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This Destiny 2 Sever – Rage guide is going to run you through the entire mission, showing you how to complete it, and where you can find the Calus Bobblehead and automaton.

Sever – Rage is the fifth version of Sever that we’ve gotten, and I have to say we’re being spoiled this season. We’ve still got one Sever mission left to go, and yet we’ve already gotten more unique content and character development than most other seasons deliver in their entirety.

Sever – Rage, in particular, is fantastic because it gives us more insight into the mind of Caiatl. She actually shows up in the flesh for this mission, and that’s a rare occurrence in Destiny 2.

The mission itself is pretty short and sweet, so it won’t take you too long to work through it. It doesn’t have any pesky Togetherness-like modifiers like Sever – Forgiveness did, either. It does have the Brawler modifier, though. If you’re running a melee-based build like my Hunter Solar 3.0 build, you’ll find the mission incredibly easy – especially if you pair it with a well-rolled Calus Mini-Tool.

Anyways, with all that said, here’s my comprehensive Destiny 2 Sever – Rage guide.

Destiny 2 Sever – Rage Guide: Amplifier 1

Clear a Route to the Leviathan’s Engines

Destiny 2 Sever - Rage guide mission start.
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

There’s only one amplifier for this Sever mission. In fact, Sever – Rage is easily the shortest Sever mission we’ve gotten so far. Not only does the boss not have health gates, but the entire mission can be run in less than five minutes if you know what you’re doing.

When you first spawn in, you’re going to be in the Leviathan’s Underbelly. Your object here is simple – walk forward and kill stuff. That’s it.

You’re on a pretty linear path filled with Loyalist Cabal, so follow it killing the Cabal as you go. At one point, you’ll end up in an open room with a Colossus. Be careful here, but otherwise, this should be pretty easy even for a new Destiny player.

Destiny 2 Sever - Rage guide Cabal allies.
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

Continue down the path and you’ll eventually reach a hold in the floor for you to drop down. Below you will be Val Parthus and Bracus Lume. These guys are your new best buds, so get down there and help them clear out the Cabal and Scorn on the lower decks.

I haven’t had any of the Cabal allies die on me in this mission, but they were killable during Season of the Risen, so I can’t say either way whether or not they’re invincible. Although, there isn’t a triumph for keeping them all alive like there was last season, so chances are they can’t be killed.

Push back the Scorn with your two Cabal buds. You’ll end up pushing around a corner right into the face of two Colossus. Kill them and any remaining stragglers and the area should be secure. Follow your map objective just behind you to place the first, and only, Ritual Amplifier.

Destiny 2 Sever – Rage Guide: Reach Caiatl

Destiny 2 Sever - Rage guide electrocuted hole.
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

After you place the first amplifier, the door by the Cabal will open. Inside, you’ll see another hole in the ground. The hole is electrocuted This time, though, and will kill you if you try to drop down it.

Instead, enter the door on the other side of the hole. You’ll enter into a small treasure room with two Hammers of Proving. These are actually the Hammers of Proving that were used to celebrate Ghaul’s ascendency with the Red Legion.

Two fuses inside the treasure room.
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

After a small bit of dialogue about the hammers, turn around and look up above the door you just entered from. You’ll see two fuses – shoot them and the hole outside will shut off. Go down it. At this point, a third buddy named Optus Ulios will join you

Ulios, Parthus, and Lume will all wait out in this Ventilation are you’re all in while you try to shut the fans off. Hop up to the platform to your right, but prepare yourself before you go through that door.

Incinerate the Containment

Leviathan Engine Room.
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

Today’s the day we’re finally going to kill that horrid Containment Nightmare that has been hunting us all these weeks. Cabal-Jason is going to meet its maker, in very horror-movie fashion, too, might I add.

When you go through the door, it’s going to shut behind you and Cabal-Jason will jump in front of you. I won’t lie, this terrified me the first time I ran through the mission. Once you know what to do, though, it’s not too bad.

Destiny 2 Sever - Rage guide Containment.
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

First and foremost, ignore the console that your objective marker is pointing you towards. If your objective markers always told the truth, then you wouldn’t need this Destiny 2 Sever – Rage guide. Instead, turn immediately to your right and shoot the fuse you see above the door. Go through the door and you should almost immediately find a switch labeled “Unseal Immolation Hall.” Flick that switch, then continue through the linear hall you’re currently on. You’ll have to dodge the Containment because the door you just entered from is shut (the one the fuse opened).

