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Elden Ring Smithing Stones are crucial items that let you upgrade weapons to certain levels. Scattered across the early game zones, the Elden Ring Smithing Stone (1) is of the lowest tier, but has the potential to initiate upgrade paths and improve weapons to +3. In this Elden Ring locations guide, we’ll show you where to find a ton of Smithing Stone (1).

We’ve ordered them by region and have listed their locations with short descriptions to make things easy to digest. With that said, let’s start banking on the upgrade item!

All Smithing Stone (1) Locations in Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s Smithing Stone (1) locations can be found across the starting areas. These include areas such as Limgrave, Mistwood, Weeping Peninsula, and more. Their sources also vary, ranging from lootable Smithing Stones to purchasable ones, similar to Smithing Stones 2 and 3.

Limgrave Smithing Stone (1) Locations

Limgrave Smithing Stone Map Locations

As Elden Ring’s starting zone, players will come across a ton of Smithing Stone (1) in Limgrave. Most naturally occurs as mineral deposits in tunnels, while some you can purchase from Nomadic Merchants and others you’ll loot from corpses.

NoSmithing Stone SourceWhere to Find
1Church of EllehLook near the upgrade bench beside Merchant Kale in Church of Elleh to find a Smithing Stone (1).
2Costal Cave Nomadic Merchant A Nomadic Merchant near the Costal Cave has 3 Smithing Stones (1) for sale, each costing 200 Runes.
3South of Agheel Lake North Site of Grace (Corpse)Head South of Agheel Lake North Site of Grace to come across a corpse on a bridge holding a Smithing Stone (1).
4Stormhill Shack CorpseThree lies on a dead body southeast of the Stormhill Shack. Nearby are three other dead bodies and a group of chairs.
5Stormhill Cracked Glowing Statue Another five are inside a cracked statue south of the Warmaster’s Shack. To get it, bait the giant troll into hitting the sculpture to break it open.
6Saintsbridge CorpseOn the Saintsbridge, you can find a body holding 2 of the upgrade material.
7Nomadic Merchant North LimgraveFrom Stormhill Shack, beeline east crossing a bridge to reach a Nomadic Merchant. He sells 3 Smithing Stones for 200 Runes a piece.
8Summonwater Village GraveThere is a flooded gravestone right next to the Summonwater Village with a Smithing Stone.
9Chasm (corpse)At the rear of Agheel Lake, there is a chasm surrounded by crucifixes where you’ll find it.
10Limgrave TunnelsAround nine are inside the Limgrave Tunnels as yellow deposits on the walls. Heading north of Agheel Lake should get you there.
11Corpse Near GiantThis one can be found hanging on an edge with a nearby Troll.
12Highroad Cave CorpsesYou’ll find three corpses, each holding a Smithing Stone (1), deep within the Highroad Cave. Try dropping down the ledge from the Saintsbridge Site of Grace to reach the dungeon.
Smithing Stone (1) Locations in Limgrave

Mistwood Smithing Stone (1) Locations

Mistwood Smithing Stone Map Locations

East of Limgrave is Mistwood. In terms of loot, however, the area isn’t bright; the same goes for the Smithing Stone (1). Nevertheless, here’s where you’ll discover these precious gems.

NoSmithing Stone SourceWhere to Find
1Mistwood Nomadic MerchantDeep within Mistwood is the Nomadic Merchant East Limgrave that sells a trio of Smithing Stones. He sits next to the road to Fort Haight.
2Limgrave Artist’s ShackNear the painting in the Limgrave Artist’s Shack is a corpse with an upgrade stone.
3Fort HaightContinue along the road to reach Fort Haight. You’ll find another one Atop its battlements.
Smithing Stone (1) Locations in Mistwood

Weeping Peninsula Smithing Stone (1) Locations

Weeping Peninsula Smithing Stone (1) Locations

Some Smithing Stone (1) are found in the Weeping Peninsula, south of Limgrave. Here, you’ll snag quite a few of these coveted stones.

