Destiny 2 Infiltrator Gear – Which Upgrade to Unlock

Eoin Black
Eoin Black
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In week four of Season of the Seraph, we got access to our first Destiny 2 Infiltrator gear upgrade from Clovis Bray at the Exo Frame. We were told to pick one of the three possible upgrades, with the other two being locked behind a time gate for future weeks. Considering this, it’s important that you unlock the correct Infiltrator upgrade the first time around. Otherwise, it’ll be at least a week before you get to pick again.

I’m going to go over the order in which I would recommend unlocking your Infiltrator Gear. The upgrade I recommend first is set in stone. However, the other two are really just a matter of opinion.

Destiny 2 Infiltrator Gear Unlock Order

Destiny 2 Infiltrator gear upgrades on the seasonal upgrade module.
Image via Bungie
  • Security Clearance.
  • Tactical Armor.
  • Extreme Ordinance.

Out of the three Infiltrator gear upgrades in Destiny 2, I recommend taking Security Clearance first. Having Security Clearance gives you access to parts of Heist Battlegrounds and Seraph’s Sheild that you previously couldn’t enter. It also makes it possible to legitimately get all the nodes you need for the new Exotic Sparrow.

Security Clearance and Tactical Armor are the only ones of the three Destiny 2 Infiltrator gear upgrades that have locked content behind them. The other upgrade makes Battlegrounds and Seraph’s Shield easier, but it doesn’t restrict what you have access to.

After you have Security Clearance, the order in which you get the next two upgrades is entirely up to you. Personally, I recommend taking Tactical Armor second. This upgrade lets you bypass traps and decreases the damage you take from the Seraph lasers, giving you access to the second set of Seraph’s Shield areas that you couldn’t previously enter. Beyond that, this isn’t all that practical, but it does make running Battlegrounds and Seraph’s Shield much faster.

Lastly, we have Extreme Ordinance. In terms of a pure upgrade, Extreme Ordinance is better than the other two. It gives you access to a power-up that refreshes your abilities in both Seraph’s Shield and Battlegrounds. More important, though, is the fact that it gives you bonus damage against the Deathtongue Choristers in the previously mentioned Battlegrounds.

If you’ve played Battlegrounds, you know just how chunky those things are – so having extra damage against them is a fairly big deal.

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