiny 2

Step 1 – Speak with Eva to Claim Your Mask

Destiny 2 how to complete Gone but Not Forgotten Eva Levante.
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When you first log on to Destiny 2 during Festival of the Lost, you’ll first need to head over to Eva Levante to pick up your Halloween mask. She’ll give you the Gone but Not Forgotten quest, and your mask.

You’ll be given one at upgrade level three, and with a power level that matches your current gear level. She’ll offer you one of each Light element, so pick whatever you fancy – just keep in mind that you’ll have to upgrade it if you want to slap mods onto it.

Like years past, you can go into the customization menu for your mask to equip any mask ornaments you may have collected, either in 2022 or before.

You’ll be wearing this mask pretty much 100% of the time during this event – you can’t earn seasonal currency without it. So, I would recommend you at least level it up to rank seven.

Step 2 – Equip the Mask Eva Gave You

Destiny 2 Honkmoon.
Image via Bungie

Either way, take the mask from Eva, and Gone but Not Forgotten will progress. After that, you need to equip the mask. Groundbreaking stuff for a quest step, but that’s what Eva is asking of us.

So, head into your inventory and slap that lovely Rahool mask over your face.

Step 3 – Speak with Eva

Step three of Gone but Not Forgotten has us speaking to Eva once again, this time in costume! Read what she says, or don’t, and you’ll be sent to Gone but Not Forgotten step four.

Step 4 – Enter a Haunted Sector and Complete a Summoning Ritual

Destiny 2 how to complete Gone but Not Forgotten Headless One
Image via Bungie

This is about as hard as this quest gets. It’s the only part of Gone but Not Forgotten that requires you to actually do some gameplay, so you’re practically done already.

Haunted Sectors are the event activity for Festival of the Lost, and they’re how you convert your Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages. Eva should have given you two Spectral Pages in the previous quest step, so you’ll need to launch the activity from a node in the Tower map.

Step 5 – Defeat a One Headless One to Convert a Spectral Page

Once you’re inside the Haunted Sector, head on over to one of the zones that pop up throughout the activity. Stay in the zone for a few seconds and a Headless One will spawn. Kill him, and any others that spawn, finish the sector, and you’ll be one step closer to completing the quest.

As of the launch of Festival of the Lost 2022, this part of Gone but Not Forgotten is actually bugged – for some people. I haven’t experienced this myself, but plenty of players are reporting this quest step eating up their pages and not progressing.

Bungie is aware of the issue and working on a fix. So, if you’re unlucky enough to get stuck with this bug – rest assured that a fix is on the way.

Step 6 – Return to Eva

Provided step five actually completed, your next step towards completing Gone but Not Forgotten is returning to Eva in the Tower. You’re practically done at this point – all that’s left is a little bit of dialogue explaining more of the event.

At this point, Eva will tell you about the Book of the Forgotten and prompt you to put your Manifested Pages into it.

Step 7 – Add Your Manifested Page to the Book of the Forgotten

Destiny 2 Book of the Forgotten.
Image via Bungie

And, of course, that’s exactly what you’re going to do. The book is right next to Eva, so head on over to it and interact with it. You’ll be presented with 27 individual page nodes. Most of these nodes cost nine pages to unlock. For now, though, just hit the first one.

Step 8 – Speak with Eva Again

After that, return to Eva and she’ll once again explain some more bits and pieces you need to know to effectively engage with Festival of the Lost. Once again, take in what she has to say, or don’t. It doesn’t really make a difference.

Step 9 – Claim Your First Challenge in Your Event Card

Destiny 2 how to complete Gone but Not Forgotten step 9.
Image via Bungie

This step of Gone but Not Forgotten asks you to claim the first challenge in your Festival of the Lost Event Card. Once you do that, the rest of the event’s challenges will unlock. It’s worth giving these a read – they’re what you’re going to be working towards for the next three weeks, so get familiar with them.

Step 10 – You Guessed it – Speak with Eva

Destiny 2 how to complete Gone but Not Forgotten step 10.
Image via Bungie

Step 10 is, you can see where this is going – speak with Eva Levante in the Tower. She’ll wrap up the long-winded spiel she’s been spoon-feeding you and send you on your way.

That’s all there is to completing Gone but Not Forgotten. Provided you haven’t been a victim of the bug stopping this quest from progressing, you’ll have it done in less than 10 minutes. For those that were unlucky, though, there’s no known fix right now. It sucks, but Bungie should have a patch out soon.

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