The Essential CS:GO Console Commands Revealed

cl_get simple's aim 100. If only it were that easy.

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CS:GO’s console commands are one of the best ways to take full control of your game. You can use them to practice, change your crosshair settings, and change the look of your game, among many others.

To help you out, I’ve gathered the most used and most common CS:GO console commands. Here’s our list of the essential CS:GO console commands that you should know.

Console Commands for General Game Settings

Setting up General settings.

Here are some common console commands you can use to alter general game settings. This includes things from video, audio, in-game voice, and some minor improvements to your game. Some of these settings can also help improve FPS for lower-end machines.

fps_max “x”Replace “x” with your preferred max FPS rate. Choosing 0 will remove the FPS limit, while choosing 1 will revert to the previous FPS limit.
r_drawparticles 0Disables the loading of smaller particles which can result in a smoother gameplay experience.
mat_disable_bloom 1Disabled the bloom effect, which can help improve FPS.
cl_use_opens_buy_menu 0Disabled the buy menu to prevent accidentally pressing it mid-round.
cl_downloadfilter nosoundsPrevents external custom sound downloads from servers.
voice_enable 0Mutes the voice chat of all allies. Change to 1 to re-enable.
voice_scale “x”Changes the voice chat volume of your teammates. Replace x with the level you want.
cl_mute_enemy_team 1Allows you to mute the entire enemy team.
DisconnectAllows you to quickly disconnect from the game.
QuitAllows you to instantly exit CS:GO.
cl_show_team_equipmentShows your team’s equipment above their heads.
cl_righthand or cl_lefthandChanges what hand you use to hold your weapon.
viewmodel_fov “x”Allows you to set your FOV to a maximum of 68. Just replace “x” with your preferred number.
callvoteAllows you to bring up the option to vote to kick a player or change the map.
clearClears everything on the console.

Console Commands for Bots / Practice Maps

Using the CSGO console to set up bots in a practice map.

These next set of commands are perfect for use when you are aim training using bots, working on your grenade lineups, or just honing your skills.

bot_add “T/ CT” “x”This command adds a bot to your map. You can choose which side it’s on and the overall difficulty. Replace “x” with easy, normal, hard, or expert.
bot_difficulty “x”This sets all bots in a server to a specific difficulty.
0 – easy
1 – normal
2 – hard
3 – expert
bot_quota “x”Adjusts the maximum number of bots that can join a server.
notargetThis command will prevent bots from seeing or reacting to you (requires sv_cheats 1 to work).
bot_dont_shoot 1This command tells bots not to fire at you. (requires sv_cheats 1 to work).
bot_kill [Kill Criteria]This automatically kills bots from your selected criteria. -T or CT
-A specific bot’s name
-A bot’s difficulty
bot_kick [Kick Criteria]This command removes all bots from your selected criteria from the server.
T or CT
A specific bot’s name
A bot’s difficulty
bot_freeze 1This command freezes all bots and prevents them from moving.
sv_grenade_trajectory 1, sv_grenade_trajectory_time 10These commands will help you practice your grenade lineups by adding a trajectory to them.
mp_warmup_endThis command ends the warmup phase.
Map [map code]This command allows you to instantly change the map you are playing on. Just enter the specific map code you want.
mp_buytime “x”Allows you to set the specific time that players are allowed to buy.
mp_buy_anywhere “x”Allows players that fit the criteria to buy anywhere.
0 – default
1 – All teams can buy
2 – Only Ts can buy
3 – Only CTs can buy
sv_cheats 1Enables cheat commands to be used on the server.

Console Commands for Mouse Settings

These next set of settings affect the way your mouse moves and reacts in CS:GO. This includes your sens, raw input, and custom mouse settings, among others.

sensitivity “x”This command allows you to adjust your mouse sensitivity.
m_rawinput “x”Enables or disables the raw input of your mouse in CS:GO. 0 is off, and 1 is on.
m_pitch “x”This command allows you to adjust your Y-axis sensitivity.
m_yaw “x”This command allows you to adjust your X-axis sensitivity.
m_customaccel “x”This command allows you to have a custom mouse acceleration setting.
0 – custom acceleration off (default)
1 – custom mouse acceleration on
2 – custom mouse acceleration is on, but X and Y sens are set by pitch and yaw
3 – custom mouse acceleration is on, but it’s affected by your mouse sensitivity.

Console Commands for UI/ HUD

Using the CSGO console to set up UI settings.

These next console commands are for controlling or changing how your HUD or UI looks in-game. You can even use these settings to hide certain UI elements for an overall cleaner look.

cl_showfps 0-5Displays various technical information in-game.
0 – Hides all information
1 – Shows FPS.
2 – Shows other advanced metrics.
net_graph 1Displays your FPS, ping, and tick rate. Set to 0 to disable.
cl_hud_playercount_showcount 1Disables a ton of information about enemies and allies, removing some screen clutter.
hud_scaling “x”Adjusts the scaling of the UI. You can set it from 0.5 to 0.95.
cl_drawhud 0Removes all UI elements from your screen.
cl_draw_only_deathnotices 1Hides all UI elements aside from death notices.
cl_radar_always_centeredAllows you to center the radar and see the whole map.
cl_hud_radar_scale “x”Changes the scale of your radar. Set anywhere from 0.25 and 1.
cl_hud_color “x”Changes your HUD color.
0 – resets HUD color back to default
1 – white
2 – light blue
3 – dark blue
4 – purple
5 – red
6 – orange
7 – yellow
8 – green
9 – aqua
10 – pink
cl_hud_healthammo_style “x”Allows you to change how your health and ammo look like. 1 shows a number, while 0 replaces it with a bar.
cl_drawhud 0Completely hides everything in your HUD. (requires sv_cheats 1 command)
hud_takesshots “1”Automatically takes screenshots of the leaderboard, including all the scores at the end of games.

Console Commands for Crosshair Settings

Finally, we have the console commands that can help you adjust your crosshair settings on the fly.

cl_crosshairgap “x”Adjusts the middle gap of your crosshair.
cl_crosshairsize “x”Adjusts the length and size of the four lines of your crosshair.
cl_crosshairstyle “x”Changes your crosshair style.
0 – default dynamic crosshair
1 – Static default crosshair
2 – Classic static with dots
3 – Classic dynamic
4 – Classic static
5 – Classic static and dynamic crosshair
cl_crosshairthickness “x”Adjusts how thick your crosshair will look in-game.
cl_crosshair_drawoutline “x”Turns the crosshair outline on or off. 0 is off, and 1 is on.
cl_crosshair_outlinethicknessAdjusts how thick the crosshair outline is. You can put any value from 0.1 to 3.
cl_crosshairdot “x”Turns the middle crosshair dot on or off. 0 is off, and 1 is on.
cl_crosshaircolor “x”This command allows you to change your crosshair color.
0 – red
1 – green (default)
2 – yellow
3 – dark blue
4 – light blue


Those were some of the best CS:GO console commands that you should know in 2023. You don’t have to remember all these codes, especially since the console automatically fills the commands, but it’s definitely great to be familiar with them.

There are plenty more CS:GO console commands available. View all commands here.

Did we miss an essential CS:GO console command? Comment it below.

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