6 Early Game Rare Pal Locations in Palworld

The Rarest Pals of Them All.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Palworld has a total of 137 pals right now. Some are easy to find, while others require some level of grind or exploration to tame. This article aims to talk about some of the rare pals you can find during the early hours of your adventure in Palworld.

These pals will give you a definitive edge in one way or another. Some will provide better handiwork, faster smelting, or the ability to produce electricity; others are good as attacking pals. Regardless, you definitely want to capture these rare pals as soon as possible.



Handiwork: Level 2
Lumbering: Level 2
Transporting: Level 3
Generating Electricity: Level 3

Your first interaction with Grizzbolt will be at the Tower of Rayne Syndicate, where you’ll have to fight defeat the Zoe & Grizzbolt boss. This rare pal in Palworld can only be acquired by visiting the Wildlife Sanctuary located in the bottom right corner of the map.

This is the same reserve you have to visit to acquire a gun blueprint early on. You should go to the reserve using a flying mount like Vanwyrm, or a swimming pal like Surfent. Make sure that you go at night as the police will either be absent or asleep.

Stealing pals from the reserve is a crime. So, if the police catch you stealing a Grizzbolt…you’ll gain a Wanted status. We dont want that now, do we?

Here’s a handy guide on removing the wanted status in Palworld should you suddenly need it.

Oh, and Grizzbolt’s Machine Gun (the one you’ve seen in soo many of Palworld’s promotional images)…unlocks once you hit Level 40 in the Technology tree.



Handiwork: Level 1
Mining: Level 2
Transporting: Level 3
Gathering: Level 2

Quivern is the cutest flying mount you could acquire in Palworld. We’ll teach you how to get your hands on this rare pal during the early hours of your grind.

Simply head over to the location marked in the image above, and you’ll be able to find a Level 23 Quivern as an Alpha boss at the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant fast travel point .

Quivern can be quite helpful as a flying mount, or for transporting materials between your bases in Palworld. Moving your base can be quite troublesome in Palword, so, having pals with Level 3 transporting really does help.



Kindling: Level 2

Kitsun is another rare pal that players are having trouble locating. You can find Kitsun at night at the location we’ve marked in the image above.

This area is quite harsh and will require Level 3 frost protection if you want to avoid taking damage. Pals like Arsox are perfect for this scenario, as they will keep the rider warm as long as you are mounted.

You can turn Kitsun into a mount as well. The best thing about using a Kitsun as a mount is that the rider stays unaffected by cold or heat. Kitsun also has a very decent arsenal of offensive attacks up its sleeve. A cool-looking and rare pal that you should acquire as soon as you are able to survive the cold.



Kindling: Level 2
Transporting: Level 2
Handiwork: Level 3

With Level 3 Handiwork, Wixen will help you build stuff around your base really fast. The Level 2 Kindling can also be helpful for smelting ores. Wixen will also apply fire damage to the player’s attacks if you’ve kept the pal in your party.

You can find this rare pal in the volcano area designed for beginners towards the middle-right side of the map. This area is designed to give the players a taste of what to expect from the lava region located in the map’s lower left side.



Transporting: Level 2
Handiwork: Level 2
Medicine Production: Level 2
Mining: Level 1

Lovander is considered to be a rare pal because it can only be encountered during the night time. This pal will give players the Life Steal ability and turn some of the received damage into their HP. You can find Lovanders wandering the desert where you went to fight the Anubis Alpha pal.

Lovanders also drop cake when killed, which can be sold to the merchants in the game for 1,000 gold. This pal can also be assigned to work around the base to produce medicine, transport stuff around, or mine for resources.



Mining: Level 3

You can find Digtoise in the desert area, near the Anubis boss. The exact location is marked in the image above. We’ve been singing Digtoise’s praises in all of our farming/mining guides. We’ve used Digtoise to set up our AFK Ore farm in Palworld.

This is where you can find Sulfur deposits in Palworld.

You should definitely acquire a couple of these pals before starting any major mining runs for your bases in Palworld. They can be paired with other flying mounts to automate the whole mining process.

Those were some of the rare pals you can acquire early on in Palworld. Catch em quick and use their abilities to quicken your progress. Keep checking WIG daily for more on Palworld!

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