Elliott Stardew Valley: Everything You Need to Know

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Stardew Valley delivers a complete and fulfilling story to players by building its foundations upon the significant number of characters it offers. Elliott in Stardew Valley is one of these characters.

Considering the large number of in-game characters, it can become pretty tricky to experience everyone’s stories! However, understanding the lore and backgrounds of these individuals is the best tip we can give you for a complete Stardew Valley experience.

Today, we’ll focus on the Romantic Novelist who, like Shane and Alex, happens to be one of the 12 marriage-eligible candidates – Elliott!


Elliott is one of the older bachelors in the game who prefers to live in isolation in the small wooden Cabin on the Beach. From your initial interactions, Elliott will seem like a hopeless romantic who’s left his old life and moved to Stardew Valley to live in tranquillity.

Well, that’s exactly who Elliott is, but he’s also a novelist on top of that! The game doesn’t reflect too much on Elliott’s past life and instead focuses more on his current condition.

As such, no solid information about Elliott’s family, friends, or significant others is known. In Stardew Valley, however, Elliott is friends with Willy and Leah by default. He is most commonly standing idle on the bridge near the Beach’s entrance.

Elliott explains in your early interactions that his passion in life is to write and that his main objective is to ultimately produce a “magnificent novel.” Most of your dialogue shared with him throughout your friendship will reflect upon this, one way or another.


Elliott 10-Heart Dialogue

In Stardew Valley, Elliott comes off as a respectful, kind, and considerate individual who’s open to conversations right from the start. Although, he doesn’t interact with the rest of the townsfolk much. As your friendship level with him increases, so does the depth of your dialogue.

In later stages, he becomes much more transparent and open to you about his insecurities, doubts, and future goals. He’ll even tell you about his plans for his upcoming books and ask for your suggestions regarding what he should include!

Elliott’s Cabin will initially be inaccessible to you until you reach 2-hearts worth of friendship with him. As such, you can only interact with him on the outside during the early stages.
Elliott is self-employed as he works on his novels throughout the game. Elliott is also a musician on the side, which is clear from the piano placed in his Cabin.


Stardew Valley Elliott Information Log

Elliott’s daily schedule will change depending on several factors, such as weather conditions, your friendship status with Leah, world events, and the season (among others). Here’s a detailed analysis of his routine, including all special occasions and activities.


On a normal day, Elliott will stay inside his Cabin from 8 am – 11:30 am. After this timeframe, he visits the southern portion of the Cindersap Forest. Here, he stands idle till 6 pm in the region located slightly south of Leah’s Cottage.

Once the game’s clock hits 7:40 pm, Elliott will head directly back to his Cabin. He turns in unusually quick, going to sleep close to 8 pm.

Special Occasions

If you have a 6-heart relationship with Leah, Elliott’s daily activities in Stardew Valley for each Thursday and Friday will change. In this case, he stays inside his Cabin till 11:30 am and then heads to Pierre’s General Store. 

He’ll stay here till 5:30 pm before heading back to his house for the night.

If you do not have a 6-heart relationship with Leah, Elliott can be found idle inside his Cabin from 8 am – 11 am on each Friday and Sunday. He then moves towards Willy’s House and stands on the docks located next to it. Elliott will stay idle for the next six hours, peering out into the ocean.

Afterwards, he leaves for the Stardrop Salon at 5 pm and can be found standing in front of the bar. Elliott will stay here and drink till 11:40 pm, returning home for the night.

On Tuesday, the 9th of Summer, Elliott has his annual check-up at Harvey’s Clinic. This causes a disruption in his daily activities, and he instead follows an alternate schedule for the day.

During this, he leaves for the Clinic at 10:30 am and stays inside the waiting room till 1:30 pm. Afterwards, Elliott moves to the examination room for his check-up. He’ll be done with this by 4 pm, head back home, and stay inside for the rest of the day.

If it rains, Elliott will stay inside his Cabin for the whole day.


