12 Fastest Ways to Get XP in Fortnite (2023)

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Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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Fastest Ways to Earn XP in Fortnite

Leveling up your Battle Pass and trying to earn experience (XP) can be quite tiresome and time-consuming in Fortnite. With every new season, comes a new Battle Pass with brand-new skins. If you want to unlock all the skins and ensure that you gain enough V-Bucks to purchase the new Battle Pass for free, you need to earn a lot of XP.

However, if you do not have a lot of time and only play the game casually, you might find it extremely difficult to level up. Worry not because we have made this guide just for you to show you the fastest ways to get XP in Fortnite.

The best way to earn XP in Fortnite is to complete Weekly and Daily quests. On top of that, you should try to interact with everything on the map like chests, ammo boxes, and more. Finally, getting a Victory Royale and eliminations will result in a lot of XP.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in and take a look at the best and fastest ways to earn XP in Fortnite!


Work on Those Weekly Quests

Weekly Quests in Fortnite
The Weekly Quests are a great way to earn XP in Fortnite.

The best way to gain a lot of XP quickly in Fortnite is to complete all the weekly quests. As you’ve already guessed – and as the name suggests – these quests refresh every week. So, you’ll have plenty of time to complete them if you continue playing the game.

The best part is that you won’t have to go out of your way for most of these quests. There are a total of 7 quests that you can do every week. If you are curious, these quests include things like dealing damage to enemies or using various items. However, you might also encounter a few quests that can take some effort to complete but YouTube tutorials have got you covered!

Every week, these quests refresh on Thursday at 6 AM PT/9 AM ET. The most recent Week 4 challenges include quests like:

  • Eliminate a Bounty Target With a Sniper Rifle or Marksman Rifle (0/1)
  • Open a Lock With a Key, And a Safe in a Single Match (0/2)
  • Use a Port-A-Bunker in Different Matches (2 different matches)
  • Throw a Launchpad at Flutter Barn or Shimmering Shrine (1)
  • Headshot Opponents With the Evochrome Shotgun or Evochrome Burst Rifle (15 opponents)
  • Survive Storm Phases (0/10)
  • Deal Damage to Wildlife (1000 damage)


Give the Daily Quests Some Love Too

Daily Quests reset every day in Fortnite
Daily Quests can give a lot of XP to the player.

Speaking of quests, Fortnite has a few Daily ones as well. These quests renew every day and include easy challenges like opening chests, ammo boxes, or dealing damage with weapons like rifles, SMGs, or shotguns.

If you play the game normally, you will complete most of these challenges without even realizing it. However, there are some that you might need to put some time in to complete them. Regardless of the quest, try to do all of the Daily challenges to earn the most amount of XP.

It can be easy to miss these quests if you don’t play every day but if you have the time, you can complete all of them within an hour or even less! So, play the game for an hour or so and you will not only complete the Daily quests but also make progress toward the Weekly ones.

Plus, the best part is that you can earn even more XP as a bonus by completing the Daily quests. If you complete 1 quest, you will earn 1k XP from it plus 15k XP from the bonus. So, you can almost earn 50k XP daily from just the challenges.


Get That Victory Crown

The Victory Crown in Fortnite
The Victory Crown in all its glory.

With the introduction of Chapter 3, Fortnite introduced a new item called the Victory Crown. You can find this item by either being the winner in your previous match or by eliminating an existing crown holder and picking it up.

Either way, once you gain the crown, you can wear it for additional benefits. The best advantage is that you will gain more XP per kill and just for surviving. So, this will enhance the amount of XP you can gain in each match.

Keep in mind that you can only get the crown from normal game modes. You cannot earn it from custom games or any other temporary game mode in Fortnite. While the crown offers a lot of good stats, it does come with its fair share of problems.

For starters, your crown will always make a noise when the storm is closing. This will give away your position to nearby enemies; making it easier to target you. On top of that, the crown will also pop up on the map from time to time. Once it appears on the map, chances are that enemies will want to eliminate you and take the crown for themselves.


