10 Best Discord Easter Eggs You Should Try

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Anwell Patdu
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Discord is an app that a lot of people use daily. Did you know that there are tons of easter eggs hidden within the app? Here are some of the best Discord easter eggs.

The Discord app is one of the best and easiest ways to talk with your friends and create communities. It’s a staple within the gaming community and makes it easy to interact with people no matter where you are.

Many people use Discord on a daily basis as their main way of interacting with their community, communicating with friends while playing PC games or mobile games, or just a place to hang out and chill.

Easter eggs are often different things like messages, images, mini-games, extra features, or references left by developers or creators for users to find. They can be hidden in plain sight, require specific patterns, or complete specific tasks to unlock.

They are a great way to interact with a community and surprise different users. Some were even hidden so well that it literally took players years to discover the easter eggs.

Lucky for you, we are here today to cover 10 of the best Discord easter eggs that you can find today.

10 Discord Easter Eggs You Can Find in 2021

For the most part, these Discord easter eggs are mostly just for fun and offer no additional improvements to the app. However, there are a few that unlock experimental features or start mini-games, so stay tuned.



Discordo easter egg in Discord
A “Discordo” audio easter egg

Let’s start off the list with a fun and simple easter egg. Pressing the Discord “Home” button takes you to a page where you can access your recent direct messages, friends lists, stage discovery, and Discord Nitro. But there’s an audio easter egg hiding behind the Home button.

To activate “Discordo,” simply click on the home button 15 times in a row. After your 15th press, you should hear a “Discordo” sound effect. From now on, every time you open Discord, the same sound effect will play.

To turn this off, simply click on the home button 15 times once again, and you should hear the Discord leave sound effect to confirm. It’s definitely a fun and exciting easter egg that has been hiding in plain sight all along.


Dropped Magnifying Glass Discord Easter Egg

This Discord easter egg is another simple and easy one. However, unlike the “Discordo” that can easily be accessed by pressing a button, this easter egg requires a bit of luck.

Usually, when your search leads to no results, you get a simple “No results found” message with a magnifying glass. But, there are times where you’ll get a different message saying that they dropped the magnifying glass and accidentally broke it while searching.

The dropped magnifying glass Discord easter egg is definitely a funny one that may go unnoticed if you aren’t explicitly looking for it. The next time your search returns no results, look at the message and see if you can get this Discord easter egg.


Extra Light Theme

A Light Mode easter egg in Discord

The next easter egg is for our mobile Discord users out there. To try it yourself, you’ll have to head on over to your app settings and then to your appearance settings. All you have to do is click on the “Light” option under the theme settings for 6 times to activate the easter egg.

You will be greeted with a message saying “when light theme is not enough!” on a completely white screen. Your flashlight will also be on for a couple of seconds.

Admittedly, it’s a useless feature, but it’s definitely a funny and cool easter egg that outshines the others, literally.


Discord Note Arrows

Discord Note Arrows
Each arrow key corresponds to a specific note

This Discord easter egg is one of the most interesting and most interactive ones on this list. You can access this easter egg by pressing the “ctrl” key and the “/” key together. This opens a list of different keyboard combinations for Discord.

However, take a closer look at the upper right-hand side of the menu. You’ll see a few arrows that resemble the arrows found on Dance Dance Revolution. Press your arrow keys and find out what note each key plays.

Some people have used this Discord easter egg to play some popular songs. The musical note arrows are hands down one of the best Discord easter eggs ever and can entertain you for a while. Be sure to wear one of the best headsets for Discord if you want to create some music of your own!


Raging Demon Discord Easter Egg

Raging Demon Discord Easter Egg
A reference to the Akuma’s Wrath of the Raging Demon move

The Raging Demon easter egg is related to the musical note arrows because they use the same shortcut. Simply press the “ctrl” and “/” keys together to bring up the key combinations cheat sheet.

Once the cheat sheet is opened, press H, H, right arrow key, N, and K in that specific order. This triggers a short animation that will surely excite some Street Fighter fans because it was based on Akuma’s first Ultra Combo, the Wrath of the Raging Demon.

Street Fighter is one of the first fighting games that paved the way for games like Tekken and Riot Games’ new League of Legends-based game.

The combination can also be found under the miscellaneous section of the cheat sheet. It’s definitely a cool easter egg and a great reference to pop culture.


Hidden Cat Page

Hidden Cat Page

This easter egg is something that you’ll probably never encounter unless you’re a developer or actually looking for it. It’s something that you’ll have to find under the Rate Limits Documentation in the Discord Developer Portal.

There’s a specific colon that you can click that leads to a different webpage. You’ll be greeted with a cat inside a rocketship heading for space. You can also change this web page to an old meme, Nyan Cat, by clicking on the toggle found on the upper left side of the page.

It’s definitely a fun and cool easter egg, especially if you remember Nyan Cat.


Experimental AMOLED Optimized Mode

An Experimental mode Discord Easter egg

This is another mobile-only Discord easter egg. I think it’s one of the more interesting ones on this list because it gives you access to an experimental feature. It gives you an additional theme or mode to work with.

Simply head over to the appearance settings, press on the dark theme a few times, and a message should appear below. Hit the dark theme setting a few more times, and then an additional option should appear below it. Just turn this on, and you get to use the experimental AMOLED mode.

The feature works best for supported AMOLED phones because it helps you save a bit of battery life. However, it will also work for other phones if you want a darker overall Discord look.


Discord Username Easter Egg

Discord MOBA reference easter egg
A Discord reference to multi-kills in MOBA

The username easter egg in Discord is a nod to popular MOBA games like DOTA 2 and League of Legends. I’m sure that most are aware of the “Copied!” text that appears when you copy your username by clicking on it.

However, there’s a clever easter egg that you can see by clicking on your username multiple times. Different messages pop up, depending on the number of consecutive times you click on your username. I’m not gonna spoil every single message, but it takes around 11 clicks to reach the last one.

The messages are a play on killstreaks and their corresponding titles in popular MOBA games. It’s an awesome easter egg that’ll definitely make MOBA players smile.


Empathy Banana

The Empathy Banana is a similar one to the dropped magnifying glass. Actually, it’s a much rarer version of the no results message. If Discord fails to get results from your search, it can sometimes display the Empathy Banana message.

It’s one of the rarer Discord easter eggs and will take you a while to find. It’s a funny and quirky easter egg that’ll get a laugh or two.


Snake Game

Discord Snake Game Easter Egg
Discord 404 error page with a Snake game easter egg

We saved the best easter egg for last. The Snake game is one of the most popular vintage games in the world. Websites like Google and YouTube have used the Snake game easter egg in the past as well.

Discord has its own version of the Snake game called Snek. You can only access it if you run into a Discord 404 error page and click on the light blue button beside the robot-hamster. This should then open up the Snek mini-game.

The Snek easter egg is definitely my favorite one on the list because it’s a fun and interactive mini-game that takes you back to the good old days.

Try out all of the Different Discord Easter Eggs!

The best thing about all these easter eggs is experiencing them for yourself. They are all super cool and worth trying. Almost as cool as the best discord music bots.

Make sure to leave a comment if you happen to find a cool Discord easter egg yourself!

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