Following his regular schedule for the Winter season, Elliott will leave his Cabin for the Museum at 11:30 am. Here, he can be found within the Library section, presumably examining and reading up on different books.

He leaves the Museum at 5:30 pm and heads directly to his Cabin, staying inside for the rest of the day.

Special Occasions

If you have a 6-heart relationship with Leah, Elliott will follow the same schedule each Thursday and Friday as he did in the Summer. 

This same logic will apply in the case of each Friday and Sunday if you do not have a 6-heart friendship with Leah.

On Wednesday, the 17th of Winter in Stardew Valley, Elliott will deviate from his usual pattern of activities owing to the annual Night Market event. He stays inside his Cabin from 8 am to 11:30 am on this day before heading off to the Museum. 

At 4:50 pm, Elliott will leave the Library section of the Museum and head towards the Beach to participate in the Night Market event at the docks near Willy’s House. He sticks around here till 1 am before finally returning to his Cabin for the night.

He follows a similar routine (with minor changes) for his daily activities in the Fall season as he does in the Winter. The only exception to this is the Night Market event which only happens in the latter season.


Elliott’s normal Spring schedule features him staying inside his Cabin till 12 am, after which he leaves to stand at the far end of the Beach located southside of his wooden abode. He stays here for one and a half hours before returning back to the Cabin.

Once back, Elliott will stay indoors till 3 pm and then head towards the bridge located at the entrance of the Beach area. He stands idle here for 3 hours and then returns home for the night at 6 pm sharp.

He follows the same pattern of activities for all special occasions in the Spring as mentioned in the Summer schedule above.

After Marriage

If you marry Elliott, he moves into the farmhouse with you and follows an additional schedule each Monday of all seasons.

In this case, Elliott leaves your farmhouse at 8:30 am and moves towards the Beach area. He stays idle here till 5 pm before returning back to the farmhouse.

Heart Events

Elliott 10-Heart Event
Source: MndA Videos

Heart Events are unique interactions you can experience with each character once you reach the required friendship level. In Stardew Valley, Elliott has the following Heart Events that you can unlock with him.

Two Heart Event

His two Heart Event requires you to reach a 2-heart friendship level with Elliott and then enter his Cabin located at the Beach with him present within. 

The cutscene itself features Elliott welcoming you into his home. He proceeds to tell you about his passion for writing novels and how he moved to Stardew Valley because no one in his hometown supported or believed in this passion of his.

The event ends with Elliott asking you about what type of novels you like. You can respond to this with three options, each of which increases your friendship level with Elliott by 30 points.

Four Heart Event

In Stardew Valley, Elliott’s Fourth Heart event triggers if you enter the Stardrop Salon between 3 pm to 10 pm after reaching a 4-heart friendship with him. This event also requires Gus to be present in the building.

The event shows you walking up to the bar with Gus, remarking that he’ll take your order momentarily. Meanwhile, Elliott enters the building and is visibly happy to find you there. He then strikes up a conversation with you and explains how he’d been working on his novel for the past 8 hours.

Elliott will then order two drinks, one for each of you. He’ll order an Ale for you if your character is male and Wine if it’s female. The game then gives you four option boxes to choose from as a toast before the both of you drink together.

All four options affect your friendship level with Elliott, with the best outcome being a 50 increase in friendship points and the worst being the exact opposite.

Afterwards, Elliott starts dancing, and the event ends. Your energy and health are also replenished according to the beverage you consume.

Six Heart Event

Elliott’s 6-heart event prerequisites include having a 6-heart friendship and entering his Cabin with him inside. 

The event starts off with Elliott playing a tune on his grand piano. You’re then given two dialogue boxes to select from. Neither affect your friendship level and only offer different dialogue outcomes.

Whatever you say, Elliott proceeds to tell you that he’s lately been facing difficulty focusing on and completing his novel. He ends this by remarking that he wishes he could just give up, throw his novel away, and become a farmer like yourself.

