Fall Guys Giving 5 Free Crowns To People Who Fill Out A Survey

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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"Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout" has been the surprise video game hit of the summer. (Devolver Digital)

Fall Guys was a twist on the Battle Royale genre by incorporating game show mechanics into the mix similar to Wipeout and Takeshi’s Castle. The game had a good run until Among Us took the crown from it, and the latter has now lost the crown to Rust. However, if you’re still playing Fall Guys, here’s how you can earn some free crowns.

Fall Guys is giving away 5 free crowns

If you have a hard time getting crowns in Fall Guys, this survey is just for you. Before we proceed, this might sound like a scam, but it isn’t as this is officially tweeted by the official (and verified) twitter account of the game.

The Survey is fairly simple and straightforward but will take time to fill, however, the reward for it is 5 free crowns which should be an easy decision for you if you’re looking up to your crown count in the game.

You can fill out the survey by going to this link.

It’s also worth mentioning that the crown roll out will be slow and gradual, but you will get your crowns eventually.

Fall Guys had a great start but due to server issues, hackers and the lack of interesting content to keep the game interesting, it lost the playerbase fairly fast, but this doesn’t mean the game is dead. There is still a good player base on PC and PS4 for you to find lobbies easily.

The game is currently still exclusive to the PS4 and PC and while the game still doesn’t have cross play or a release on a new platform yet, the latest updates and collabs have made it a fun game to play, especially with friends.

Mediatonic is committed to frequent updates for the game and the survey does guage about platform interest, so it could mean that the developer is definitely looking to expand.

While the game still has a lot to reach, we can hope that the continuity of fresh content keeps the game alive and well and perhaps give a second chance at life to further increase the playerbase.

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