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So, you’re curious about how to level up fast in Apex Legends huh? Different games award you differently for leveling up. In some games, entire sections of the game are locked out until you’ve progressed to the adequate level. While in others, your level is just a number on the screen.

Apex Legends is somewhere in the middle, as none of the content is locked behind a certain level requirement. But, with each level up, you get Legends Tokens, and every few levels, you may also get Apex Packs, so there’s definitely an incentive to level up. But I hear you ask, “what’s the best way to go about that?” Here’s how.

The Best Ways to Level Up Fast in Apex Legends

In Apex Legends, certain feats and the things you do give you certain amounts of experience; your goal should be to maximize the amount of experience you get in the shortest time possible. This isn’t always possible, though, as there are many factors to consider.

That’s basically how leveling up works in any game really, be it Destiny 2, or Hogwarts Legacy. Regardless, the feats that give you experience are:

  • Victory – 900XP
  • Top 5 Placement – 300XP
  • Champion Squad – 500XP bonus at the start of the game
  • Champion Elimination – 500XP for each elimination
  • Kill Leader Placement – 50XP for becoming the kill leader
  • Eliminations – 50XP per elimination
  • First Daily Elimination – 500XP
  • Reviving an Ally – 25XP
  • Respawning an Ally – 200XP
  • Damage – 0.25 for each point of damage inflicted
  • Survival Time – Three for each second survived

And that’s the gist of it. Ideally, you’d want to do as many of these things as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. However, doing something without a plan is inviting failure to your doorstep. That is why it’s better to follow these next few tips we will be discussing.

Play With a Friend

fast ways to level up in apex legends
Image via Apex Legends In-Game Screenshot

Apex Legends is a game meant to be enjoyed with friends. It really is the best way to experience the game. But, not only are they good for improving the experience – they’re also good for improving your experience gain.

See, the game has an in-built system that promotes playing with a friend. If you’re in a premade party, you get a 5% bonus to survival time XP. Now, while that doesn’t sound as much, over time, it can really stack up! That is if you play it safe… but if you enjoy playing recklessly as I do, then your friends will most likely roast you for getting everyone killed. As I always say, “We’re here for a good time, not a long time.”

But, if you want to really maximize your XP gain, then you’re going to want to survive until the very end of the match. A good tip for that is to learn the maps in Apex Legends so that you know how to traverse them. Any team that stays together is more likely to end up winning in the end.

Have a Strong Team Composition

You really want every advantage you can get in Apex Legends. It really is a brutal game in some regards. To increase your odds right from the get-go it’s a smart idea to have a well-balanced team composition instead of having all Legends be of the same type.

Utility is king in Apex Legends. The more abilities you have as a team, the better it will be for you in the long run. Nobody likes playing as a support, but everyone begs for a respawn. In the same vein, no one likes to be the eyes of the team, but when you have to walk into an area blind, you realize the importance of a recon.

If you want to level up, then the aggressive approach isn’t always the best approach. Sometimes it’s better to have a team comprised of recons and Supports, rather than one comprised of assaulters and skirmishers. But, on the other hand…

Be Aggressive and Start Praying

Of course, one can only handle so much precaution and running away before it gets boring. There is another high-risk – high-reward approach to leveling up. Eliminations, Champion eliminations, and Damage dealt is one of the best ways to gain XP. Considering this, you might want to adopt a more reckless approach if you want to level up fast. No guts, no glory! Right?

There is, however, one major problem with this. That’s the simple fact that the enemy also has guns and will most likely be shooting back at you as well. That is why this plan isn’t advised unless you’re either really good at the game or really daring.

Level Up Your Battle Pass

how to level up your battle pass in apex legends
Image via Apex Legends In-Game Screenshot

While on the topic of leveling up in Apex Legends, you might also be interested in knowing how you can go about leveling up your battle pass effectively.

That’s really simple, actually. It’s just that it can get pretty expensive. Buying a battle pass costs 2800 Apex Coins, and if you want to buy each individual level up, it’ll cost you 150 Apex Coins per level. To get from 0 – 100 will most likely cost you upwards of a $100, not good.

It’s best to simply stick to the daily and weekly challenges, as they are pretty straightforward and relatively easy to accomplish. Plus, they tie into the collection events that can end up giving you heirloom shards, which are essential if you want to obtain heirloom items.

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