Famous Industry Insider Claims Final Fantasy IX Remake Is Real

The Remake Is Indeed Real

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • Jeff Grubb has confirmed the remake is real
  • No idea of when and where it will be confirmed
  • No further details on the remake

Final Fantasy IX is easily one of the most memorable Final Fantasy titles on the PlayStation 1, second only to Final Fantasy VII. The title has gotten its fair share of remasters and improved ports, but never a dedicated remake. According to Jeff Grubb, he says that Final Fantasy IX Remake is indeed real.

Final Fantasy IX Remake Is VERY Real

It seems that the rumors of a Final Fantasy IX Remake that began from the gaming forum, ResetEra could hold some grain of truth. Jeff Grubb on the latest episode of his podcast says that the remake is indeed real.

Skip to 30:38 to hear the clip

The rumor did stem from the gaming forum, ResetEra, and it seems that the original user does have a somewhat accurate track record, so this does help add to the user’s credibility. While we do not have the when or where of the reveal of the title, its now only a matter of time before we hear about it. With Square Enix laser-focused on amplifying the hype for Final Fantasy XVI, we might hear about it after the release of their title.

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