Even More Elden Ring Leaks Could Be Coming But From Datamining

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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To say Elden Ring is the most anticipated game of 2022 would be a massive understatement. It literally won an award at The Game Awards for just such a title over the weekend. Unfortunately, it seems that we could be getting even more Elden Ring Leaks than we had prior to the Closed Network Test (CNT) because of PlayStation firmware 9.00 getting jailbroken.

We could be getting a lot more Elden Ring leaks

Lance McDonald is a known name in the souls community. He was the person who made the famous 60FPS patch for Bloodborne on a jailbroken PS4 Pro and prior to that he also did his own fair share of datamining on Bloodborne to reveal deleted levels and bosses from the game. Plus, he also avidly streams From Software titles frequently and talks about them in detail.

He recently revealed on twitter that PlayStation firmware 9.00 has been jailbroken, with the latest firmware being 9.03, the jailbreaking community isn’t far behind.

Unfortunately, this also means that jailbreakers can now effectively datamine the recent CNT that took place a month ago and find proper spoilers to the game to share on the internet.

The same happened with Halo Infinite leading to its release, so you know that dataminers take their job very seriously.

Elden Ring also got a brand new story trailer at The Video Game Awards, and fans excitement for the game has already gotten through the roof, but with the revelation of the CNT being datamined, it could lead to some chaotic results of spoilers or hidden content in the game being made viral.

While a similar round of leaks did also take place from an anonymous user on Reddit who did accurately detail some details of the game that weren’t previously known such as the ability to call a mount while in the game world, you can’t refute or ignore what is found in a datamine.

With the game releasing on February 25th, 2022 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One console family, Xbox Series console family, and PC, fans will have to hide their heads in the sand for quite a long time.

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