Destiny 2 Map Fragments Explained

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Destiny 2 Map Fragments are one of the several seasonal currencies introduced to the game in Season of Plunder. They’re a key part of the season’s gameplay loop, so understanding what Destiny 2 Map Fragments are, and how to get them, is going to be important.

I’m going to run you through everything you’ll ever need to know about Map Fragments. I’ll show you the only activity to farm them from, as well as what you use them for. If you’re looking to make the most out of Destiny 2’s Season 18 – here’s the knowledge you need.

Destiny 2 Map Fragments – How to Get Them

Destiny 2 Map Fragments - Ketchcrash
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Destiny 2 Map Fragments come exclusively from the new Ketchcrash activity in the H.E.L.M. You’ll earn 10 fragments at the end of each run. A run shouldn’t take you any longer than 10 or 15 minutes, so it’s efficient. Keep in mind, though, that you can only hold a total of 50 at any given time.

There is no way to increase the number of Map Fragments you earn per run like you can with other seasonal resources. You’re locked to the 10 per run.

Map Fragments, and by extension Ketchcrash, enable you to use Map Fragments to create Treasure Coordinates in the Captain’s Atlas. These coordinates let you get a bonus chest at the end of Expeditions, meaning you’ll want a steady supply of fragments to fund those Expedition missions.

Destiny 2 Map Fragments – What They’re Used For

Destiny 2 Captain's Atlas
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I’ve explained what Destiny 2 Map Fragments are used for briefly, but I’ll go into a little bit more depth here.

Map Fragments are one of the two resources used to create Treasure Maps. Treasure Maps are created using the Captain’s Atlas in the quest section of your Director. The other resource you use up alongside Map Fragments are Treasure Coordinates.

While Map Fragments are earned exclusively through the new Ketchcrash activity, Treasure Coordinates are world drops that you are awarded through completing activities like Strikes and Gambit matches.

This economy is what makes up the gameplay loop of Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder. You will have to play Ketchcrash for Map Fragments specifically, but you’ll earn Treasure Coordinates as you complete other gameplay activities.

Once you have a healthy supply of fragments and coordinates, you can turn them into maps using the Captain’s Atlas. There are a number of different map types available, with more becoming available as you upgrade the Star Chart.

You then take these Treasure Maps into the new Expedition activity – also launchable from the H.E.L.M. and use them to dig up the extra buried treasure at the end of the mission. You’ll need to do this once per week for Sails of the Shipstealer. However, you should make a point of doing a handful of them every week.

That’s the long and short of Destiny 2 Map Fragments. They’re a new currency you earn from Ketchcrash, and you use them with Treasure Coordinates to make Treasure Maps with the Captain’s Atlas. You then take those maps into Expedition to access a bonus chest. If that sounds complicated, it’s because it is. Hopefully, though, my explanation helped you wrap your head around it – if only a little bit.

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