You Can Now Disable Battlefield 2042 Crossplay on Xbox Console in game

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 has been a messy launch for many gamers, and while it was a bumpy start, EA is committed on fixing the game. The latest update lets you Disable Battlefield 2042 Crossplay on Xbox consoles (Xbox One and Xbox Series) to turn off the crossplay from within the game rather than the lengthy workaround from within the Xbox console settings.

Disable Battlefield 2042 Crossplay on Xbox with a simple on/off toggle

If you’re looking to disable Disable Battlefield 2042 Crossplay on Xbox, you may have been told about the workaround that involves working with the Xbox’s menu. However, as of Update 0.3.1, that will no longer be necessary.


  • Xbox – Cross-Play can now be enabled/disabled in the Options menu on Xbox

The new setting in the update allows you to turn off crossplay from within the game.

Players on Xbox Series consoles were able to crossplay with PS5 and PC players, with XBox One only being able to crossplay with PS4 players.

Due to the matchmaking, Xbox Series players were paired with PC players, and while the keyboard mouse players weren’t really a nuisance, it was the assortment of hackers and other problematic players ruining the gaming experience that was the final straw for Xbox Series players.

Unfortunately, if you have friends on other platforms that you wish to continue playing with, you will need to keep the toggle on. However, if you and your friends are on the same Xbox Series console (X or S), you can safely toggle the option off and save yourself a world of headaches.

The update is now live for all Xbox console owners, and the video above shows you how to toggle the option on or off. You can now reenable the crossplay option for other games in your consoles system menu so you can resume doing crossplay with other games.

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  • But we know that Xbox players don’t want to turn it off, because crossplay is like oxygen…Especially not after a few years back when they were crying and crying and crying about crossplay because Sony(who has been doing crossplay since PS2) wasn’t doing it much….

    We know crossplay was so important to Microsoft that they didn’t miss out of games like Final Fantasy XIV because Square refused to have special Xbox/PC only servers…..Its not like they spend the entire 360 gen refusing to do crossplay or anything…..That was only Sony who were the devils of crossplay even though they had been doing it since PS2……Those precious Xbox fanboys who told us constantly how important it was would never want to turn off crossplay….

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