Elden Ring: Smithing Stone 7 Locations

The Smithing Stone 7 will take any of your regular Armament to +21. Learn where to find it!

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So you’ve hit level 18 with your trusty Armament in Elden Ring, and you’re eyeing that tantalizing +25 cap. However, the road ahead is long, and to get there, you’ll need an abundance of Smithing Stone 7. These precious resources will take your weapon to +21. That is why this guide will show you where to find Elden Ring Smithing Stone 7 locations.

Unfortunately the amount of Smithing Stone 7 that you’ll find are few and far between compared to the lower tier variants. Don’t fret, though, as we’ll also explain where you can buy an infinite supply of the highly sought after upgrade resource. So let’s not waste any more time and get started!

Where to Find the Smithing Stone 7 in Elden Ring

There are multiple mid to late-game regions where you can find the Smithing Stone 7, ranging from continents like Caelid to the Mountaintops of the Giants and even some underground regions. Here’s where to find them.


Caelid Smithing Stone 7 Map Locations

There are two Smithing Stone 7 locations in Caelid, and we’ve mentioned them below.

  1. Much like any mini-dungeon, players will have to beat a mini boss known as the Fallingstar Beast once they reach the end of the Sellia Crystal Tunnel. While the boss will make players sweat, once they beat it down, the enemy drops five Smithing Stone 7.
  2. From the Sellia Hideaway Site of Grace, head northwest toward the cliff. You’ll come across a bunch of corpses sitting on chairs on a white rock, one of which holds two Smithing Stone 7.

Volcano Manor

Volcano Manor Smithing Stone 7 Map Locations

The Volcano Manor‘s tier 7 stone can be found in the same cavern where you fight the Magma Wyrm. There is a corpse located to the north which you can loot to grab the upgrade resource. You’ll need to ride a cage elevator to reach the cavern. Try heading east from the Guest Hall Site of Grace to find the lift.

Subterranean Shunning-Grounds

Leyndell, Royal Capital Smithing Stone 7 Map Locations

All of Leyndell’s Smithing Stone 7 are in the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds, a labyrinth like region below the capital. Since both share the same map, the following pins may appear confusing. Especially when you’ll likely be running in circles trying to find your way around the area. But we’ll lead you to the items as smoothly as possible.

  1. To reach the first Smthing Stone 7, navigate through the sewer pipes teeming with the slugs. Take the left exit once the path splits into two, and you’ll reach a damp chamber with tons of skeletons. Most importantly, a corpse there will have the upgrade item.
  2. Head back into the pipes, but this time don’t take any detours. Once you’re out of the pipes, take the ladder up, and defeat the the two omens guarding some treasure in front of a statue – a Smithing Stone 7.
  3. On a wooden platform players will find a Smithing Stone 7 on a corpse. Nearby is an exit to the underground pipe system and which also opens up a shortcut to the Underground Roadside Site of Grace.
  4. From the area with the pipe system, carefully drop down to the floor to find many corspes lying in the open. There are two Smithing Stone 7 on one of the corpses.
  5. On the same floor, head south to find another two Smithing Stone 7, guarded by a giant crayfish.
  6. Head back to the area full of pipes, but this time go to the end of its southeast section. Drop down a level to the below pipe and enter a doorway to the northeast. You’ll find pipe with a hole which you can jump into. From there keep heading southwest to encounter a corpse holding four stones.

Mountaintops of the Giants

Mountaintops of the Giants Smithing Stone 7 Map Locations

Once you beat Morgott the Omen King in Leyndell, Royal Capital, a conversation with Malena ensues and she gives us the Rold Medallion. This is required to gain access to the Mountaintops of the Giants via the Grand Lift of Rold to further track down more tier 7 Smithing Stone locations.

  1. Just a bit northeast from the Foot of the Forge Site of Grace, players will find a giant raven mauling a corpse. This holds a Smithing Stone 7, but be wary of the massive hand’s ambush as you approach the item that can potentially kill you in one shot.
  2. In the Guardian’s Gurrison, you can find a corpse holding a Smithing Stone 7 in the upper ramparts, guarded by an enemy.
  3. Scale the small cliff near the First Church of Marika to find a corpse sitting on a chair holding three Smithing Stone 7.
  4. In the location marked on the map, you’ll find a statue holding three tier 7 stones. By now you’ll have an idea how to break these as a nearby golem roams the area.
  5. South of the Shack of the Lofty, players will find a pile of golem remains. In front of it lies a Smithing Stone 7 on a corpse.
  6. Take the ladder up behind the Church of the Eclipse in Castle Sol to reach the castle’s outer battlements. You’ll soon find an opening with a ladder on the roof of a building. Head down and you’ll find a corpse sitting near a book rack holding three Smithing Stone 7.

