Destiny 2 Stay Frosty God Roll for PvE and PvP

Eoin Black
Eoin Black
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These two Destiny 2 Stay Frosty god-rolls aim to make the most out of a pretty mediocre weapon. Despite being the new Dawning weapon for Season of the Seraph, it doesn’t have all that going for it. Still, these Stay Frosty god rolls are worth keeping an eye out for over the course of the Dawning.

I’ll be going through each god roll perk-by-perk, explaining my choices and offering up alternatives – just in case you don’t like my initial perk choices. Just don’t expect too much out of this weapon, it’s not going to be breaking Destiny 2‘s META anytime soon.

Destiny 2 Stay Frosty God Rolls

Stay Frosty God Roll for PvE

Destiny 2 Stay Frosty god roll PvE
Image via D2Gunsmith
  • Arrowhead Break
  • Armor-Piercing Rounds
  • Thresh
  • Golden Tricorn

Stay Frosty clearly wasn’t designed for PvE. It lacks a lot of the typical perks that would make a Pulse Rifle good in PvE, but you might be able to get away with this specific god roll.

First, I’m running Arrowhead Break and Armor-Piercing Rounds. Arrowhead is a top-tier barrel perk that you can take on pretty much anything – but it’s far from mandatory. If you have a different preference, then run it. You can’t craft Stay Frosty, so the likelihood of you getting a perfect 5/5 god roll is beyond low, anyways.

Your ammo perk is a little bit more important than the barrel, but specifically taking Armor-Piercing Rounds isn’t. As long as you’re taking one of the ammo perks that increase range, meaning High-Caliber or Ricochet, then you’re good to go.

We’re not exactly spoiled for choice in column three. Most, if not all of the top-tier perks you would be looking for in a PvE Pulse simply aren’t there. In my opinion, the best of the bunch is Thresh. Thresh is going to give you 1% super for every kill you get with Stay Frosty – not great, but better than most of the other options. Alternatively, you could run Well-Rounded to synergize with our column four perk – Golden Tricorn.

Golden Tricorn is sort of this weapon’s saving grace. It has nothing to work with Headstone or Kill Clip in PvE, so without Tricorn, it would be unbearably weak.

Golden Tricorn gives you a 15% damage buff when you get a kill with the weapon. If you get a kill with an ability, though, that increases to 50%. With the state of the PvE META right now, it shouldn’t be hard to chain ability kills together, making the uptime on Golden Tricorn phenomenal.

Stay Frosty God Roll for PvP

Destiny 2 Stay Frosty god roll PvP
Image via D2Gunsmith
  • Arrowhead Break
  • Armor-Piercing Rounds
  • Killing Wind
  • Desperado

To address the elephant in the room – Stay Frosty is a Lightweight Frame Pulse Rifle, and those aren’t exactly META. That being said, they’re not as bad as everyone thinks. Give this god roll a try and tell me I’m wrong.

I’m keeping Arrowhead Break and Armor-Piercing Rounds on this roll, but again, you could swap them out if you wanted to. In this case, I would recommend High-Caliber as an alternative to Armor-Piercing, but any range ammo perk will work.

Beyond that, I can’t really recommend any of the column three perks aside from Killing Wind. All of the classic Pulse Rifle perks are nowhere to be seen here, so Stay Frosty needs as much help as it can get. Killing Wind helps us cover a lot of ground by buffing our range, mobility, and handling after a kill – which synergizes nicely with Desperado.

Some people might argue that Kill Clip is the correct column four perk for a Stay Frosty god roll. Those people would be wrong. There’s nothing to synergize with Kill Clip, and Desperado is better, anyways. In fact, this weapon would be complete infusion fodder if it weren’t for the inclusion of Desperado, in my opinion.

Overall, I think Stay Frosty is a bit of a disappointment. It’s a non-factor in PvE, and it’s outclassed by other Pulses in PvP. Considering this is the new Dawning weapon this year – that’s super disappointing, especially when the Avalance Machine Gun is a returning weapon with infinitely better rolls. Still, give it a try and see what you think for yourself.

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