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Mir Rafay
Mir Rafay
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Stardew Valley intensely focuses on the depth of its characters to give you a truly sublime experience. In order to experience the game to its fullest, it’s critical for you to understand the lore behind each Villager in the game. On that front, Emily in Stardew Valley is one of the most “spiritual” characters you’ll encounter. 

In fact, one of the best tips we have regarding the game is to keep up with all the characters in and around Pelican Town!


Emily's 0-heart dialogue in Stardew Valley

It’s hard to miss out on who Emily is – even if you’re playing Stardew Valley for the first time. She can easily be recognized by her unique and strikingly blue-colored hair. Emily, even during her initial encounters, comes off as a lovely and respectful person. She has some particular tastes and passions in life, which she makes apparent in later levels of friendship. 

Emily lives at “2 Willow Lane” in Pelican Town with her sister Haley. The positioning of her house makes her Sam’s neighbor – although they’re hardly ever seen interacting with one another. Emily and Haley live together in their parents’ home – although neither of their parents is present here. The game doesn’t reflect much upon their identity, except that they’ve constantly been traveling around the world for the past few years. 

Apart from that, Emily is good friends with Sandy in the Calico Desert. Both of them share several dialogues with one another, and Emily can also be seen visiting Sandy on her birthday. The character is employed and can regularly be found working her shift in the Stardrop Salon. 

She has her birthday and annual clinic checkup on the 27th of Spring and the 11th of Winter, respectively. Lastly, Emily’s included in the 12 marriage-eligible characters of Stardew Valley – a quality she shares with Alex and Sebastian


Emily initially comes off as a very kind, respectful, and thoughtful individual. It might seem too good to be true – but this isn’t just a front that she’s putting up. The character is, overall, just a very delightful individual. 

As your friendship reaches higher stages – she’ll only get better! Emily has a deep interest in gemstones and spirituality. These themes will constantly come up in her dialogue and heart events alike. In fact, some of her most loved gifts include minerals such as Amethyst, Aquamarine, and Ruby. She also has a profound interest in tailoring, which she mentions throughout your interactions with her. 

As with all other characters, Emily will become more open about herself with you on higher levels of friendship. All in all, she’s a straightforward person to interact with and can quickly become your best friend in Pelican Town!


Unlike most other characters, Emily has a relatively simple routine that is seldom affected by seasonal changes. There are, however, some conditions, such as rainy weather, in-game festivals, specific days, and your overall game progression, that can alter her schedule. 

Following is a rundown of her daily schedule, including all special occasions and any deviations.  


Following her regular schedule in Stardew Valley, Emily wakes up in the morning and stays inside her room till 12 pm. At this point, she exits the room but remains inside the house – standing idle in the living room. 

At 3:30 pm, the character leaves to serve her shift over at the Stardrop Salon. She spends the rest of her day here and goes back home at 12:30 am!

After Marriage

If you decide to marry Emily, she’ll move into the farmhouse with you and adopt a new routine every Monday and Friday. 

In the first case, the character leaves your farm around 8:30 am and heads to her old home at 2 Willow Lane. 

After staying in the kitchen till 11 am, she visits the Community Center and stands at its eastern side. The Villager spends the next four hours peering out into the river located here. This is a bit of an unusual deviation taking into account the rest of Emily’s schedule. Nevertheless, she starts walking towards the Stardrop Salon at 3 pm to serve her shift. Emily will spend the rest of her day here and return home at 10 pm.

On the other hand, Emily will visit the beach region each Friday after marriage. To be more precise, she leaves the farmhouse around 8:30 am and stands at the docks slightly west of Willy’s Fish Shop. 

Once the clock hits 1 pm, Emily leaves the beach region and heads into Pierre’s General Store. She spends the next two hours browsing the store before leaving for work at the Stardrop Salon. She serves her shift from 3 pm – 10 pm and then returns home to the farmhouse. 

Special Occasions

Emily and Hayley standing in their living room at 2 Willow Lane

On each Tuesday, Emily wakes up early in the morning and stays inside her room till 10 am. She then heads over to Pierre’s General Store for her weekly aerobics session. She gets free from this exercise session by 4 pm, after which Emily heads towards the Stardrop Salon.

Emily works here for the rest of the day and goes back home at 12:30 am.

If you’ve restored your Community Center, Emily’s daily routine every Friday will slightly deviate. She’ll wake up at the same time as always and stay inside her bedroom till 10 am. 

