Elden Ring: Smithing Stone 4 Locations

Smithing Stone 4 can improve weapon to as high as +12 in Elden Ring. Learn where to find them.

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Collecting up lots of Smithing Stones in Elden Ring becomes a crucial task if players wish to upgrade several weapons. In typical Souls fashion, these are also graded, improving weapons to higher tiers. That is why we will show you the Elden Ring Smithing Stone 4 locations, so you can have many +12 weapons.

As you progress into the mid-game areas, having a weapon of that caliber is important. Luckily, the tons of Smithing Stone 4 scattered throughout the Lands Between can help you with that. Here’s where to find them!

For more on Elden Ring, we’ve already listed the Smithing Stone 1 Locations, Smithing Stone 2 Locations, and covered a piece on where to buy Smithing Stones.

Where to Find the Smithing Stone 4 in Elden Ring?

A major chunk of these upgrade materials are found in the overworld from tunnels and corpses. In addition, you can unearth a few of them from the Underground Regions. We’ve provided a breakdown of their locations below.

Liurnia of the Lakes

Liurnia of the Lakes Smithing Stone 4 Map Locations

As the Smithing Stone 4 is a bit high tier, there are no traces of it in Limgrave. As such, players must venture into Limgrave if they wish to snag a few.

NoWhere to Find
1Just before the fog gate leading to the boss room in the Lakeside Crystal Cave, you can loot a corpse for a Smithing Stone 4.
2To get to this Smithing Stone 4, take the south exit from the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace. After that, head east down the hallway to reach a library and hit the empty bookshelf, revealing an illusionary wall. It leads to a balcony with a corpse holding the item.
3From the Church of Cuckoo Site of Grace, head toward the cemetery. You can drop down a ledge to the east to nab a Smithing Stone 4 from a corpse.
4While upon the rooftops of Raya Lucria Academy, work your way toward the top of the southwestern tower. After that, turn north to make out a tier 4 Smithing Stone in the distance.
5Head a bit further up of the Artist’s Shack (Liurnia of the Lakes) to find a Smithing Stone 4 by the makeshift rocky bridge.
6There is a Smithing Stone 4 sitting in a chest in an enemy encampment near the Four Belfries.
7One is right underneath the altar near the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace.
8Another Smithing Stone 4 can be obtained after defeating the Troll Knight guarding the boss room. From the giant foe, head to the end of the staircase and simply follow the right wall to reach the item.
9As the case with many Tunnels, players can mine around 10 stones from the walls of the Ruin Strewn Precipice.
Smithing Stone 4 Locations

Siofra River

Siofra River Smithing Stone 4 Map Locations

Afterward, you can head to Siofra River to collect two more Smithing Stone 4 from corpses.

  • After taking the lift down and activating the Siofra River Well Depth Site of Grace, keep heading forward and take the left branching path. Eventually reaching a waterfall, there will be some corpses, with one holding a Smithing Stone 4.
  • If players take the approach on the right leading to some ruins, they will find yet another Smithing Stone 4 on a platform.


Caelid Smithing Stone 4 Map Locations

A regular weapon rated +12 just happens to be the sweetspot for Caelid, and it only means you find a fair amount of the upgrade material in the area!

NoWhere to Find
1Inside Gael Tunnel, wherein you find the Moonveil Katana and the Naginata, you can net eight Smithing Stone 4 if you keep a close look at the walls inside.
2In the Forsaken Ruins, there is a corpse holding a Smithing Stone 4. You can reach the area if you head southeast of the Shack of Rotting.
3After that, make your way to the Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank. Along the way, you should find a corpse sitting on a chair, and it holds three Smithing Stone 4.
4In Redmane Castle, there are two Smithing Stone 4. The first stone is on the pile of bodies beside the two Lion Guardians patrolling the area.
5The other one is on the upper level of the courtyard. Enemies are sleeping here, but you can quietly loot the corpse to obtain the item.
Smithing Stone 4 Locations


Nokron Smithing Stone 4 Map Locations

As Blaidd calls it, bloody Nokron is high above Siofra River, and to reach it, you’ll need to follow Ranni’s side quest. While there aren’t many upgrade stones here, they’re still worth tracking down.

Since Nokron and Siofra River also share the same map, it’s worth noting that the markers may appear confusing.

  • One of the Smithing Stones lies on a body near a Lesser Red Wolf of Radagon in the Ancestral Wood.
  • Practically, this Smithing Stone 4 is only accessible by dropping down from the Nokron Bridge onto a structure’s ground floor.
  • In the Siofra Aqueduct, there is a waterfall that you can pass through to collect a Smithing Stone 4.