Moonlight Altar

Moonlight Altar Smithing Stone 7 Map Locations

The Smithing Stone 7 that we’ve listed below are strictly exclusive to players that have sufficiently progressed Ranni’s side quest, and have reached the Moonlight Altar. The consumables are very close by to one another in a clearing, making it easy loot to grab.

  • There are three Smithing Stone 7 in the left most Gazebo.
  • There are another three tier 7 stones in the right most Gazebo.

Consecrated Snowfield

Consecrated Snowfield Smithing Stone 7 Map Locations

The Concecrated Snowfield is a secret area in Elden Ring. There are a few Smithing Stone 7 in this region that are worth the hassle, given the scarcity of the upgrade item.

  1. Just outside the Anix Yelough Tunnel, you’ll find a Smithing Stone 7 near a wrecked cart.
  2. There’s a cracked statue towards the west as shown on the map that a nearby Runebear can break open for you to obtain three Smithing Stone 7.

Mequilla’s Haligtree

Mequilla's Haligtree Smithing Stone 7 Map Locations

If players manage to solve the puzzle in Ordina Liturgical Town, they’ll gain access to a waygate portal that sends warps them to the canopy of Mequilla’s Haligtree. You can find a few pieces of the rare item in here.

  1. In front of the Gazebo connected by three wooden bridges, you can find a Smithing Stone 7 that is guarded by a battle mage.
  2. Head downstairs after crossing the stone path from the Prayer Room Site of Grace. After that, head south and enter a wine cellar to find the coveted stone.
  3. This one is inside the room with the two Cleanrot Knights and many candle-lit braziers.

Crumbling Farum Azula

Crumbling Farum Azula Smithing Stone 7 Map Locations

Once you’ve burned down the Erdtree to a crisp in the Forge of the Giants, you’ll be sent to the Crumbling Farum Azula – a mandatory region before the final boss. This is an excellent region to farm some tier 7 Smithing Stones.

  1. Past the Crumbling Beast Grave Site of Grace, you’ll find a Smithing Stone 7 on a sarcophagus.
  2. This Smithing Stone 7 can be foud near a broken pillar after navigating through a narrow hallway.
  3. You can reach this Smithing Stone 7 by heading northeast from the Dragon Temple Lift Site of Grace and climbing some ledges.
  4. On the same floating structure that Pot Boy Alexander stands on, head a bit further west to find a corpse holding the upgrade stone.
  5. Head southeast of the Dragon Temple Rooftop Site of Grace to come across several sets of pillars. You’ll find a dead body holding the item next to a Golden Seed.

Underground Regions

Underground Regions Smithing Stone 7 Map Locations

There are even fewer pieces of Smithing Stone 7 in regions, including areas such as Mohgwyn Palace, Lake of Rot and Deeprot Depths.

  1. For the first Smithing Stone 7 head to the Deeproot Depths. This one sits atop the roof of a church that can be scaled with the help of a Spiritspring Jump.
  2. The next Smithing Stone lies in the Lake of Rot, a sub region of Ainsel River. It is besides the Waterwall below the Grand Cloister Site of Grace.
  3. Two Smithing Stone 7 are found in Mohgwyn Palace. The first corpse holding the item is to the north past the lake of blood on dry land.
  4. The second Smithing Stone 7 in Mohgwyn Palace is next to a cluster of tombs near the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum.

Where to Buy Smithing Stone 7 in Elden Ring

Much like any tier of Smithing Stones, players can unlock the tier 7 variant for purchase if they find the Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing [4]. This key item is a drop from the Godskin Duo boss in the Crumbling Farum Azula.

Tarnished Buying Smithing Stone 7 from Twin Maidens Husk

Once you’ve procured the item, warp to the Roundtable Hold and meet with the Twin Maidens Husk. She’ll offer to take the Bell Bearing from your hand, and in return will expand her wares to unlimited Smithing Stone 7. Each piece will cost you a generous 2400 Runes.

Final Thoughts

That’s all for the Elden Ring Smithing Stone 7 locations guide. Hopefully, this detailed guide will help you bag a cartload of the upgrade stones so you can easily enhance many weapons and face many challenging foes head on. Good luck, Tarnished!

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