Elden Ring: Smithing Stone 2 Locations

Learn where to find a ton of Smithing Stone 2 in Elden Ring!

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Wondering where to find Smithing Stone 2 in Elden Ring? Elden Ring is teeming with formidable enemies and bosses, and to cut through them, you’ll need powerful weapons reinforced with Smithing Stones. While you’re bound to find lots of these coveted stones in every region, these are actually tiered 1 to 8, each upgrading your weapon only so far before you’ll need higher-tier Smithing Stones.

In this guide, we will specifically look into the Elden Ring Smithing Stone 2 locations, helping you advance your weapon to +6. Since there are tons of them, we’ve ordered them by region with small descriptions pointing at their relevant locations.

Limgrave Smithing Stone 2 Locations

Apart from finding a ton of Elden Ring tier 1 Smithing Stones, players will also come across a handful of Smithing Stone 2 throughout Limgrave. We’ve also provided a detailed map with all the spots containing the material.

Limgrave Smithing Stone 2 Map Locations
NoSmithing Stone 2 SourceWhere to Find
1Cracked StatueAlongside netting 5 basic Smithing Stones, players can get a tier 2 Smithing Stone if they kite a troll into breaking a cracked statue.
2Church of Dragon Communion (Corpse)Through the coastal cave, players can reach the Church of Dragon Communion get their hands on a Smithing Stone 2], lying on the rocky cliffs.
3Summonwater Village (Corpse)South of the village, you’ll come along with a pack of wolves fighting a Runebear. There’s also a nearby corpse holding a tier 2 stone.
4Mistwood Ruins (Chest)There’s a Smithing Stone 2 inside a chest within the basement of the ruins. Head towards the thick forest to find it.
5Highroad Cave (Corpse)Atop the northwestern waterfall, you’ll find a Smithing Stone 2
Smithing Stone 2 Locations in Limgrave

Weeping Peninsula Smithing Stone 2 Locations

Overall, five tier 2 Smithing Stones are up for grabs in the Weeping Peninsula – a continent south of Limgrave connected by the Bridge of Sacrifice.

Weeping Peninsula Smithing Stone 2 Map Locations
NoSmithing Stone 2 SourceWhere to Find
1Weeping Peninsula Mainroad (Corpse)A bit south of the bridge, you’ll run into a battlefield with wagons and carts. Nearby one of those carts is a body with the item.
2Castle Morne (Corpse 1)Of the four Smithing Stone 2 in Castle Morne, the first one is up the stairs on the left of the courtyard.
3Castle Morne (Corpse 2)This corpse has two Smithing Stone 2. You can reach it by scaling the battlements and then climbing down to a middle platform.
4Castle Morne (Corpse 3)While working your way toward the dungeon’s boss, you’ll find a roof with a square opening. So, drop down the wooden beam to find the final body with a tier 2 Smithing Stone.
Smithing Stone 2 Locations in Weeping Peninsula

Stormveil Castle Smithing Stone 2 Locations

High-tier stones become more common as you naturally proceed to tougher areas. In Stormveil Castle, you’ll find 13 Smithing Stone 2, some well hidden from plain sight.

Stormveil Castle Smithing Stone 2 Map Locations
NoSmithing Stone 2 SourceWhere to Find
1Stormhill Castle Outer WallIf players wish to take the secret entrance using the broken wall, they’ll find a Smithing Stone 2.
2Ballistae Platform (Corpse)Another Smithing Stone 2 rests on the platform with the Ballistae. Tread carefully when approaching it.
3Rooftops (Corpse)This corpse can be rather tricky to get to, but it holds two Tier 2 Smithing Stones, making it worth the payoff. On the same rooftops near the Rampart Tower SOF with the Warhawk (flamethrower), use the ledge to work your way around it to reach it.
4Rampart Tower (Corpse)Behind the red barrels on the Rampart Tower, you’ll find the consumable.
5Cracked StatueSimilarly, another cracked statue hides the same number of Smithing Stone 2. In order to break it open, lure the troll guarding the hallway to the boss arena.
6Underground Crypt (Corpse)On the alleyway overlooking the Underground Crypt, drop down twice to a narrow ledge with a body holding two Smithing Stone 2.
7Corpse near Liftside ChamberThis one is conveniently found on an elevated platform outside the Liftside Chamber.
8Dark Alleyway (Corpse)Near the giant troll is a dark alleyway with a corpse at its end, holding an Elden Ring Smithing Stone.
9Wooden Ledge Near Living Jars (Corpse)Outside the area housing the Living Jars, players can make out a wooden ledge with a shiny on it. This is in fact three Smithing Stone 2, which players can easily snag.
Smithing Stone 2 Locations in Stormveil Castle

Liurnia of the Lakes Smithing Stone 2 Locations

Elden Ring’s notorious swamp overrun with sniping lobsters, Liurnia of the Lakes holds a healthy amount of Smithing Stone 2. They are scattered throughout the vast expanse and can be tricky to find.

