Destiny x Fortnite Collaboration Armor Leaked on Twitter

Eoin Black
Eoin Black
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Leaked Image via GinsorKR on Twitter

In a collaboration that seems to have come out of nowhere, promotional images for a new Destiny x Fortnite collaboration have been leaked on Twitter.

The images show three Fortnite-inspired armors set to make their debut in Destiny 2’s Eververse. These armor sets are clearly based on popular Fortnite skins, and honestly don’t look all that bad.

While we’ve seen what Destiny 2 is getting out of this deal, what’s in it for Epic remains a mystery. Having said that, it’s safe to assume it’ll be characters like Zavala and Cayde, Ikora, Eris, and possibly even the Drifter.

Regardless of how you feel about a Destiny x Fortnite collab, there’s no denying that the armor sets actually look awesome – have a glance and tell me I’m wrong.

Destiny x Fortnite Collab Coming Soon

Destiny x Fortnite Collaboration Armor.
Leaked Image via GinsorKR on Twitter

As you can see, the Fortnite inspiration behind the sets is pretty obvious:

  • The Titan armor set is based on Black Knight.
  • Warlocks are getting their own Drift skin armor.
  • Lastly, Hunters seem to be getting armor based on the Oblivion skin.

I’m not a Fortnite fan by any stretch of the imagination. The last time I played it, John Wick was the most recent crossover skin. Saying that, I don’t actually mind this collaboration. It’ll be wild seeing Zavala get Boogie-Bombed by Goku, but that’s a trade-off I’d be willing to make for these armors.

As a Hunter main, I’m heartbroken that we’ve clearly got the worst-looking armor of the bunch. Again. It seems like this happens for every single promotional Eververse event. Don’t get me wrong, the armor here isn’t bad, and we do tend to get good subclass-inspired sets, but I would sell my left arm for the Warlock’s Drift armor set to have been given to Hunters, instead.

Titans are also in for a treat with the Black Knight set. It’s incredibly on-theme and looks like it would work really well with other Transmog armors.

Regardless of Epic’s involvement – all three armors here look really good. Hats off to the team responsible. I don’t think many of us will be excited about a Destiny x Fortnite collaboration, but we can tolerate it for the sake of Destiny 2’s true endgame – fashion.

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