Hop in Creative Mode With Your Friends

The Creative Mode is a great way to earn XP in Fortnite
Creative Mode cover art – Credits: Epic Games

Playing the Creative Mode can be a lot of fun in Fortnite. The best way is to invite some friends and test your skills against them. The best part is that this mode is ideal for practicing – and improving – your edits, aim, and finding the best weapon layout.

So, you will not only be earning a lot of free XP in quick succession but also improving your game as well. Plus, since the game doesn’t have any high stakes or something like that, you can play it casually and have fun while chatting with your friends.

To get a lot of XP quickly, try playing the Deathmatch with your friends. Since everyone will respawn quickly after dying, you can continuously kill players to get XP for each elimination. If you really want to amp things up one step further, you can ask your friend to just walk toward you and get eliminated.

On top of that, if you land a headshot, you will gain additional XP as well. So, make those snappy plays and level up your Battle Pass easily!


Get Those Victory Royales

Getting the Victory Royale will earn you more XP than usual
The Victory Royale logo in Fortnite – Credits: Epic Games

Just like you gain XP from kills and interacting with various things, you can also earn a good amount of XP by winning games. While this is a bit difficult all things considered, winning the game will give you a lot of XP.

This is especially true if you have the Victory Crown in your inventory as well. You might think that getting the Victory Royale is difficult but you can do it more than normal if you focus on a few things.

First of all, try to improve your aim as much as you can. It will allow you to get tons of kills (earning you even more XP) and allow you to survive the game. Plus, focus on your edits and builds as much as you can.

The best method to practice them is to go into Creative and start editing or building. The better you build, the higher chance you’ll have to outplay the enemy players. Also, try to find the ideal weapon layout for yourself.

Some players prefer having snipers in their inventory while others mostly rely on assault rifles and SMGs. Find out what suits you best and make sure to use those weapons in the game.


Save The World is a Great Way to Earn XP

The main character defending against zombies in Save The World.
Save The World promotional cover – Credits: Epic Games

Before we talk about this point, I know that not everyone will have access to Save The World. What’s ironic is that Fornite was initially meant to have this campaign but the battle royale mode became insanely popular instead.

However, if you do have access to this campaign, you should play it. The game mode is extremely fun and quite underrated in my experience. You can earn XP by completing various missions, exploring buildings, opening chests, and much more!

All of this will progress toward your Battle Pass, so, if you can, then make sure that you try out Save The World. Who knows, maybe you will like this mode enough to continuously play it as well. If you ask me, Save The World is a good mode that can become even more fun with your friends.

The best part is that you can play any mode you want on easy mode and still get the XP you need. It doesn’t matter what difficulty you are playing on, as long as you are just earning XP for the Battle Pass. Here are some of the best modes that you can play to get the most amount of XP:

  • Inferno (Dungeon)
  • Ride the Lightning
  • The Crypts (Dungeon)
  • The Lab

If you max out your Save The World and Creative Mode XP, you can easily level up more than 10 tiers per day. Combine this with your quests and you will max out your Battle Pass in no time!


Explore the Map

Chapter 4 Season 1 Map

While this tip might not apply to everyone, exploring the map will give you a lot of XP. This is especially true if you haven’t played the game in quite some time. Since the map gets updated regularly, there are new/updated areas in the game.

This means that you will see a greyed-out location on your map when you open it. Visiting those places will give you more XP. So, you can earn a good chunk of experience just by driving around the map and exploring new places.

During this time, you can try to engage in more firefights and get as many eliminations as you can. Plus, as aforementioned, try to interact with as many objects as you can in the game. Open chests, ammo boxes, and try to interact with other things as well.

So, the next time you are with your friends, ask them “where we dropping, boys?” and go out there to explore the map!


Seasonal Quests Are Important Too!

Fortnite Milestones are a great way to earn quick XP
An example of Milestone quests that you can do in Fortnite – Source: Perfect Score

We have talked about Weekly and Daily quests at the start of this list. However, there is another set of challenges that you can complete. The Seasonal quests – or the Milestones – are challenges that refresh after every Season.

