Fastest Ways to Get Renown in Bannerlord

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Sorry to burst your bubble, but the reality is that there is no such thing as “The fastest way to get Renown in Bannerlord.” In actually, there’s only one way to get Renown in Bannerlord, and many little ways to optimize the process.

That’s what we’ll be looking at today. All the little tips and optimizations that you can implement into your playthrough to earn the most Renown possible. It’s often the little things that we miss that end up being the most beneficial to us.

The Fastest Way to Get Renown in Bannerlord is to Win Battles

fastest ways to get renown in Bannerlord

The fastest, and the only way to get a lot of Renown in Bannerlord is by winning major battles. There is, however, a precondition. It’s not just winning major battles, but winning major battles where the balance of power is equal or in the enemy’s favor.

This is why, even though you’re winning every engagement, your Renown gains are stagnating. In my experience, this often tends to happen if you’ve joined one of the best factions in Bannerlord. It’s a well-known fact that their units tend to dominate the competition with ease, which means lower Renown gains in the long run.

Butt Naked Runs Are the Best Way to Farm Experience in Bannerlord

Butt naked run

I know. This sounds extremely silly, and you probably think I’m crazy just for suggesting them. But this is actually the best way to earn a lot of Renown in Bannerlord. Strip your character down to their undies and garrison all of your units in your settlements.

High-tier units have the most weight on the balance of power bar. After that, it’s your armor. Surprisingly, weapons don’t tip the balance of power bar as much, so you can carry whatever you want.

If you’re playing on Realistic, you should ideally get married before starting this process. Always have someone in your clan who can take over in the event of your death. Accidents tend to happen, especially if you’re doing something as risky as this.

After you’ve stripped yourself and deposited all your troops, it’s time to head out into the wilderness and hunt for bandit parties. You should prioritize bandits that don’t have a lot of ranged or cavalry. Looters, Briggands, Sea Raiders, those sorts. Avoid Forest bandits and Steppe Bandits at all costs.

Once you get into the battle, simply circle around them and pick them off one by one. The bigger the bandit party, the more Renown you’ll earn in the end. Just try not to get knocked out by a stray rock.

Which Perks to Get

Perks are absolutely indispensable if you want to earn a lot of Renown in Bannerlord. There are two perks in Bannerlord that are essential for this process, and a third one that’s nice to have. Those are:

Famous Commander

fastest ways to get renown Famous Commander

According to many, Famous Commander is undeniably the most useful perk in the entire game. Frankly, if you don’t have this perk, you’re doing yourself a disfavor. Famous Commander is located in the Leadership tree and can be unlocked once you reach 100 skill level in Leadership.

This perk is also great if you want to have an elite army. Which is absolutely indispensable if you want to win battles and capture prisoners in Bannerlord. Just make sure you have the economic base to support yourself.

Public Speaker

Public Speaker

Public Speaker is the second best perk to have if you want to earn a lot of Renown in Bannerlord. However, it’s inferior in two ways. First, it only gives you a 30% bonus, while Famous Commander gives you 50%. And second, it unlocks at 225 charm skill.

It’s also important to mention that perks do not stack in Bannerlord, which is a real bummer if you ask me. That is why I prefer to have Famous Commander instead. Only go for Public Speaker if you’re not role-playing as a commander character.

Artisan Community

Artisan Community

Times of strife are great for creating heroic stories. The same can’t be said for times of peace. Luckily, the Trade tree has two perks that can help you earn Renown even in times of peace.

Artisan Community is a 125-trade-skill-level perk that gives you +1 Renown for every profitable workshop. Its counterpart gives you +1 Renown for every profitable caravan, which is straight-up inferior. Always go for Artisan Community if you can.

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