Do Games Download Faster in Rest Mode (PS4 and PS5)

Technically, Yes!

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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We’ve been discussing the best games you can play on the PS5 under different categories, but to play those games…you’ll first have to download them. Games these days have hefty download sizes, and you might have heard that the PS4 or PS5 download games are faster in Rest Mode. Let’s debunk that rumor and see whether it’s true or not.

Yes, games do download faster on the PS4 & PS5 if you are in Rest Mode. That’s because the console is not utilizing its processing power or internet speed for anything else, such as refreshing the PS Store, loading games, downloading system OR game updates, etc.

Let’s talk about download speeds, suspended games, and optimizing your downloading experience on the PS5 in detail.

Downloading in Rest Mode

Do Games download faster in PS4 rest mode? Yes, They Do!

When you are using your console, it constantly occupies a certain capacity of processing power, RAM, and internet connection to maintain its store, checking for game and system updates or waiting for queries from the user.

Many believe downloading games while your PS4 or PS5 is in Rest Mode provides faster download speeds. Well, that’s true. When you put your console in Rest Mode, it stops performing all tasks and suspends games.

This frees up resources and lets the console focus on diverting all the speed toward the game or update you are downloading. Some people can see an instant and obvious increment in their download times, while others do not.

Having a LAN cable connected to your PS4/PS5 can also help you achieve higher download speeds while downloading games in Rest Mode. It is far more stable than a Wi-Fi connection.

This is also dependent on the user’s habits. If you keep a few games suspended at all times or have tons of things downloading, you will instantly feel the speed difference with Rest Mode.

If you only play a single game at a time and terminate the game upon exiting, then…chances are that your console is already running in an optimized state. You won’t see much improvement when downloading games in Rest Mode.

Rest Mode Settings

Do Games download faster in PS5 rest mode? Yes, They Do! (Just like the the PS4)

That’s why you should make a habit of putting games on download overnight when you are leaving the console in Rest Mode. Regardless of the type of user you are, here are a few settings you should go over while planning on downloading stuff in Rest Mode.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Head over to System Settings.
  • Under the Power Saving tab, select the Features Available in Rest Mode.
  • In the next menu, ensure that the Supply Power to USB Ports option is enabled to charge your controller in Rest Mode.
  • Then, you also want to ensure that the Stay Connected to the Internet option is enabled as well. This will allow you to download games/updates while your console is in Rest Mode.
  • Enable Turning On PS5 from Network or Spotify allows you to turn your console ON/OFF using the PS App or Spotify. (This one is up to you. Set it however you want)

Here’s an interesting article covering all the different ways of turning off a PS5. If you like such informative pieces, you might be interested in checking out the rest of our coverage on the PS5, where we give you cleaning tips, ranked lists, and so much more!

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