Fastest Mounts in Palworld: Ranking All Ground Mounts

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Have you ever wondered which Pals are the best mounts in Palworld? Well, so have I. So, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and conduct some experiments to come up with an answer. So join me as I rank the fastest ground mounts in Palworld.

Pal NameImageTierRequired Level to Craft SaddlePartner Skill EffectRunning SpeedRide Sprint Speed


Level 49Can Triple Jump8001400


Level 49Can Double Jump9001600


Level 26Can Double Jump7501050


Level 30Applies Fire damage to player’s attacks8501300


Level 30Unaffected by cold or hot temperatures when riding700900


Level 26Can Double Jump7001150


Level 14Applies Electricity damage to player’s attacks7201100


Level 12Can Double Jump and increases the efficiency of logging700900


Level 9Has a slightly faster base running speed8001050


Level 3820% increase to Fire damage700900


Level 29Ignores hot weather when mounted550700


Level 23Applies Dark damage to player’s attacks600800


Level 16Ignores cold weather when mounted600800


Level 13Applies Dragon damage to player’s attacks600800


Level 13Applies Normal damage to player’s attacks600800


Level 39Doesn’t use any stamina when moving over water525700


Level 19Applies Grass damage to player’s attacks550700


Level 6Increases efficiency when destroying rocks450700


Level 7Produces Wool when assigned to the Ranch460800


Level 31Increases efficiency when mining ore nodes390550

Let’s take some time to discuss a couple of the best and fastest ground mounts in Palworld. We’ll dive into what sets them apart, what portion of the game they shine the most, and a couple of their Pal-unique abilities.

Paladius – The Best Overall Ground Mount

A photo of Paladius, the best mount in Palworld

It should be no surprise that a Legendary Pal takes the crown as the best ground mount in Palworld – they’re Legendary for a reason. The Legend Passive Skill gives Paladius a huge boost, but what really sets it apart is its ability to perform a triple jump. This makes Paladius an insanely versatile mount, prepared to traverse whatever terrain you throw at it.

Necromus – The Fastest Ground Mount

A photo of Necromus, the fastest mount in Palworld

The other half of the Legendary duo isn’t too far behind. Necromus is a close runner-up to Paladius. Despite having a higher speed, Necromus falls a bit short because it can only perform a double jump. It removes a bit of mobility in some of the rock-filled areas, which is why I’m giving the edge to Paladius. However, if you’re simply looking for the fastest ground mount in Palworld, then Necromus has the stats to back it up.

Fenglope – The Best Mid-Game Mount

A photo of Fenglope, the best mid-game mount in Palworld.

Let’s shift our focus from all these Legendary mounts and take a look at Fenglope. It can also conquer most terrains with its double-jumping ability while being a speedy sprinter on flat land. Players can find one as early as Level 25 by battling the Alpha Fenglope in the Falls Mineshaft. It’s pretty easy to catch, making it the perfect mid-game mount in Palworld.


A photo of Pyrin

Waiting to be strong enough to capture those Legendary Pal mounts in the game can be quite tedious. But why wait when you can get your hands on a fiery and swift mount like Pyrin? Pyrin’s speed rivals that of Paladius and Necromus, yet you can access it much earlier in the game. If luck is on your side, you might even be able to snag one from a Black Marketeer.

Kitsun – The Best Ground Mount for All Climates

A photo of Kitsun, the best mount for all climates in Palworld.

Kitsun is another decent mid-game mount, being available at that level 30 sweet spot. It might not be as fast or jump as much as the other mounts, but it remains a versatile option across all biomes. Kitsun’s Clear Mind Partner Skill neutralizes the effects of hot and cold temperatures when mounted, eliminating the need for weather-based gear.


A photo of Rayhound

Rayhound is my personal favorite and the mount I’ve used until the late game. It outsprints most mid to late-game Pals while still proving to be a versatile mount with its double-jump ability. The combination of low cooldown Electric and Ground-type moves also positions Rayhound as a solid attacking Pal.

Univolt – The Best Early Game Ground Mount

A photo of Univolt, the best early game mount in Palworld

Univolt emerges as the best early game ground mount in Palworld. I mean, it has the fastest sprint speed out of all pre-level 20 mounts in Palworld. This higher sprint speed is useful early on when you haven’t unlocked most Fast Travel points yet. Univolt also doesn’t suffer from Direhowl’s laughably low jump height, which is why I recommend it, despite Direhowl’s slightly higher running speed.


A photo of Eikthyrdeer

The majestic purple deer stands out as an alternative early game mount in Palworld. The double-jumping capability allows Eikthyrdeer to climb steep terrain. Plus, Eikthyrdeer’s Partner Skill makes cutting trees more efficient, something you’ll be doing a lot in the early stages. Just watch out for Dungeons, as Eikthyrdeer’s antlers prove to be too big to fit within those small caves – I’ve learned that the hard way.


A photo of Direhowl

Ending the list is Direhowl. The moment you upgrade from a Rushoar to a Direhowl is the moment you first experience true speed. Its blazing fast base running speed makes every other mount eat dust, except for the legendaries and Pyrin. It’s a great early Pal and will help you get through your first few hours in the Palpagos Islands. The only drawback of Direhowl is its criminally low jump height.

Summing It Up

Those were my picks for the fastest and best ground mounts in Palworld. It’s clear that Paladius and Necromus are a cut above the rest. You won’t go wrong with choosing any of these two mounts, ensuring you’ll arrive at your destination not only in time but also in style.

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