Afterwards, you’ll again be given two dialogue boxes to choose from. Similar to before, your choice won’t affect your friendship level and will only offer different responses from Elliott.

Eight Heart Event

Once you reach an 8-heart level of friendship with Elliott, you’ll receive a letter in the mailbox asking you to meet him. After receiving this letter, entering the Museum between 1 pm – 7 pm triggers the heart event.

A cutscene plays which shows several villagers gathered in the Museum Library listening to Elliott reading his new novel for them. He gives you his gratitude for coming to the vent and then proceeds to read the novel aloud. 

The novel Elliott ends up reading is actually based upon your answer to his Two Heart event. After he’s done, Elliott walks up to you and asks you for your thoughts on his new book. Strangely enough, you won’t be given an option box to choose from this time, and the only outcome is complimenting his story.

Before the event finishes, Elliott thanks you for your support and explains that he based the book on you.

Ten Heart Event

After reaching 10-hearts worth of friendship with Elliott, similar to the Eight Heart Event, you’ll receive a letter in your mailbox asking you to meet him. However, unlike the Eight Heart event, opening this letter isn’t required to trigger the event itself.

The heart event plays if you enter the Beach on a non-rainy day, anywhere between 7 am and 1 pm. It showcases Elliott standing on the docks next to the old broken boat near Willy’s house, which is now completely fixed up.

Elliott offers you to take a voyage with him. If you take him up on the offer, midway through the journey, he talks to you about his novel and your unwavering support for him throughout the ordeal. Losing control of his emotions, Elliott suddenly kisses you.

You’re then offered two option boxes to choose from. One allows you to reciprocate Elliott’s feelings, whereas the other rejects them. Each has a positive/negative outcome and can severely affect your friendship level with the character.

If you decline to take the trip with Elliott, the heart event immediately ends, leaving your friendship level unaffected.

Fourteen Heart Event

In Stardew Valley, Elliott’s Fourteen Heart event is his last one. It also happens to have the most stringent requirements of all. You’ll need to have a 14-heart friendship with him for this to occur.

Additionally, the event only triggers if you exit your farmhouse between 6 am and 3 pm. You must also ensure that no game festivals are scheduled for the next 8 days.

The event features Elliott standing on your porch and reading some news from a piece of paper in his hand. He explains to you how he’s been invited to do a reading tour for his new novel. This causes him to be gone for a week.

You’ll then be given 3 dialogue options to choose from, none of which will affect the event’s outcome. Consequently, he will leave for the tour. For the next 7 days, Elliott will send you one daily letter. In them, he explains what he did and details regarding his reading tour.

On the 8th day, Elliott will return while you’re asleep and surprise you in your bed. Both of you share a kiss. The event ends with Elliott confessing how it’s a relief to be back in Stardew Valley.

Gifting Preferences

The following table analyzes the reactions that Elliott in Stardew Valley has to all applicable items. It excludes certain items to which all villagers’ sentiments are universal.

 LovedMysterium, Cappuccino Mousse Cake, Stardrop Sorbet, Truffle Popcorn, Crab Cakes, Duck Feather, Lobster, Pomegranate, Squid Ink, Tom Kha Soup


Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World, The Brave Little Sapling, The Miracle At Coldstar Ranch, The Zuzu City Express, Wumbus, Apple Slices, Chocolate Popcorn, Hummus Snack Pack, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jasmine Tea, Kale Smoothie, Panzanella Salad, Salmon Burger, Star Cookie, All Fruits, Octopus, Squid
All Eggs except Void Egg, All Fish except Carp, Lobster, Octopus, Sea Cucumber, Snail, and Squid
All Milk, All Movie Snacks except loved and liked, Chanterelle, Common Mushroom, Daffodil, Dandelion, Ginger, Hazelnut, Holly, Leek, Magma Cap, Morel, Pizza, Purple Mushroom, Snow Yam, Wild Horseradish, Winter Root
HatedAmaranth, Quartz, Salmonberry, Sea Cucumber
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