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As Cloud and the gang reach Costa Del Sol, they decide to hit the beach and take some much-needed rest. But you’ll need some beachwear first, and the game provides you with a handful of options. So, here’s how you can get every swimsuit in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth for Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith.

We’ll go over how to acquire all swimsuits for Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith, as well as talk about how selecting certain swimsuits can impact your relationship with that character. Beach, here we come!

Participate in the Costa Del Amor Event

The dancers are talking you into participating in the Costa Del Amor event.

Once you’ve reached Johnny’s Seaside Inn and have rested, Cloud will set out to find Barret and Red XIII. He will encounter two dancers explaining how the beach is off limits without wearing swimwear, and guests need to participate in the Costa Del Amor event to get them.

The event has you participating in different minigames scattered around the Costa Del Sol area and collecting Companion Cards. These cards can then be exchanged at outfit booths to buy and change outfits for Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith. So, let’s get into it and see which character needs to complete which specific minigames.

Need help locating the Tonberry King in The Saga of the Seaside Inn side quest? Look no further!

How to Unlock All Swimsuits for Cloud

Since we get to play as Cloud first, let’s look at how you can unlock all swimsuits for Cloud in FF VII Rebirth. You’ll need to play and win the following two minigames (their locations are marked on your map):

Pirate Rampage

A minigame where Cloud needs to shoot moving targets using a gun and score the required amount of points to net him atleast one or a maximum of three rewards. One of these rewards will be a Companion Card.

If you are having difficulty aiming with the default settings, there’s an option to increase or decrease the aiming speed to suit your preference. Make sure you go for the targets that offer more points.

Card Carnival

Card Carnival is a hybrid version of Queen’s Blood where Cloud pairs up with Regina and tries to win on a board where the opponent’s cards are already placed. You will be given three cards and will have to place them in the correct order to achieve a higher score & win.

Once you’ve played and won both of these mini games, you can then go to a outfit booth located at the front of Costa Del Sol and purchase both swimsuit options for Cloud.

Once Cloud picks his swimsuit and heads to the beach, the player will start controlling Aerith and Tifa. Now it is their turn to complete some minigames and earn Companion Cards.

Note: You must remember which swimsuit you picked for Cloud because if you want to deepen your relationship with Aerith or Tifa (or both), you need to choose the same one for them. – more on this later.

How to Unlock All Swimsuits for Tifa

Lets help you get all swimsuits for Tifa next. She, too, has to participate in two minigames around Costa Del Sol and win them to score Companion Cards. Let’s take a look at the different minigames Tifa will be playing:

Royal Coast Concert

Go to the Royal Coast Hotel Lobby where you’ll meet Andrea and Madam M (returning characters from Final Fantasy VII Remake) as they discuss what to do next. Their pianist has eloped with his lover, and the Piano concert is about to start.

Now, Tifa has to take charge and play her own theme well enough to earn their praise and get a Companion Card as a reward. Keep your eye on the rhythm lines and press the corresponding notes with the correct timings to properly play the piano.

Wheelie Rendevous

This minigame starts as Jennie, the wheelie stand employee, quits her job, and the manager calls for Tifa’s help to round up the Red, Blue, and Yellow wheelies around Costa Del Sol and park them back at their respective parking spots.

The wheelies are not super difficult to find as they are parked on the main roads around the area.

  • The Red parking spot is located at the entrance of Costa Del Sol (where the quest starts).
  • The Blue parking spot is near the beach entrance (in the middle of the area).
  • The Yellow parking spot is located near Johnny’s Seaside Inn (on the top left side of the area).

Once you’ve parked all the missing wheelies at their proper spots, you’ll end the quest and get the final Companion Card for Tifa.

How to Unlock All Swimsuits for Aerith

Next, let’s take a look at how you can unlock all swimsuit options for Aerith in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. You should know the drill by now. We are going to compete and win in two minigames to collect Companion Cards for Aerith.

Cactuar Caper

A minigame where Aerith pairs up with the Shinra Middle Manager to take photos of four hidden Cactuars around Costa Del Sol. The provided mini-map will lead you to the vicinity. Look around for Pink Cactuar that is holding Maracas in both hands.

  • The middle right one on your map is near the docks. It is on the stone at the end of the left dock.
  • The top right one on your map is near the Beach entrance. You can find it on the Surf and Suntan signboard.
  • Aerith can find the Hidden Cactuar marked on the bottom right corner of her mini-map on a fire hydrant near the hydrant.
  • The last one is on the left side of the map. You can find this massive Pink Cactuar on the hill.

Run Wild

Go to the southwest part of Costa Del Sol. This minigame can be played by Red XIII as it requires a pet. The goal here is to chase the ball around the field and score the maximum number of goals against all other animals.

Make sure you are paying attention to the other animal’s scorecard as well and try to score evenly in all goal posts. You have to place second to get the Companion Card for Aerith.

Which Swimsuit to Wear

Now that you’ve acquired all four Companion Cards for Tifa and Aerith, it is time to decide which swimsuit they should wear. We told you to remember which swimsuit you chose for Cloud. That comes into play here.

If you want to deepen Cloud’s relationship with either Tifa or Aerith (or both), you must match their swimsuit taste. You can do that by selecting the same kind of outfit for these characters.

Here is a breakdown of which swimsuit matches which one for each character to make it easier for you:

  • Cloud Ocean Chocobo Casual swimwear | Aerith Floral Delight Long Skirt | Tifa Majestic Glamour Jeans Shorts
  • Cloud Wild Surf Shirtless | Aerith Pink Mermaid Short Skirt | Tifa Shining Spirit Two-Piece

There you go, folks. That’s how you can get every swimsuit option for Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. We wish you a fun time at the beach. Check our detailed Final Fantasy VII Rebirth review and stick with WIG for more on FF VII!

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