Ainsel River

Ainsel River Smithing Stone 4 Map Locations

Ainsel River houses three Smithing Stone 4, and several ways exist to reach the underground region. For this guide, in particular, we recommend taking the waygate atop Renna’s Rise, as it will save you precious time. Otherwise, you can take the Ainsel River lift in Eastern Liurnia.

  • Proceed south after following the waygate portal and arriving at the Ainsel River Main Site of Grace. Eventually reaching the West Uhl Palace Ruins, a corpse sits on a ruined wall holding a Smithing Stone.
  • The next one can be tricky to collect as it’s seen dangling on an archway that can’t be easily accessed. To get it, you must first head to Giant Queen Ant’s lair. After that, take the western path to reach the archway.
  • The final Smithing Stone lies on a corpse exactly south of the Nostkella Waterfall Basin Site of Grace.

Shaded Castle

Shaded Castle Smithing Stone 4 Map Locations

Nestling at the far top corner between the Altus Plateau and Mt Gelmir, there are two Smithing Stone 4 locations in the Shaded Castle. The easiest way to get there is to take the road up north from the Old Altus Tunnel Site of Grace.

  • You can loot the first Smithing Stone 4 from a corpse hanging on the railing of a wooden platform in the central courtyard.
  • The other one is in another wooden structure that appears to be a stable of some sort in the northeastern area of the castle.

Volcano Manor

Volcano Manor Smithing Stone 4 Map Locations

While Volcano Manor is a legacy dungeon in Mt Gelmir far beyond the capabilities of a weapon reinforced with Smithing Stone 4, players can actually pick two more stones here.

  • The first one is outside the building used to access the Guest Hall Site of Grace. A Man Serpent also guards the entryway. Ensure dispatching it first before looting the corpse.
  • The other Smithing Stone 4 is right next to the Subterranean Inquisition Site of Grace, resting on a collapsed pillar floating in the lava.

Deeproot Depths

Deeproot Depths Smithing Stone 4 Map Locations

Despite being another mid to late-game area where your +12 weapon won’t be able to keep up with the enemies, players can actually find three Smithing Stone 4 Locations. However, do note that Deeproot Depths is only accessed by riding the coffin after beating the Valiant Gargoyles at the end of the Siofra Aqueduct.

Fortunately, tracking down the Smithing Stone 4 in this region is as simple as following a breadcrumb trail.

  • Using the giant branches in the Deeproot Depths to reach the other platform, you can find a corpse that holds a Smithing Stone 4.
  • On the other hand, the next one can be looted from one of the three corpses guarded by seven flying ants. It is just below the previous stone in the exact location.
  • Players can ransack a cemetery to collect 2 Smithing Stone 4 southwest of the Nameless Eternal City Site of Grace.

Leyndell, Royal Capital

Leyndell, Royal Capital Smithing Stone 4 Map Locations

A +12 level rating won’t get you far in Leyndell, Royal Capital no matter how much of a powerful weapon you’re rocking. Yet, the sprawling Legacy Dungeon houses several Smithing Stone 4 locations. Having beaten two Shardbearers will grant you passage into it.

  • From the first enhanced Oracle Envoy, head downstairs and loop around into the room to find a Smithing Stone 4 on a corpse. But beware of the assassin waiting to ambush you.
  • There is a Smithing Stone 4 in an open courtyard with some graves.
  • Along the main path, you will come across a chapel on your left. Enter inside to reach a gazebo with a giant chalice. Behind the chalice is a corpse you can loot to obtain a Smithing Stone 4.

Where to Buy Smithing Stone 4 in Elden Ring?

Buying Smithing Stone 4

The Twin Maidens Husk is an ever-important NPC vendor in Elden Ring who can expand her wares to an inexhaustible stash if you hand her the Bell Bearings. The pair requires the Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing [2] for them to sell Smithing Stone 4.

The item sits inside a chest in the Sealed Tunnel southwest of Leyndell. As the name suggests, you’ll have to strike the wall on the west to open up a hidden path to the loot. Once you’ve got the item, bring it to the pair, and you’ll unlock an unlimited Smithing Stone 4. Each piece will cost you a generous 900 Runes.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! These were the Elden Ring Smithing Stone 4 Locations we’ve managed to dig out. Hope you’ll have an easy time tracking them down! However, if we’ve overlooked some, feel free to mention them in the comments below!

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