Fight Crab 2 Preview – Crustacean Boogaloo!

Calling this game weird would be an understatement....

Hristijan Pavlovski
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Once in a generation, a game comes along that surpasses all other games, a game that defines genres and leaves a mark on history, a game that inspires people for decades to come. In our generation, that game is Fight Crab 2. A work of art with no comparison, a magnum opus. Here’s what it’s about.

The Story of Fight Crab 2… What Was It Again?

Fight Crab 2 story
Pre-Mission Rundown

Fight Crab 2 doesn’t have much of a story, it’s more of a loose sequence of progressively even more unhinged events than the ones that came before it. The basic gist is this. You play as a crab knight and you pilot giant crustaceans as they battle it out against other giant crustaceans.

The maps can range from an epic volcanic island, a quaint Japanese village, literally Heaven, a Roman-style arena, and much much more. Most of the quests are just “save the humans” or “beat the other crabs.” Simple, to the point, and good enough for me.

Wonkiness is a Feature, Not a Bug

Fight Crab 2 Encounter 1
Combat Example I

The game is remarkably wonky, impressively so. After a certain point, I stopped questioning if some things were bugs or intended features. Don’t get me wrong though, Fight Crab 2 isn’t a broken game. Quite the contrary, in fact, it’s intentionally made this way for comedic effect.

It takes some getting used to, especially in our day and age where every game has to be serious and convey a certain point. Fight Crab 2 is the exact opposite, It’s intentionally ridiculous! It works just enough to be playable, and it has a ton of activities to do so that you never get bored of its craziness.

How Does it Feel to Play Though?

Fight Crab 2 Encounter 2
Combat Example II

“Spray and pray!” is the best way to explain Fight Crab 2’s combat. The tutorial does a decent job of teaching you how everything works, but it takes a few missions to realize that none of that matters in actuality. Most missions are just a sequence of mashing different buttons and praying that your crustacean does what you want it to do.

Also, the reason I keep using “crustaceans” instead of “crabs” to describe the creatures is because the game has an extensive list of marine animals that you can pilot that aren’t actually crabs.

It’s funny because, for all its weirdness, the game actually tries to be as realistic as it can when recreating the different creatures and their capabilities. It takes the real-life defense mechanisms of the creatures and turns them into unique game mechanics, leading to an interesting dynamic of strengths and weaknesses.

Fight Crab 2 Has A Surprising Amount of Customization

Player Customization
Avatar Customization

I don’t know how but Fight Crab 2 has more customization options than some modern AAA games. As soon as you get in-game the game lets you customize your knight. You may also customize your crustacious friends, although, their customization options are rather limited, oftentimes just a simple color change is all they get.

That being said, the game has a ton of items and weapons that you can use that add to the lunacy of each encounter. Most of the weapons and skills are references to other games or shows. For example, the “totally-not-a-lightsaber” beam sword and also the “totally-not-a-Kamehameha” wave special attack.

The Best Part of it All – Multiplayer

Training sequence
Dexterity Training Sequence

Fight Crab 2 is a game that is made to be enjoyed with friends. Sure, you can get a lot of fun and excitement out of the game if you play it single-player, but the true fun is when you play it online with your friends or against other people.

Thankfully, Fight Crab 2 has multiplayer. Sadly, I wasn’t able to find a match as I was playing on a preview build, which didn’t have a lot of people on at the time. I can see the game developing a niche following after its release though, so expect a lot of YouTubers and streamers to cover it once it’s out.

Do I Think It’s Worth It?

Fighter selection screen
Crustacean Selection Screen

Absolutely! Fight Crab 2 is a party game at heart. If you have a group of friends who enjoy playing silly games together, then this game should definitely be on your radar for when you’re planning the next game sesh.

You can get a taste of the crab action yourself on Steam and download its demo right now. Fight Crab 2 is coming to early access on 13th February 2024.

What do you think about Fight Crab 2 though? Is its craziness enough to secure it a niche following or do you think it will fade into obscurity like hundreds of other games? We’d like to hear your opinions in the comments below.

This preview is based on the PC version of Fight Crab 2. The key was provided by PLAYISM.

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