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Eoin Black
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This Destiny 2 Sever – Forgiveness guide will cover everything you need to know about the fourth version of the mission – including where the Calus Bobblehead for Sever – Forgiveness is, and where the Calus robot is, too.

Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted has been phenomenal so far. Week 3’s Sever – Grief mission gave us more insight into Commander Zavala than seven plus years of expansions had, and this week we’re getting even more.

Sever – Forgiveness involves Zavala coming to terms with the loss of his wife and adoptive son. That’s pretty heavy stuff for Destiny 2, but it’s the kind of character development that Zavala has desperately needed.

This Sever – Forgiveness guide will help you run through the mission as smoothly as possible. I’ve covered where you can find the Calus Bobblehead here, as well as the Calus automaton. So, this should be the only guide you need for Sever – Forgiveness.

Destiny 2 Sever – Forgiveness Guide: Amplifier 1

Inflitrate the Garden’s Underbelly Depths

Destiny 2 electrical grid is turned off.
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

So, this week things are a little different. The first amplifier from Sever – Grief is no longer needed, and the electrical grid is still off from last week.

This means that we can essentially skip the entire first section of the mission. You don’t need to go through the hole in the wall into the flower room, you don’t need to grab the Egregore spore, and you don’t need to parkour the wrench above the water.

You do still need the wrench, though. Given that the electricity is now turned off, you can just walk to it and grab it. The picture above highlights the four sections that are connected by this grid. When you first walk out from where you start Sever – Forgiveness, turn to your left and you’ll have the same view. Go to the section labelled wrench and you should recognize it from last week. Take the wrench across the way to the exit, interact with the Cabal terminal, and you’ll be able to move on.

Or you can do it the way you did last week with the spore and all that extra nonsense. It’s a waste of time, but it’s up to you.

Clear the Festering Scorn

Destiny 2 Sever - Forgiveness guide disable relay at Containment.
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

Once you open the door and enter Containment, things in this Sever – Forgiveness guide play out pretty much the same as they did last week. A whole bunch of Scorn are going to spawn in, and your objective will update to “Clear the festering Scorn.”

Again, you’ll have a percentage below that objective. Kill the Scorn in the area to increase that percentage.

Once you reach 100%, you will lost that percentage tracker and another wave of Scorn will spawn in. You need to kill these to proceed. This wave is a fair bit tougher than the ones before, so if you’re playing solo wit Togetherness active, you might want to be careful.

Destiny 2 Sever - Forgiveness Calus robot
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

After killing all of the Scorn, you will be prompted to place the second Ritual Amplifier from last week. Follow your objective marker to the little nook in the wall, place the amplifier, and turn around.

If you squint, all the way across the area you’ll be able to see the busted-up Calus automaton for this week. Go have a chat with him, if you want.

Destiny 2 Sever – Forgiveness Guide: Amplifier 2

Regroup with Commander Zavala

Destiny 2 Sever - Forgiveness guide jumping puzzle.
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

From here, Sever – Forgiveness plays out pretty much the same as Grief did.

First, head to your objective marker at the back of the Containment area. Look up and you’ll see the same cylindrical jumping puzzle as last week. You need to make your way to the top.

Once again, Hunters are going to have the easiest time of this, as will Warlocks. Both of these classes can pretty much speedrun the platforms. Titans, on the other hand, might want to wait for the moving platforms rather than trying to force their way up.

Sever - Forgiveness guide second amplifier.
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

Getting up this jumping puzzle takes a fair bit of time, at least a minute or two, so falling from the top because you were impatient is a massive pain.

Once your at the top, you’ll get to evesdrop on Zavala and Safiyah’s Nightmare having a chat. Zavala will then tell you that he’ll take care of this amplifier and the door in front of you will open. Walk through that door, and place the second amplifier (even though Zavala literally just said he’ll take care of it) and you’ll move on to the last part of this Destiny 2 Sever – Forgiveness guide.

Push Forward

Sever - Forgiveness Calus Bobblehead location
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

Continue down through the passageway and you’ll come out in the same tunnel area from last week. Head down to the end of the tunnel like before, take the Egregore Spore buff, turn around, and drop down into the open pipe in the floor.

Follow the pipe around and you’ll eventually reach the drop that takes you to the Garden Depth’s. Drop down, rally at your banner, and you’ll be ready for the boss fight of this Sever – Forgivness guide.

Destiny 2 Sever – Forgiveness Calus Bobblehead Location

Calus Bobblehead location in Sever - Forgiveness.
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

Before you do all that, though, you’ll want to pick up the Calus Bobblehead for Sever – Forgiveness. The bobblehead is located in the tunnel this week. Specifically, it’s on the little platform that seperates the two sides of the tunnel.

Hop onto that platform and look to your top right, on top of the weird looking power generators. The Calus Bobblehead is up there. Jump up, take it, and proceed with the mission.

Begin the Severance

Destiny 2 begin the severance.
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

Once you drop down into the depths, you’ll be met with the same sight as last week. Zavala and the Nightmare of Safiyah will be going back and forth, before allowing you to start the Severance Ritual.

The boss fight here with the Nightmare of Kethiks is exactly the same as Sever – Grief. You’ll first need to take out a handful of enemies on the right side of the arena to spawn Kethiks in. He’ll have a healthbar split up into three segments. Each time you deplete one segment, you’ll reach a damage gate and he’ll despawn.

To get Kethiks to spawn back in after each damage phase, you’ll need to clear out all of the enemies in the area. There’s a lot of them, including yellow-bars and Captains. You’re also dealing with the Togetherness modifier at this point, so this fight is far from easy.

Kethiks bossfight.
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

If you’re playing Sever – Forgiveness solo, you’ll need to have some sort of health regeneration effects, be that Devour or something like Well of Life. You’ll have access to Solar scythes throughout the fight which helps, but you can’t rely on them as a crutch.

Either way, kill all the ADs and Kethiks will spawn back in on the left side of the arena. Again, deal damage, kill ADs, and he’ll spawn in at the back. Do more damage, deplete his healthbar, and the mission will be over.

Pop over to Zavala and the now cleansed Nightmare of Safiyah for some wonderful, heartfealt dialouge, then take your rewards from the chest and move on with your day.

That’s all there is to this Sever – Forgiveness guide. It’s a pretty simple mission that’s far shorter than the others up to this point, which is appreciated. When you finish up with Sever – Forgiveness, you can move on to completing Sever – Rage.

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