Destiny 2 Kindling – How to Get Kindling Quickly

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Eoin Black
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In Destiny 2, Kindling is one of the currencies used in the Solstice 2022 event. It’s used to upgrade the event armor – giving it a glow and allowing you to reroll its stats. Unlike most event currencies, like Solstice’s Silver Leaves, Kindling isn’t earned by just playing the game. You earn it by completing specific challenges, and there’s a very limited supply – just enough to fully upgrade each of your main four pieces of armor. I’m going to be going over each Destiny 2 Kindling challenge and telling you how to complete them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To farm Destiny 2 Kindling – equip a hand cannon, shotgun, heavy machine gun, and a Solar subclass. Do Patrols and Public Events in the Throne World. Once you do those three challenges, do Strikes, then Crucible runs, then Dares of Eternity, and finally Sever missions. Any time you have over 20 Silver Leaves, do a run of Bonfire Bash.

If you follow those rules, you’ll have all of your Destiny 2 Kindling challenges completed in no time. I’ve separated all 24 of them into three distinct groups. I’ll be going through each group in detail, so if you’re struggling with any of the Kindling challenges, I’ve likely got the answer you’re looking for.

Destiny 2 Kindling – How to Farm Kindling in Solstice 2022

Destiny 2 Kindling - Limited-time Event Card.
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There’s a limited supply of Kindling in Destiny 2. There are 24 challenges on your Event Card, each of which awards one Kindling. So, altogether, you get 24 Kindling per character – enough to fully upgrade each piece of your Candescent armor minus the class item (which has no stats and by extension no upgrades).

These challenges are not account-wide – so you’ll need to do each of them three times if you want fully rekindled Candescent armor on all of your characters.

I’ve gone through the Destiny 2 Kindling challenges in the Event Card and grouped them based on challenge type. There are a bunch of challenges related to Bonfire Bash, specific kill requirements on enemies, and challenges related to what activity you’re doing.

I’m going to go through each group and highlight the best way to complete them, as well as any potential problem areas you might encounter.

Group 1 – The Bonfire Bash

Destiny 2 Kindling - Bonfire Bash
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  • Bashing Success – Complete a run of Bonfire Bash.
  • Torch the Taken – Defeat 20 Taken Majors in Bonfire Bash.
  • Good Ignite – Defeat 20 Ignition Carriers in Bonfire Bash.
  • Fuel for the Fire – Stoke the Flames 50 Times in Bonfire Bash.
  • Ash Tray – Collect 500 Silver Ash.
  • All Around the Bonfire – Complete Bonfire Bash against all potential races twice each.
  • Fuel for the Fire II – Stoke the Flames 100 Times in Bonfire Bash.
  • Fuel for the Fire III – Stoke the Flames 150 Times in Bonfire Bash.

The first bunch of challenges I’ve grouped up are all related to Bonfire Bash. Given that this activity is a core part of the event’s gameplay, you should passively complete all of these over the next week or two.

There’s nothing here that’s particularly intimidating or difficult. You could get them all done within 20 runs fairly easily. However, I wouldn’t recommend that. Only do Bonfire Bash runs when you have at least 20 Silver Leaves in your inventory. Otherwise, you’re wasting time and efficiency.

Group 2 – Defeating Targets

Bonfire Bash Ignition Carrier
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  • Like Wildfire – Defeat targets anywhere in the system.
  • Pyromania – Defeat combatants with Solar abilities.
  • Superlative – Defeat targets with super abilities.
  • Fire Power – Defeat combatants with Power Weapons.
  • Hand Lighter – Defeat targets with hand cannons.
  • Shotgun Solstice – Defeat targets with shotguns.
  • Burn Them Down – Defeat bosses anywhere in the system.

This group of Destiny 2 Kindling challenges are all related to defeating targets anywhere in the system. All of these challenges, with the exception of Burn Them Down, which requires boss kills, can be done in anything from Strikes to Bonfire Bash itself.

Most of these Kindling challenges are based on percentages. From my own experience, one percent translates to around three kills, so that’s the number you’ll be looking at.

If you slap on a hand cannon, shotgun, and heavy machine gun with a Solar subclass while doing other challenges, you’ll get them done surprisingly quickly.

Group 3 – Activities

Destiny 2 Kindling - Solstice Jubilee
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  • Forged in Flame – Defeat 100 Guardians in any activity.
  • Raking the Coals – Complete playlist activities to earn Silver Leaves.
  • Solstice Jubilee – Complete Public Events on any destination to earn Silver Leaves.
  • Lamplighter – Complete 10 Patrols on any destination to earn Silver Leaves.
  • Dare to Dream – Complete runs of Blind Well or Dares of Eternity to earn Silver Leaves.
  • Brightfall – Complete Vanguard Ops or Nightfalls to earn Silver Leaves.
  • Fires of Completion – Complete matches in Crucible or Gambit playlists to earn Silver Leaves.
  • A Spark in the Dark – Complete Sever Missions or Rounds of Altars of Sorrow to earn Silver Leaves.
  • In the Hot Seat – Complete activities within the Throne World to earn Silver Leaves.

The last group of Destiny 2 Kindling activities is by far the most difficult and time-consuming to complete. Each of these is tied to a specific activity – you’ll be bouncing all around the system to do them, and most of them can’t be done simultaneously with another.

Strike Destinations map.
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Each activity-based challenge that asks you to earn Silver Leaves is based on a percentage. Again, from my experience each one percent translates to one Silver Leaf, so each completion will net you between four and six percent.

Solstice Jubilee, Lamplighter, and In the Hot Seat can all be completed together provided you’re doing Patrols and Public Events in the Throne World. In fact, a loop like that is one of the most efficient Silver Leaves farms in the game.

You’ll have to complete the rest of these challenges individually based on the activity. Just make sure you’re using the weapons you need for the challenges in group two.

All in all, these challenges aren’t actually too hard to complete. Put your head down and grind them out – it’s worth it.

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