Then, the character visits the now-restored Community Center, where she stays till 3:30 pm. To be precise, she can be found standing idle in the Crafts room of the building. Afterward, Emily leaves the Community Center and heads toward the Stardrop Salon. She’ll spend the rest of the day serving her shift here, which ends at 12:30 am. Once finished, Emily goes directly back home.

On the 15th of Winter, Emily’s schedule in Stardew Valley slightly changes to cater to the Night Market event. On this day, she stays inside her bedroom till 12 pm and then heads into the living room. She’ll spend the next two and a half hours here before leaving for the Beach region to attend the Night Market. 

She spends the rest of her day here and returns back home at 12:30 am.

On Rainy days, Emily leaves her bedroom at 12 pm and stands idle inside her living room for the next three and a half hours. At this point, she exits the house to work at the Stardrop Salon – regardless of the rainy weather conditions. 

She’ll spend the rest of the day serving her shift in the salon and return home at 1 am. 

On the 11th of Winter, Emily has her annual medical examination, which significantly changes her routine for the day. She leaves her house at 10:30 am and heads into the waiting room of Harvey’s Clinic. 

After waiting for three hours, Emily finally heads into the examination room. The checkup itself lasts for two and a half hours and ends at 4 pm. Surprisingly, unlike other characters, Emily doesn’t go home to call it a day after her medical exam. Instead, she heads over to the Stardrop Salon to serve her shift and returns home at 12:30 am. 

On the 15th of Fall, Emily’s entire schedule changes owing to her friend Sandy’s birthday. On this day, the character leaves her house at 10:30 am to visit Sandy (owner of the Oasis Shop) in the Calico Desert.

Both of the characters are good friends and spend the day together. Emily returns home at 12 am on this day and heads directly to bed. 

Additionally, a minor irregularity may appear in Emily’s schedule once you unlock the Beach Resort situated on Ginger Island. According to this, the character can randomly choose to spend a day there on any single day. She stays at the resort till 6 pm before coming back to Pelican Town and heading directly to bed. 

Heart Events

Heart events are unique interactions that you can experience with each character after reaching a certain level of friendship with them. In Stardew Valley, Emily has the following heart events that you can unlock. 

Two Heart Event

To experience Emily’s two-heart event, you’ll have to enter her house at 2 Willow Lane with her inside. A cutscene will play, which will arguably be one of the weirdest things you’ll encounter throughout the game.

The cutscene features a dream of Emily in which she’s floating above a purple stone structure high up in the clouds. She’s meditating and chanting out certain words. The area also features several mysterious trees, somewhat similar to the ones found in the Calico Desert or Ginger Island. 

After a while, Emily notices you and is visibly surprised. She wonders how you got into her dream and abruptly wakes up. Before the event ends, the character can be seen deep in thought about you and mutters that both of your destinies are somehow connected.

Three Heart Event

Emily heading to work at the Stardrop Salon

The three-heart event of Emily in Stardew Valley is relatively straightforward and insignificant. Once you hit this level of friendship with Emily, she’ll send you the Recipe for a Salad in your mail. The letter you receive reads “Flip this letter over for instructions on how to cook a super-healthy meal! You’ll feel energized. See you soon.”

Don’t confuse this event with the random gifts you may sometimes receive from the character in your mailbox. At any friendship level greater than zero, Emily can randomly gift you an item. The chance of this increases with greater levels of friendship. 

Four Heart Event

Emily’s four-heart event requires you to enter Pelican Town on any Sunny day. Additionally, you cannot trigger the event in Winter. The event itself features Emily walking out of her house and peering out at three Parrots flying by Pelican Town. She then waves at the Parrots as they fly through the air. 

After a short while, another Parrot can be seen on the screen – flying haphazardly. The bird crash lands on Emily’s house and falls down. Immediately, the character rushes over to help the injured bird. After this event, Emily vows to take care of the Parrot till it’s ready to fly again. Interestingly enough, the Parrot will become an interactable pet found in Emily’s room from here on out. 

Six Heart Event

With relatively straightforward requirements, you’ll have to enter Emily’s house with her present inside to trigger the six-heart event. You’ll find the character waiting for you inside her room. Visibly excited, she explains that there’s something she’s been working on lately and wants to show you.