These quests are relatively longer than usual but will reward you with tons of XP as well. The Milestones include quests like:

  • Catch items while fishing
  • Complete Bounties
  • Damage Opponents
  • Eliminate Opponents

These are just a few examples of what the Milestones are. You can find them alongside all other quests, so, don’t worry because you won’t miss them. Plus, just like the other quests, you will earn bonus XP by completing a certain amount of Milestones.


Get Those Eliminations

A player getting eliminated in Fortnite
Fortnite cover art – Credits: Epic Games

This is one of the points that we have briefly mentioned before as well. However, getting eliminations is a great way to add up XP and get tons of it when the game ends. If you have a good aim, you can easily get a lot of XP without even realizing it.

Plus, to get even more kills, play the “No Build” mode since players won’t be able to build an entire fort if you shoot at them. This way, you will solely rely on your aim, and getting kills will be easier.

However, keep in mind that if you do not have a good aim, other players might get the best of you in the majority of fights.

Another way you can ensure that you have a lot of kills is to intentionally get eliminated as soon as you land. If you do this a few times, the game will make it easier on you by placing more bots than normal. This way, you can easily kill the bots by landing at crowded places and getting tons of eliminations.

If you are performing well in a few games – or winning them – you will get normal lobbies again, so, don’t worry about it.


Look Out For Double XP Weekends

The Double XP weekend in Fortnite is a great way to earn more XP
The Double XP weekend in Fortnite is a great way to earn more XP.

While you might not get a chance to gain double XP every weekend, Epic Games occasionally allows players to partake in this event. During this, you can earn twice the normal amount of XP by doing the same things.

This is a great way to gain tons of XP really fast without having to go out of your way. Usually, this event happens only on the weekends since most players are free at that time. So, make sure that you take part in this even to gain more XP than normal.

Plus, if you do not complete Daily Quests for a long amount of time, the game will give you a hidden mechanic called Supercharged XP. This is for players that cannot play the game on a regular basis.

This buff allows you to earn more XP by doing the same things that you would normally do. You can earn the missing levels that you couldn’t before thanks to this. However, after completing Daily Quests for more than 2 days, this buff will go away.


Spend V-Bucks to Level Up

Purchasing Battle Pass tiers through V-Bucks is extremely easy
You can get 25 levels in just 1850 V-Bucks once per season.

While this isn’t something that I would love to do myself, you cannot deny that it is a good and fast way to level up quickly. To get extra tiers of the Battle Pass quickly, you can spend V-Bucks to purchase them.

Usually, purchasing 25 levels will cost you about 3750 V-Bucks, you can do so in just 1850. However, the 1850 offer is only limited once per season so keep that in mind. If you have extra V-Bucks lying around, you can use them to quickly level up the Battle Pass and unlock a lot of skins or other cosmetics.


Interact With Objects

Opening chests in Fortnite is a great way to gain XP during the game
Opening a chest in Fortnite will give you additional XP.

Finally, as we have mentioned this a few times before, interacting with random objects across the map is a good way to earn fast XP in Fortnite. While it doesn’t give you a lot of experience, it is still a good way to accumulate it.

If you combine this with other things such as getting kills, getting headshots, completing quests, you can easily add up tons of XP really fast. So, make sure that you search all:

  • Chests
  • Ammo boxes
  • Supply drops

On top of that, you should also try to:

  • Talk to all NPCs
  • Forage items
  • Go fishing

Combining all these interactions together will result in more XP than you would have imagined.


There you have it, that’s the 12 fastest ways to get XP in Fortnite in 2022. If you want to quickly level up to unlock more Battle Pass tiers. Since there are some amazing skins this time around – like The Herald cosmetic set, you would certainly want to gain as much XP as you can.

Try out these methods and let us know if you gained XP swiftly or not. We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below! Also, if you have any more ways which you can use to level up the Battle Pass quickly, we would love to know about that as well.

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