Liurnia of the Lakes Smithing Stone 2 Map Locations
NoSmithing Stone 2 SourceWhere to Find
1Lakeside Crystal CaveJust before the fog wall leading to the boss room, you’ll find three corpses. One of them has the bolstering material.
2South of the Folly on the LakeFrom the Site of Grace, head south towards the poison swamp. You will stumble upon a corpse being eaten by small crabs. Make sure to loot it to get two Smithing Stone 2.
3Corpse Underneath the Village of the AlbinauricsFrom the last Smithing Stone, head southwest to reach this one.
4Gazebo No 1One of the gazebos surrounded by lobsters can bag you three Smithing Stone 2.
5Gazebo No 2In order to reach this gazebo and find another three Smithing Stone 2, head west of the Rose Church.
6Gazebo No 3This gazebo is located southwest of the Highway Lookout Tower and has another three up for grabs.
7Gazebo No 4Weirdly, this gazebo doesn’t show up on the map. Simply beeline east of the Temple Quarter Site of Grace to find it.
8Gazebo No 5Similarly, this gazebo doesn’t appear on the map. It is located Southeast of Testu’s Rise, and the shrine inside has three tier 2 Smithing Stones.
9Academy Gate Town (Corpse)Players can loot a corpse with a nearby giant crab for three Smithing Stone 2.
10Raya Lucaria Crystal TunnelInside this tunnel, there are a total of five of these bolstering materials.
11Near Frenzy-Flaming Tower (Corpse)While carefully treading the path toward the tower, you can quickly snag a tier 2 stone from one of the corpses.
12Caria Manor (Corpse)While wary of the giant hands, head towards the fountain. Nearby lies a corpse with three tier 2 stones.
Smithing Stone 2 Locations in Liurnia of the Lakes

Underground Region Smithing Stone 2 Locations

Accessible through the giant wells, a few Elden Ring Smithing Stone 2 has made their way into the underground regions. Here’s where to find the Smithing Stone 2 in these areas.

Underground Region Smithing Stone 2 Map Locations
NoSmithing Stone 2 SourceWhere to Find
1Siofra River Corpse No 1Head northeast from the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace to reach one of the collapsed pillars. Near the pillar is a large tree with a corpse holding three Smithing Stone 2 resting on it.
2Siofra River Corpse No 2Another three are found below a ledge with a foe standing on it. Head north of the Worshipper’s Woods Site of Grace to reach it.
3Siofra River Corpse No 3For another three, head towards the eastern corner, as shown above. You’ll find a corpse slouching on a tree.
4Nokron Corpse No 1Just before the Mimic Tear boss, a corpse overlooking the Night’s Sacred Ground has a Smithing Stone.
5Nokron Corpse No 2After the Mimic Tear boss fight, cross the Nokron bridge and drop down to access a corpse where you’ll find a Smithing Stone 2.
6Ainsel River (Corpse)To access three more Smithing Stones, fast travel to the Ainsel River Downstream Site of Grace. After that, simply head southwest to find the Smithing Stone 2 location.
Smithing Stone 2 Locations in the Underground Regions

Where to Purchase Elden Ring Smithing Stone 2

Twin Maidens Husk Roundtable Hold

Like most consumables, you can also buy Smithing Stone 2 in Elden Ring. Four Merchants have them up for sale.

  • The Nomadic Merchant Castle Morne Rampart sells only one for 400 Runes. He’s located midway on the path to Castle Morne, near the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace.
  • Another Nomadic Merchant in the Weeping Peninsula is the Isolated Merchant, who you’ll find in the Isolated Merchant’s Shack. He has 3 pieces on display, each costing 400 Runes.
  • An extra 3 are sold by the Nomadic Merchant West Liurnia of the Lakes for the same price.
  • Thankfully, the Twin Maidens Husk can sell an unlimited Smithing Stone 2. In order to do so, you’ll need to succeed in beating the boss in Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel to acquire the Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing (1). After that, you can give the key item to the NPC in the Roundtable Hold, unlocking the option to buy unlimited stones.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it; these are all the Smithing Stone 2 Locations in Elden Ring. With that, you now know where to find every Smithing Stone 2 in the game. If by chance, we’ve overlooked any locations, please feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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