Emily then puts on some music in the background using her stereo and proceeds to dance for you. Some lights will also start flickering in the back while this happens. Once the dance ends, you’ll have three options to choose from as a response to how you felt. Interestingly, this is also the first time you’ll experience an option-based encounter with Emily.  

Nevertheless, the three options have different dialogue outcomes and also affect your friendship level with the character. 

Seven Heart Event

Similar to the three heart, Emily’s seven heart event is a somewhat mini-heart event wherein she sends you a recipe through the mail. The recipe is for a “Red Plate” this time around and has the same message attached to it as last time.

Eight Heart Event

Emily serving her shift with Gus in the Stardrop Salon

This is one of the most sophisticated heart events of the character. You’ll find a letter addressed to you from Emily, asking you to meet up in the Mayor’s House on the same day. There’s no need to worry about this time limit, however, since the event can be triggered on later days as well.

Once you enter the Mayor’s House, a cutscene will play featuring Emily and several other characters including Abigail and Shane. Emily explains that the idea behind her calling everyone there is for them to express their true selves to the world through “clothing therapy.” 

All of the characters take turns going behind a curtain and selecting their favorite choice of clothes to wear. Interestingly, you cannot be a part of this session. Once the session ends and everyone leaves, Emily comes up to you to confess her feelings. Suddenly, Clint walks in and becomes sorrowful after witnessing this. 

If you haven’t seen it till now, it’s heavily implied that Clint has romantic interests in Emily. Seeing her with you in that state would, naturally, make him sad. Nevertheless, Clint doesn’t interfere with the situation and decides to walk away after making indirect remarks instead. The event ends with you and Emily being visibly confused about everything that happened. 

Ten Heart Event

Emily’s ten-heart event in Stardew Valley is also letter-based. This time around, however, you’ll be invited to meet Emily in the Secret Woods area close to the Cindersap Forest after 10 pm. The event features you and Emily camping together in the Secret Woods. 

Both of you are huddled up in a tent with a sleeping bag inside and another one outside the tent. Suddenly, loud grunting can be heard and a large shadow appears outside your tent. Both of you realize it’s a bear, and Emily, now frightened, comes up close to you. She explains that she accidentally left her sleeping bag outside the tent and that she won’t go out to pick it up now. 

Both of you end up sharing a single sleeping bag and the event ends with you receiving a letter from Emily in your mail the following day. 

Fourteen Heart Event

Emily’s fourteen-heart event can only be experienced after you’ve married her. Additionally, you’ll have to exit your farmhouse anywhere between 6:20 am and 8 am to trigger it. You’ll find Emily outside the farmhouse, where she’ll instruct you to bring her 200 Fabric.

This request becomes an active quest in your respective tab that can also be tracked. If you enter your farmhouse between 8 pm – 12 am three days after ending this quest, you’ll receive a new outfit from Emily as a gift!

Gifting Preferences

Emily's Gift Log in Stardew Valley

The following table showcases Emily’s gifting preferences in Stardew Valley. You’ll find all the items that she loves, likes, is neutral to, dislikes, and hates. This list excludes any and all items to which overall villager sentiments are universal. 

LovedThe Miracle At Coldstar Ranch, Kale Smoothie, Stardrop Sorbet, Amethyst, Emerald, Aquamarine, Ruby, Cloth, Jade, Survival Burger, Topaz, Wool
LikedJourney Of The Prairie King: The Motion Picture, Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World, The Brave Little Sapling, The Zuzu City Express, Wumbus, All universal likes (except Sashimi, Fish Taco, Fried Eel, Ice Cream, Maki Roll, Rice Pudding, Salmon Dinner, Spicy Eel), Daffodil, Quartz
NeutralAll universal neutrals (except Wool), All Milk, All Fruits (except from Fruit Trees and Salmonberry), All Eggs (except Void Egg), Chanterelle, Common Mushroom, Dandelion, Ginger, Hazelnut, Leek, Magma Cap, Morel, Purple Mushroom, Snow Yam, Wild Horseradish, Winter Root
DislikedIt Howls In The Rain, Mysterium, Black Licorice, Fries, Joja Cola, JojaCorn, Nachos, Personal Pizza, Popcorn, Salted Peanuts, Fried Eel, Ice Cream, Rice Pudding, Salmon Berry, Spicy Eel
HatedFish Taco, Holly, Maki Roll, Salmon Dinner, Sashimi
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