Destiny 2 How to Complete Bonfire Bash

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Eoin Black
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Bonfire Bash is Destiny 2’s newest seasonal activity that’s come to us in Solstice 2022. It’s a fun little activity taking place in the reprised European Arial Zone. Like everything Bungie does, though, it’s not a super simple process to complete it.

I’m going to run you through how to complete Bonfire Bash in Destiny 2 – as well as how to claim rewards in Bonfire Bash in Destiny 2. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have no issues farming it to your heart’s content.

Destiny 2 How to Complete Bonfire Bash

Clear the Taken Blight

Destiny 2 how to complete Bonfire Bash - Mission Start.
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When you first load into Bonfire Bash, you’ll need to clear out the Taken Blight that’s hovering over where the bonfire should be in the center of the arena.

The European Arial Zone is pretty large and segmented into three different parts. You have the main arena (where you load in and where the bonfire is located), then you have a section to the North West and North East. Both of these sections are only used for the Taken Blights that spawn in during the activity, so don’t worry about them too much.

Just head to the center of the arena and clear out the Taken. That will properly start the Bonfire Bash activity.

Kill the Ignition Carriers and Ignite the Bonfire

Ignition Carrier inside Bonfire Bash
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Once the Taken have been killed and the bonfire spawns in, you’ll want to split your Fireteam up. You’re each looking for yellow-bar enemies called Ignition Carriers. These will be Major variants of whatever race you’re fighting in this particular instance of Bonfire Bash.

Killing one of these Ignition Carriers will drop an orb called an Ignition Charge. You can pick up these orbs and throw them at the bonfire to ignite it. Each Charge you add to the bonfire will increase the number of Silver Leaves that get turned into Silver Ash, up to a maximum of 20.

Each Leaf gives you five Ash, so the maximum conversion you can get from a single Bonfire Bash is turning 20 Silver Leaves into 100 Silver Ash.

There are five set spawn locations for the Ignition Carriers around the map. There’s one to the top left of the bonfire, one on each side in the middle, and one at the back of the arena. You can throw the orbs all the way across the arena, so you can send one player to each part of the arena to speed up your progress.

Clear out the Taken

Taken Blight.
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After throwing a few Ignition Charges into the bonfire, a Taken Blight will spawn in one of the back areas of the European Arial Zone. There are cannons that will shoot you over to either side in the center of the main area, in front of the Bonfire. You can also use your Sparrow here, so try not to waste too much time walking to these locations.

You’ll need to clear out these Taken to continue making progress on your Bonfire. This phase will typically happen twice per run.

Kill More Ignition Carriers – Rinse and Repeat

After you take care of the Taken Blights, head back to the bonfire in the main arena. The Ignition Carriers will start spawning in again and you will rinse and repeat this process until you either have 20 charges in the bonfire, or the timer runs out.

You shouldn’t ever not get to 20 charges here, even with a random Fireteam. Once you settle into a rhythm, you can run laps around the area just killing the Ignition Carriers and ignoring everything else.

Kill the Heat-Drinker

Taken Heat-Drinker.
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After the timer runs out, or you get to 20 charges in the bonfire, the Heat-Drinker will spawn in the center of the arena. He’s a massive Taken Ogre with a fair amount of health for a seasonal activity boss. He doesn’t have health gates, though, so you can just go nuts on him.

Once he’s dead, the activity will complete and you’ll be able to claim your rewards.

How to Claim Rewards in Bonfire Bash – Destiny 2

How to complete Bonfire Bash ni Destiny 2 - How to claim rewards in Bonfire Bash
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

As per usual, Bungie shot itself in the foot when it comes to its wording. Being told to “claim rewards in Bonfire Bash” has a lot of players confused. Don’t be, though, because you don’t actually need to do anything.

When you complete a Bonfire Bash, up to 20 Silver Leaves in your inventory will automatically be turned into Silver Ash. Everything else will be spat out as Engrams in front of the bonfire. Once you collect that gear, you’re claiming rewards in Bonfire Bash in Destiny 2.

There is two caveats to that, though. If you’re already full up on Silver Ash, your Silver Leaves will be burned but you’ll get no more Ash, essentially losing them. Also, if you’re not wearing any Candescent armor, your not going to be getting any Ash – the more of the armor you wear, the more Ash you’ll earn. So, keep that in mind while playing Bonfire Bash in Destiny 2.

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