Elden Ring Bird Rune Farm Location, Detailed

There are several rune farming exploits, but this one is a cut above the rest.

Abbas Ahmad
Abbas Ahmad
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For many Elden Ring players, Caelid and Mohgwyn Palace are the toughest regions in the game. Their hallmark lies in the rot and blood-infested lakes, which aren’t for the faint of heart, and the gnarly enemies that pose a serious threat. Mohgwyn Palace, however, is a bit bearable thanks to its many Rune farming spots players can exploit, one of which is the notorious bird farm.

It comes as no surprise that each new zone tends to get more harsh than the previous one, and you need a way to give yourself an edge. That’s where Rune farming in Elden Ring comes into play, and the bird in Mohgwyn Palace is an absolute staple for serial Rune farmers. So, read on to find its location so you, too can bank on a cartload of em!

Mohgwyn Palace Giant Bird Farm Location

As mentioned earlier, the Elden Ring bird Farm is located within Mohgwyn Palace – an underground region. There are two distinct methods to access it. One is easy, and the other not so; we’ve explained both below.

Complete NPC Varre’s Quest

White Mask Varre Besides the Rose Church Entrance in Elden Ring

Maidenless are we? Well, that’s at least White Mask Varre’s first impression of you near the First Step Site of Grace. The easiest and earliest way of reaching the Lord of Blood’s domain sees you sticking to this clod’s quest.

After beating Godrick the Grafted, Elden Ring’s first shardbearer and visiting the Two Fingers at the Roundtable Hold, Varre moves to Liurnia of the Lake. Over here, you will find him right next to the Rose Church entrance. Talk to him to receive 5 Festering Bloody Fingers.

Elden Ring Varre Rose Church Map Location

The next section of his quest involves using three of those as he asks you to invade three players. You don’t necessarily have to win these bouts. After that, return to Varre to get the Lord of Blood’s Favor – a piece of pure white cloth.

He’ll send you down the last stretch of his quest that involves soaking the item in a maiden’s blood. Any of the following three maiden corpses does the trick:

  • The nearest maiden lies dead inside the Church of Inhibition on Bellum Highway.
  • There is a maiden inside the Chapel of Anticipation, which you can return to using the second Waygate in the Four Belfries area.
  • Killing Irina in South Limgrave also gets the job done.

That said, you’ll now have blood stained cloth. So get back to Varre, exhaust his dialogue, and he’ll reward you with the Pureblood Knight’s Medal. So use the Medal, and you’ll find yourself in Mohgwyn Palace.

Mountain Tops of the Giant Teleporter

Mohgwyn Palace Waygate Location in Mountain Top of the Giants Marked in Red

The hardest way to reach Mohgwyn Palace is to follow the Waygate Teleporter in the Mountain Tops of the Giant. This method is for those that have missed the NPC and have pushed deep into the end-game zone. Precisely, you’ll find it west of the river in the Consecrated Snowfield, as shown above.

This entails clearing Castle Sol to complete the Haligtree Secret Medallion set you need to ascend into the snowy expanse. Once you reach the Waygate, interact with it, and it will warp you into a cave. Make your way out of it, and you’ll emerge in Mohgwyn Palace.

How to Farm Runes with Giant Bird

Elden Ring Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace Map Location

Now that you’ve witnessed the underground region, it’s time to farm Runes. As shown in the map location above, make your way toward the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace. It’s right beside a ledge that acts as a vantage point for the lake of blood, and you’ll notice a grotesque-looking giant crow strolling the area. That’s your target.

Equip your bow, stand on the ledge, aim, and fire at the giant bird. You’ll see it getting aggroed and funnily falling off to its death shortly after. While you get a nice laugh out of it, the significant reward here is the 11000 Runes you get on NG.

Ledge in Mohgwyn Palace Overlooking Lake of Blood and Giant Bird

You can crank this amount to almost 17000 with the help of all Rune-enhancing items, and as much as 86000 if one with golden eyes pops up (if luck allows). The best thing about this Rune farm is that the process only takes a few seconds, making it the best farming exploit in the entire game. So, grind, rinse and repeat!

Final Thoughts

That’s all there is to know about the giant bird Rune farm location in Elden Ring. Finding this particular Rune farm can be tricky as it’s hidden from plain sight, unlike the others. Hopefully, you easily found it with our guide; if you did, let us know in the comments below!

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