Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: 6 Beginner Tips Before You Get Started

Cloud and Gang Have Alot to Do This Time Around...

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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The second part of the FF 7 remake trilogy is out, and it has introduced a ton of new mechanics, activities, and a semi-open world for you to explore. All of this can be a bit too much for some players to wrap their heads around. This guide aims to provide useful beginner tips for those who are just starting out their Final Fantasy VII Rebirth adventure.

Read on if you want to know which activities and locations Cloud and the gang should visit first on their quest to find Sephiroth.


Get a Chocobo ASAP

Get a Chocobo

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth drops players in its massive region-based map in Chapter 2. But don’t get sidetracked and wander off the beaten path just yet. Whenever you enter a new region in this game, your first priority should be capturing the local Chocobo.

Reach the farm, and start doing the main quest until you capture your first Chocobo. Chocobos allow you and your party to travel the Grasslands much more quickly, making them a very important part of your team. Press R1 to summon your captured Chocobo whenever you want.

While the Chocobos in the Grasslands region can cross water bodies, the ones you capture in the Junon region can climb up walls.

Chocobos can also smell and dig up materials hidden throughout the game’s open world. You can also gather materials while on a Chocobo’s back. All of these reasons make it pretty obvious that you need this birdie ASAP!


Fully Explore the Grasslands

Explore the Grasslands
A semi-explored map of the Grasslands region.

The Grasslands region is quite huge and will introduce players to all the different types of open-world activities and quest types they’ll encounter throughout the game. We suggest that you take your time to familiarize yourself with the game’s combat flow, and how different mechanics work.

Roam the map on Choco-back and uncover all the grey (fog) areas. This will allow you to level up significantly quickly and be prepared for the fight against Midgardsormr, who is guarding the swamp area.

Once you’ve met up with Chadley, he will brief you on how things work this time around and what different activities you can do while roaming the map. Next, we will discuss the different open-world activities you should be focusing on first.


Towers Will Uncover Points of Interest

Scan the Towers

Each region will have several towers with consoles that Cloud can access to uncover points of interest in the surrounding areas. This makes it easy for you to decide where to go next and plan out how you want to explore the map.

These towers will almost always be guarded by enemies, so be careful as you approach them. Some of those enemies will put up quite a fight and spell trouble for you if not dealt with care.

Note that accessing the console on a tower does not remove the fog from the map. It simply marks nearby locations on the map. You’ll only remove fog when you travel in that area.


Visit Lifesprings

Visit the Lifesprings

Lifesprings are one of the many POIs you’ll be able to find in every region of FF 7 Rebirth. These small energy lifesprings cannot be detected by Shinra troops and remain well-hidden but still offer valuable insight into the region, its wildlife, secrets, and excavation intel drops.

You’ll always find a ton of resources next to each Lifespring, which makes finding them even more rewarding.

You’ll know that you are close to spring when an owl starts circling around your character. Follow the Springseeker Owl until it takes you to the Lifespring’s exact location.


Repair the Chocobo Stations

Repair Chocobo Stations - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Beginner Tips

Chocobo Stations will allow you to fast travel to that location in FF7 Rebirth and explore the nearby areas. To activate them, you first need to head over to a station’s location and fix its sign to repair it. Whenever you are close to a station, a mini Chocobo will have you follow it and guide you to the station’s location.

These stations are often located in areas where there aren’t any other POIs for you to fast travel to. You can even sleep and refill your HP/MP bars. Sleeping at Chocobo Stations requires you to use a Cushion (a craftable item).


Use the Item Transmuter

Item Transmuter - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Beginner Tips
Item Transmuter menu.

Speaking of craftable items, let’s talk about the Item Transmuter. You’ll get this item in Chapter 2. It allows Cloud to craft certain consumables by combining resources he will find across the open world.

This is how the game rewards you for exploring the map and collecting random materials. You can craft cushions, potions, antidotes, and a lot more using the Item Transmuter.

Your Item Transmuter will keep leveling up and allow you to craft more items. So, use it often and stop buying potions from vending machines!

These were some useful beginner tips for players who are new to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Stick with WIG in the coming weeks if you want to read more of our FF7 coverage. We’ll be covering the combat mechanics in-depth as well, so keep an eye out for that!

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