NoSmithing Stone SourceWhere To Find
1Bridge of Sacrifice CorpseWhen players work their way into the Weeping Penninsula, they will have to cross the Bridge of Sacrifice, and a Smithing Stone (1) rests on a body over the edge of the bridge.
2Castle Morne Rampart Nomadic MerchantHead to the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace. You’ll find a Nomadic Merchant selling three for 200 Runes.
3Castle Morne Rampart (Corpse)Another Smithing Stone can be found on a corpse thrashed by a Misbegotten. Try using the nearby spirit jump to access it.
4Morne TunnelThere are 9 Smithing Stones inside Morne Tunnel. Start from the South of the Lookout Tower Site of Grace and head west. After that, you’ll see a narrow valley leading south to the dungeon.
5Castle Morne CorpseAt the extreme south is Castle Morne. Inside it, you can find three stones next to a tree, guarded by a Pumpkin Head.
Smithing Stone (1) Locations in Weeping Peninsula

Stormveil Castle Smithing Stone (1) Locations

Stormveil Castle Smithing Stone Map Locations

There are also more Smithing Stones that you can pick up from Stormveil Castle. Following are their respective locations.

NoSmithing Stone SourceWhere To Find
1Stormveil Castle GraveyardHeading southwest of the Stormhill Shack will lead you to the thick forest teeming with Giant Jelly Fish. At the end of this forest is the graveyard with a corpse holding the item.
2Gatesite Chamber (Corpse)Outside the Gatesite Chamber Site of Grace, you’ll have to run a gauntlet of arrows to reach a platform below the ballistae. Upon reaching this platform, your efforts are rewarded with yet another Smithing Stone.
3Liftside Chamber (Corpses)One can be found on a corpse outside the Liftside Chamber on the edge of an alleyway overlooking the underground crypt. After that, make several drop-downs to the below platforms for another corpse with two more Smithing Stones.
4Courtyard Cracked StatueAgain, head outside the Liftside Chamber to find another cracked statue. This one has five Smithing Stones, but you’ll have to bait the troll guarding the Secluded Cell to break it for you.
5Nepheli Loux RoomInside the same room where you first meet Nepheli Loux, four Smithing Stones are hidden behind some crates.
6Platform above the Living JarsWithin the area housing the Living Jars, there is a platform above that you can easily access for a Smithing Stone (1).
Smithing Stone (1) Locations in Weeping Peninsula

Liurnia of the Lakes Smithing Stone (1) Locations

Liurnia of the Lakes Smithing Stone Map Locations

Once you exit Storveil Castle, head towards Liurnia of the Lakes for more Smithing Stone (1) locations. However, as you progress into new areas, you’ll see less of the upgrade gems but more of its higher-tier siblings.

NoSmithing Stone SourceWhere To Find
1Nomadic Merchant Liurnia of the LakesAs soon as players work their way into the swamps, they’ll be met with a Nomadic Merchant. Among his wares include five Smithing Stones.
2Raya Lucaria Crystal TunnelPlayers can reach the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel if they run alongside the eastern cliffs. Once within the tunnel’s depths, they’ll find three Smithing Stones lying on a corpse.
Smithing Stone (1) Locations in Liurnia of the Lakes

Ainsel River Smithing Stone (1) Locations

Ainsel River Smithing Stone Map Locations

The next location where you’ll find Smithing Stone (1) is Ainsel River. Who would’ve thought they’d come across some in an underground region?

NoSmithing Stone SourceWhere to Find
1Uhl Palace Ruins (Corpse)Once you reach the Southern Uhl Palace Ruins, a corpse rests on a pillar. You can loot it to get the upgrade item.
2West Uhl Palace Ruins (Corpse)From the last Smithing Stone, proceed naturally to reach the western section of the ruins. Here, you can quickly scale the cliff on the west to find another one on a corpse hanging by the cliff’s edge.
Smithing Stone (1) Locations in Mistwood

How to Get Unlimited Smithing Stone (1)

Twin Maiden Husk Roundtable Hold

Players will be happy to know they can end up with an endless reserve of Elden Ring Smithing Stone (1). To unlock it, they’ll have to earn the Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing (1) key item by defeating the Crystalian boss in the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel.

Once you obtain it, simply head to the Roundtable Hold and offer it to the Twin Maiden Husks. In return, they will then sell an unlimited amount of Smithing Stone (1), each priced at a mere 200 Runes.

Final Thoughts

That covers our Elden Ring Smithing Stone (1) Locations guide. As seen, these are of the lowest tier in the upgrade items and will improve your weapon only so far. Luckily, they are abundant across the Lands Between and will help you kick-start many weapon upgrade paths. For more help, learn how to upgrade Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring.

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