Destiny 2 Without Remorse God Roll for PvE and PvP

Eoin Black
Eoin Black
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I’ve got two Destiny 2 Without Remorse god rolls for you – one for PvE and one for PvP. I’ll warn you, though, as far as Destiny 2 shotguns go, this one ain’t great. It’s got some good stuff for PvE, but it’s an incredibly lackluster Crucible weapon.

Still, it’s an interesting gun and that means we need to talk about it. It won’t be topping any METAs by any means, but you might get a little bit of use out of it. It’s unlikely, but who knows?

In that spirit, I’m going to run you through my two Without Remorse god rolls. These aren’t the definitive be-all end-all god rolls for Without Remorse, but I would argue they are the best. If you disagree, that’s fine! You can even let me know why in the comments.

So, with that being said, here are the god rolls.

Destiny 2 Without Remorse God Rolls

Without Remorse PvE God Roll

Destiny 2 Without Remorse PvE god roll.
Screenshot via D2Gunsmith
  • Smallbore
  • Assault Mag
  • Well-Rounded
  • One-Two Punch

Without Remorse is a weird gun. It’s got S-tier perks like Incandescent and One-Two Punch, but it’s ultimately not that great of a weapon. Its column three is particularly weak, and I’m not too sure you want to be running Incandescent on a shotgun when you have the Calus Mini-Tool or Drang available to you.

With that in mind, my main focus here is going to be the small bit of synergy that One-Two and Well-Rounded have together, as well as with certain builds. Both perks are related to your melee, so any build with instant recharging melees will do very well with this shotgun (like hammer Titans).

First, though, I’ve got to talk about Smallbore and Assault Mag. The logic behind these two is pretty self-explanatory. Projectile spread doesn’t matter too much in PvE so Full Choke is unnecessary. Instead, my focus is on range for my barrel. I would typically follow that up with a range-based ammo perk, but I’m using Assault Mag instead. This is a great perk that should always be a contender when a shotty rolls with it. It increases our rate of fire by a decent chunk, letting us output more damage in tight DPS windows.

Bringing things back to the melee synergy this Without Remorse god roll has, One-Two Punch should need absolutely no introduction. It’s a busted perk that’s been at the top of the META for a while now. For the handful of you that don’t know what it does, if you hit an enemy with every pellet in your shot, then your next melee attack does massively increased damage. The lowest this goes is 200%, with it being 350% for bosses. That number is affected by other melee exotics and perks, too, which is why hammer Titan works so well with it.

To further power up this melee playstyle, my column three perk is Well-Rounded. This is a lesser-known perk that gives you stacks of range, handling, and stability if you hit an enemy with a grenade or charged melee. Again, you’ll always have a charged melee as a hammer Titan.

So, the idea behind this roll is that you get One-Two active and hit something with your charged hammer. This procs Well-Rounded, and you then pick your hammer back up, reactivate One-Two, and continue that cycle until whatever you’re hitting is dead. Simple yet effective.

Without Remorse PvP God Roll

Destiny 2 Without Remorse PvP god roll.
Screenshot via D2Gunsmith
  • Full Choke
  • Accurized Rounds
  • Hip-Fire Grip
  • Fragile Focus

My big regret with this Without Remorse PvP god roll is that I couldn’t push the weapon’s range up into that all-important 70+ bracket. Even with a range Masterwork, it comes up just short because of my choice to keep Full Choke rather than going with something like Smallbore – which would give us a 70+ range stat. I think the tighter pellet spread is much more valuable, but if you disagree then feel free to change the barrel up.

In an effort to make sure that the roll has something in the way of range, I’m opting for Accurized Rounds as my ammo perk. It’s a classic god roll choice that is always safe, and an S-tier perk for PvP.

That’s sort of where the god roll ends, though. Despite being a shotgun, Without Remorse doesn’t actually have great PvP perks. 80 RPM shotguns aren’t too popular to begin with, and the lack of anything like Snapshot Sights or Quickdraw really hurts it.

Instead, I’m running Hip-Fire Grip and Fragile Focus. Hip-Fire Grip simply gives us better aim-assist when firing from the hip – something you’ll be doing a lot of with a shotty in Crucible. Fragile Focus works a bit differently. If you haven’t taken any damage in the last five seconds, then the perk procs and gives you bonus range – actually pushing us up into that 70+ bracket, but it’s super situational. You’ll only ever get to take advantage of that perk if your positioning in-game is top-tier. Any damage you take will deactivate it, so speed in your gunfights will be important.

Unfortunately, that’s really it for the Without Remorse PvP god roll. I do think the weapon has a little bit of potential in PvE, but not much. Shotguns aren’t popular in endgame activities – so its use case is limited. In PvP, it’s outclassed in almost every single way by a different weapon. Even the Compass Rose is better than it. Still, if you want to try it out for yourself – feel free. I wouldn’t recommend taking it into anything serious, though.

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