Top 5 Fastest SUVs in GTA 5 Online: Ranked By Speed

The fastest mom cars you've ever seen!

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You probably already know what the fastest cars or the fastest motorbikes are in GTA Online, but have you stopped to consider which of the SUVs are the fastest? If you’re looking for something fast, yet hefty, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll be covering the 5 fastest SUVs in GTA 5 Online, as well as a bonus SUV at the end!

Let’s get into it!


Weeny Issi Rally

The fastest SUV

Top Speed: 138.25 mph
Price: $1,835,000

The weeny that’s not so teeny. The Issi Rally was added to GTA Online as part of the 1.64 LS Drug Wars on January 26, 2023. When upgraded fully with stock items, the Issi Rally can only reach a maximum of 116.75 mph.

However, if you’re playing on a next-gen console you’ll be able to head to Hao’s Special Works and upgrade, and turn this into the fastest SUV in GTA 5. Once there you can upgrade your SUV with all the HSW upgrades, which will top out your speeds at an insane 138.25 mph, rivaling most supercars.


Pfister Astron Custom

AStron Custom SUV

Top Speed: 119.25 mph
Price: $1,720,000

The Pfister Astron Custom is a variation of the original Astron and was added as part of the 1.59 PS5 & Xbox Series X|S release update. It can be purchased for $1,720,000 from Legendary Motorsports and upgraded at Los Santos Customs and Hao’s Special Works.

Whilst the price is high, it definitely is right. The Astron Custom has access to all of Hao’s Special Works upgrades, meaning can go from its stock 119.25 mph to an insane 137.00 mph. Fully upgrading your Astron will only cost an additional $395,000, which is more than worth it, considering its the second fastest SUV in GTA 5.


Pegassi Toros

Toros GTA 5 SUV

Top Speed: 127.50 mph
Price: $498,000

The Pegassi Toros was added to GTA Online alongside the 1.46 Arena War update, released in 2018. The Toros can be purchased from Legendary Motorsports for a cool $498,000, and upgraded at Lost Santos Customs.

Once your engine, suspension, transmission, tires, brakes, and exhaust are updated, you can expect to reach a maximum speed of 127.50 mph. Upgrading will cost you a total of $402,600, bringing the car’s total price to $908,000. This is definitely worth it considering the high speed and relatively low cost.


Lampadati Novak

Novak SUV GTA 5

Top Speed: 126.00 mph
Price: $608,000

The Novak was added to GTA Online with the 1.48 Diamond Casino & Resort back in 2019. The Novak can be purchased from Legendary Motorsports for $608,000 and upgraded at Los Santos Customs.

If you fully upgrade your Novak at Lost Santos Customs, you’ll be able to reach its peak speed of 126.00 mph. Completely upgrading the Novak will cost you an additional $372,950, bringing your total cost to $980,950.


Rebla GTS

Rebla GTA 5 SUV

Top Speed: 123.50 mph
Price: $1,175,000

The Ubermacht Rebla GTS was added to GTA Online alongside the 1.49 Diamond Casino Heist update in 2019. The Rebla GTS can be purchased from Legendary Motorsports for an eye-watering $1,175,000 and upgraded at Los Santos Customs.

If you’re wanting to maximize this SUV’s performance, you’ll need to head over to Los Santos Customs and fully upgrade it. For an additional $388,500 you’ll reach top speeds of 123.50 mph. Considering the total investment of $1,563,500, the main selling point of this vehicle, over the previous on our list, is its outstanding aesthetic.



Declasse Granger 3600LX

Declasse SUV

Top Speed: 96.75 mph
Price: $1,380,000

the Granger 3600LX was added in the 1.58 Contract update in 2022. It can be purchased from Southern S.A. Super Autos for $1,380,000 and upgraded at Los Santos Customs or the Agency Vehicle Workshop.

You’re probably wondering why this SUV has been included on this list, considering its relatively mundane speed. However, any list of SUVs has to have this absolute beast somewhere, even if just as a bonus entry.

The Granger can be customized with a variety of upgrades, allowing it to take up to 12 missiles before being destroyed, and jam any attempts to lock onto the vehicle. Additionally, you can install weapons systems. But, the best feature of this vehicle is its ability to be remotely controlled. Once upgraded, you can head to your inventory in the interaction menu to access this vehicle’s remote controls.

So, for a total of $2,740,989, you could have a remote control SUV tank at your disposal. Pretty damn good!

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