Elden Ring: Smithing Stone 3 Locations

Learn where to find, buy and farm a ton of Smithing Stone 3 in Elden Ring!

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Players stuck at level +6 on a regular weapon would want to know the Elden Ring Smithing Stone 3 locations. After all, Elden Ring‘s upgrade materials come in different tiers, and each tier of Smithing Stone can up a weapon three levels before needing higher-end stones. Collecting these consumables is your ticket to an easy time against the Lands Between’s bosses, as these massively improve weapons.

This guide, however, is a specific breakdown of where to find Smithing Stone 3 in Elden Ring, as these are arguably hard to come by, and their odd locations make them tricky to track down. In addition, we will also show you some farming spots and where you can purchase the tier 3 Stones. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right in!

Where to find Smithing Stone 3 in Elden Ring

Players can net around 50 pieces of Smithing Stone 3 in Elden Ring as loot. A major chunk lies in the overland, while a few are present in the underground regions. Here’s where to find them:

Liurnia of the Lakes Smithing Stone 3 Locations

The tier 3 Smithing Stones are a bit high-end, making them non-existent in Limgrave. Players will need to venture into Liurnia of the Lakes if they seek to amass a ton of these upgrade materials. These are a bit more scattered than the Stone 1 and Stone 2.

Liurnia of the Lakes Smithing Stone 3 Map Locations
NoSmithing Stone 3 SourceWhere to Find
1Laskyar Ruins (Corpse)After activating the Site of Grace, head further up, reaching a Gazebo with a portal. Besides the steps will be a corpse holding a Smithing Stone 3.
2Gazebo No 1This one can be looted for three Smithing Stone 3. It is roughly southeast of the Academy Gate Town and guarded by a giant Crayfish.
3Academy Gate Town (Corpse)A tier 3 Smithing Stone can be looted off a corpse in the Academy Gate Town past the foes.
4Eastern Academy Gate Town (Corpse)East of the Academy Gate Town, players will come across a corpse sitting on a chair. You can loot it for Three Smithing Stone 3.
5Gazebo No 2This is roughly north of the previous Smithing Stone.
6Raya Lucaria AcademyWhile clearing the Legacy Dungeon, players can find a corpse on the rooftops holding two Smithing Stone 3.
7Gazebo No 3Another three are inside a gazebo just north of the Crystalline Woods.
8Raya Lucaria Crystal TunnelA staggering ten are inside the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel as glowing yellow deposits on the wall.
9Caria Manor (Corpse)While approaching the Knight Loretta Boss fight, detour using the left doorway. After that, drop down the cliffs to reach a graveyard with Living Jars. One of the shiny items there is a Smithing Stone 3.
10Ruin-Strewn Precipice (Corpses)Within the caves leading to the Ruin-Strewn Precipice, players can find three Smithing Stone 3.
11Jarburg (Corpse)Found atop a shack as you proceed into into the settlement. This one holds three Smithing Stone 3.
12Near Tiba Mariner (Corpse)South of the Carian Study Hall along the road, a Tiba Mariner blocks your way. Near the boss is the upgrade item.
Smithing Stone 3 in Liurnia

Siofra River and Nokron Smithing Stone 3 Locations

After riding the giant lift in Mistwood, you’ll see yourself in an underground region known as Siofra River. While the area is overrun with powerful enemies, it’s well worth exploring to hunt down a few Smithing Stones. In addition, if you follow Ranni’s questline, you’ll be tasked with scouring Nokron – an area just above Siofra River with a few Smithing Stone 3.

Siofra River and Nokron Smithing Stone 3 Map Locations
NoSmithing Stone 3 SourceWhere to Find
1Siofra River Corpse No 1This corpse sits on the second floor of a wooden shack, holding two tier 3 Smithing Stones.
2Siofra River Corpse No 2As shown on the map, this particular corpse holds only one Smithing Stone 3 and sits on a pile of concrete blocks.
3Nokron, Eternal City (Corpse)Once you’re in Nokron, head toward the southern end of the courtyard. Here, you’ll see a corpse holding a Smithing Stone 3.
4Night’s Sacred Ground Imp SealInside the room where the metallic ball spawns, you can break an Imp Seal to acquire a Smithing Stone 3. The nearby chest also holds the legendary Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes.
Smithing Stone 3 in Siofra River and Nokron

Ainsel River Smithing Stone 3 Locations

Ainsel River is another underground region players can easily reach if they stick to Ranni’s side quest. But while the area is teeming with eerie looking critters, players will actually find a fair amount of Smithing Stone 3.

Ainsel River Smithing Stone 3 Locations
NoSmithing Stone 3 SourceWhere to Find
1Ainsel River Corpse No 1South of the Ainsel River Well Depths SoF, there is a cave with a dead end. There is a corpse inside holding a Smithing Stone 3.
2Ainsel River Corpse No 2Among a pile of bodies guarded by a giant red ant, there is a Smithing Stone 3.
3Ainsel River Corpse No 3Besides the Ainsel River Sluice Gate SoF, there is a corpse holding a tier 3 Smithing Stone.
4Uhl Palace Ruins Corpse No 1This corpse lying on the standing columns holds two Smithing Stone 3.
5Uhl Palace Ruins Corpse No 2South of the structure with the map fragment and north of the Ainsel River Downstream, players can find three tier 3 Smithing Stones.
Smithing Stone 3 in Ainsel River

Other Smithing Stone 3 Locations

Other Map Locations

There are also a few other Smithing Stone 3 locations in Elden Ring that you can just pick up the item from.

  • On the southern cliff of Stormveil Castle with the warhawks, there is a Smithing Stone 3.
  • The long hallway above the Living Jars will lead players toward this Smithing Stone 3.
  • In the fortified outskirts of Redmane Castle, there is a corpse behind a tower holding a Smithing Stone [3].
  • Another Smithing Stone 3 is also in Redmane Castle on the southern ramparts.

Where to Buy Smithing Stone 3 in Elden Ring

Twin Maidens Husk in Roundtable Hold

In addition, it is possible for players to buy unlimited Smithing Stone 3, given they find the Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing [2] and hand it to the Twin Maidens Husk. Unfortunately, it is not until players reach the Sealed Tunnel in Lyndell – a mid-game zone – that they actually get the Key Item.

That said, the Miner’s Bell sits inside a chest that can be accessed by hitting a hidden wall on the west. Once you grab it, fast-travel to the Roundtable Hold and present it to the duo NPC. You will then be able to purchase the third Level Smithing Stones for 600 Runes per piece.

Smithing Stone 3 Farming Location in Elden Ring

As said earlier, tier 3 stones are exceedingly rare compared to their lower counterparts. This is especially true when the Miner’s Bell Bearing that unlocks unlimited Smithing Stone 3 isn’t available until later on. More importantly, if you’re running skint, and can’t afford the upgrade item, then you’ll want to farm for the Smithing Stone 3 in Elden Ring.

Tarnished About To Backstab a Flame Chariot In Caelem Ruins

Luckily, there’s a farming spot in the Caelem Ruins of Caelid wherein the Flame Chariots will not only give decent Runes at this stage but will regularly drop Smithing Stone 3. Talk about two birds with one stone! So, pop up all your luck-boosting charms, and sneak up on the enemy to effortlessly take them down.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it; these were all the Smithing Stone 3 locations in Elden Ring. Now, you can quickly upgrade your weapons to +9 to take bigger threats head-on. Test them out on enemies to feel the difference. To make your character even more powerful and a force to be reckoned with, take a look at our best endgame builds!

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