Immolation switch.
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

As you come out of this little side corridor and back into the main Engine area, you’ll see a ramp leading down directly in front of you. Take it, and hang left as you follow it. You’ll end up in a large waste-chute room. Again, hang left in this room and you’ll end up finding the Immolation Hallway.

Lure the Containment into the hallway, then jump up and flick the switch at the other end. The hallway will be sealed shut and you can watch in absolute pleasure as that miserable monster gets burned alive.

Destiny 2 Sever - Rage guide Immolation Hallway.
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

If you know what you’re looking for, you can complete this entire process in about 30 seconds. All you’re doing is running a circle around the area, shooting one fuse, and flicking two switches. Stay calm, don’t panic, and you won’t have too much trouble with it.

Soak in your five-week-long victory for a little while, then turn around and hit that console by the door. The door to your Cabal buddies will open back up, and the fans will stop spinning – allowing the three of you to skip merrily, hand in hand, down the Ventilation shaft towards Caiatl.

Destiny 2 Sever – Rage Calus Bobblehead Location

Destiny 2 Sever - Rage Calus Bobblehead location.
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

After following this Sever – Rage guide to kill the containment, don’t continue with the mission just yet. Both the Calus Bobblehead and Calus robot for Sever – Rage are in this area.

Head back to the trash room that led to the Immolation Hallway. If you jump off the little bit of flooring you’re on and onto the rocks, you’ll be able to look underneath it. That’s where the Calus Bobblehead for Sever – Rage is. It’s pretty easy to find.

Destiny 2 Sever – Rage Calus Automaton Location

Sever - Rage Calus Robot location.
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

The Calus automaton for Sever – Rage is over the other side of the Engine. You want to find the area with the switch that let you open up the Immolation Hallway in the first place. Given that the back door is permanently shut now, you’ll need to enter the area from the way you exited it. If you go up the ramp from the Bobblehead’s location, it’ll be the doorway directly opposite to you.

If you look at the wall, next to the red pipe, you’ll be able to see some boxes and canisters stacked up. Jump in behind them and you’ll discover a small secret area. The Calus robot is at the end of this area.

Catch Up to Caiatl

Caiatl and Ghaul
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

After killing the Containment, grabbing the collectibles, and releasing the lockdown, you’ll be able to join the Cabal back in the Ventilation shaft. The fans are now off, so the four of you need to follow it down towards Caiatl. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you reach a rally banner.

Rally up and approach Caiatl to begin the Severance Ritual. The room you’re in will lock, preventing your three Cabal allies from joining the fight.

The boss for this Destiny 2 Sever – Rage guide is Dominus Ghaul. If there are any New Lights here, that name might not mean too much beyond what you learned about him recently. Ghaul took over the Cabal after the Midnight Coup ousted Calus, and he was Caiatl’s mentor. More notably, though, he was head of the Red Legion and the main antagonist of the Red War – the vanilla Destiny 2 campaign back when the game first launched.

For any vets, this fight will be a trip down memory lane and the third time we’ve killed some version of Ghaul.

The fight is pretty simple. Approach the objective marker in the middle of the room to spawn Ghaul in. From here, I recommend backing up and using the bubble around Caiatl and Ghaul’s Nightmare for cover.

Ghaul bossfight
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

Ghaul doesn’t have any damage gates or special mechanics, so feel free to slap him with everything that you’ve got.

Throughout the fight, Ghaul will roam the arena and occasionally activate his supers. He has a Nova Bomb, a Dawn Blade, and a weird version of Chaos Reach. Stay in cover while his supers are active and you’ll be fine.

Loyalist Cabal will spawn in during the fight, but if you stay by Caiatl, you shouldn’t have to worry about them too much. The only ADs to take note of are the yellow-bar Psions. I would recommend bringing a scout rifle to deal with them.

Note: If you’re playing through Sever – Rage and going for the triumph for finishing it with all Void weapons and a Void subclass, make sure you don’t pick up any of the Solar Scythes that spawn in during the fight. Doing this will fail the challenge and you’ll have to restart the mission.

Sever - Rage mission complete.
Screenshot by WhatIf Gaming

So, hang back and hit Ghaul with your Super and heavy weapon. If he moves around the arena and out of your field of view, do some AD-clear then bait him back to the center.

The fight shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Once it’s finished, you’re done with this Sever – Rage guide, and the mission will be complete. You’re free to go on your merry way!

We’re almost at the end of Season of the Haunted. There’s only one week of story content left, meaning there’s only one Sever mission left. Check back here next Tuesday for a guide running you through that mission.

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