Destiny 2 Path of Least Resistance God Roll for PvE and PvP 

Eoin Black
Eoin Black
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These two Destiny 2 Path of Least Resistance god rolls are… interesting. It’s a PvE powerhouse that despite rolling with Voltshot, doesn’t work too great with the perk (in my opinion). On the PvP side of things – it’s not great. Trace Rifles aren’t spectacular in the Crucible, to begin with, and this weapon has no perks to try and make up that deficit.  

So, we’ve got a PvE S-tier weapon that voluntarily doesn’t run Voltshot, that’s also abysmal in PvP. How is it so good at endgame PvE? Well, beyond the god roll, there’s the little fact that double special loadouts are making a comeback. If that META is as big in Lightfall as I think it’s going to be – you’ll want this Path of Least Resistance god roll.  

Destiny 2 Path of Least Resistance God Rolls 

Path of Least Resistance PvE God Roll 

Destiny 2 Path of Least Resistance god roll for PvE.
Image via D2Gunsmith
  • Fluted Barrel  
  • Enhanced Battery
  • Subsistence
  • Focused Fury

At a high-end PvE level, this Path of Least Resistance god roll is one of the best weapons in all of Destiny 2. For a lot of activities, especially Pinnacle solo stuff like solo Spire of the Watcher, running double special weapons is a prevalent META due to it forcing more heavy ammo to spawn. This weapon is what you want to be running with a double special setup – it’s basically a primary that uses green ammo.  

I’m using Fluted Barrel on this roll for the extra stability and handling, but it’s far from needed. Honestly, Path of Least Resistance doesn’t need help in any stat-department. Its recoil direction is fine, too, so go with whatever barrel you want.  

Your column two battery perk is also completely free for you to customize. I’ve got Enhanced Battery here because it works well with this roll’s columns three and four perks, but you can swap it out if you would prefer something else.  

What isn’t optional, though, is Subsistence. Subsistence returns bullets to your mag (from reserves) for every kill you get. Given that this is designed to be an Add-clear weapon, and it has over 100 rounds with Enhanced Battery, you can see why that might work so well. It’s going to be a rare occasion that you need to reload this thing – provided you’re consistently getting kills with it.  

Lastly, I’ve got Focused Fury, which isn’t a damage perk I’m usually quick to jump on. However, it works exceptionally well on this roll.  

Focused Fury gives you a 20% damage buff for 11 seconds when you hit 50% of your magazine as precision hits. That 50% figure is based on the weapon’s base mag, meaning Subsistence doesn’t impact it.  

Sure, you might need to hit 40 or so precision hits, but that isn’t hard with a Trace Rifle. What’s more, by the time you actually get to that figure, your magazine should be still relatively full thanks to Subsistence – giving you that 20% damage buff across more bullets.  

This Path of Least Resistance god roll is going to have great uptime on its damage buff and has good ammo economy for a Trace Rifle. Just make sure you’re running ammo finder mods with it.  

Now, there are alternative roll options. Voltshot makes an appearance here, as does Dragonfly. However, Voltshot and Subsistence is a horrible combination. If you wanted to go the Voltshot route, you’d want to swap that out for something with reload speed. There’s nothing wrong with that roll, either, it’s just personal preference.  

Path of Least Resistance PvP God Roll 

Destiny 2 Path of Least Resistance god roll for PvP.
Image via D2Gunsmith
  • Smallbore 
  • Projection Fuse 
  • Dynamic Sway Reduction 
  • Gutshot Straight 

If you’re using this Path of Least Resistance god roll in PvP – you’re insane. I’m not even sure if this roll is any good. I’m not jumping into the Crucible with a Trace Rifle anytime soon to check. On paper, though, it should be about as good as you can get for a PvP roll on this thing.  

I’ve swapped out the barrels and battery to try and get Path of Least Resistance a bit more range. As I said, this weapon’s base stats are already all fine. However, range is more important than the others in PvP, so that’s what I’m focusing on. Smallbore is the best range-based option for our barrel, and Projection Fuse will do the same thing for our battery – especially since we’re not running Subsistence and don’t need the extra shots.  

I’m not too happy about opting for Dynamic Sway Reduction in column three, but there’s nothing else that I can justifiably run over it. Triple Tap, Subsistence, Stats for All, and Adaptive Munitions are all useless in PvP. Shoot to Loot might be something worth considering, at least more than Hip-Fire Grip. As you can see, though, none of those perks are useful on Path of Least Resistance in PvP at all – hence Dynamic Sway Reduction.  

The same can sort of be said for column four. We’re hurting for good perks here, but Gutshot Straight is going to at least give you some bonus damage. Granted, you shouldn’t be aiming for body shots, but this will make those body shots more forgiving.  

Overall, Path of Least Resistance is a must-have for endgame PvE players. However, I can’t think of a single realistic use-case for it in PvP, so do with that information what you will.  

How to Get Path of Least Resistance in Destiny 2 

Destiny 2 Exo Frame vendor inventory.
Image via Bungie

Getting your hands on a Path of Least Resistance god roll in Destiny 2 is remarkably easy. It’s a craftable weapon, and you can focus it at the Exo Frame in the H.E.L.M. (until Lightfall). The Focusing Deepsight Exo Frame upgrade will make the first weapon you focus every week a guaranteed Deepsight, meaning if you’re starting from scratch now – you could get your hands on a Path of Least Resistance in five weeks at the most.  

However, with how many other sources of red borders there are, like Heist Battlegrounds, as well as just regularly focusing the weapon and hoping you get lucky, you could get this one done in two or three weeks if you grind.  

Just head to the Exo Frame and start focusing. When you run out of energy, run Heist Battlegrounds, open Seraph Chests, get more Umbral Energy, and start the whole process over again. It won’t be long until you’re swimming in red-borders.

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