How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft 1.19

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Joshua Munoz
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Finding diamonds in Minecraft 1.19⁠—the latest Minecraft Update⁠—is just as rare and elusive as it was in the past.

However, the latest Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part 2 Update has introduced plenty of adjustments to the game. And one of these notable changes is a shift in coordinates when mining for diamond ore.

Prior to the update, the Y-coordinate for diamonds was at Y: -12.

Now, in Minecraft 1.19, the Y-level for diamonds has increased in variability between the coordinates Y: 15 to Y: -63.

But there’s an even better coordinate that you can use to get the best chance of mining diamonds in Minecraft easily.

Without further ado, here’s what you need to know about finding diamonds in Minecraft 1.19.

What Coordinates are Diamonds in Minecraft 1.19?


The best Y-coordinate for diamonds in Minecraft 1.19 is between Y: -58 and Y: -59. This is the equivalent of mining at Y: -58 while standing up as you’ll need to mine both the bottom and top block to move in a horizontal line.

Essentially, mining both blocks give you an equally good chance of finding diamonds while making it more efficient. You can still find diamond ores in other coordinates, but the concentration is much higher in the aforementioned coordinates.

But, unlike in previous patches, the Wilds Update has brought a brand-new biome that can spawn at the exact same coordinates called the Deep Dark biome. In this biome, you may come across a hostile creature known as the Warden. The Warden is a hostile mob that’s capable of killing your character in just a few swings.

If your sword, armor, and potion aren’t at least diamond level, it’s best you avoid confronting the Warden as it can be very dangerous to approach. If you don’t want to risk losing your progress at all, you can try to avoid the Minecraft 1.19 diamond level entirely and just consider alternative ways to find diamonds.

How to Mine Diamonds in Minecraft 1.19?

Just like when mining for diamonds in Minecraft 1.18, the deeper you descend in Minecraft, the higher your chance is of finding rarer ores. As you stumble across rarer ores, you’ll soon realize that your stone pickaxe won’t be enough to mine a vast majority of them.

This is especially true for diamond ore, as you can only mine it using either an iron or diamond pickaxe. Any other tool is either too weak or won’t drop the precious diamond ore, making it ineffective.

Finding Diamonds in Minecraft 1.19 Without Mining

If you’re patient, there’s a slim chance you can find diamonds when rummaging through a generated village treasure chest.

You may also be able to get diamonds from abandoned mineshafts and desert temples scattered across the procedurally-generated world as well.

Another fun way to get your hands on some diamonds is by using an Explorer Map, which can be bought from cartographer villagers or crafted.

The map can lead you to a couple of rare, generated structures. If you want to find diamonds, the Explorer Map can lead you to a place with buried treasure, which is one of the best places to find diamonds (there’s a 46.9% chance that a chest will contain diamonds in Minecraft Java mode).

These maps may also lead you to abandoned shipwrecks which can be full of valuable loot.

Best Generated Structure to Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.19 Java Mode

What Coordinates are Diamonds in Minecraft 1.19?
Source: OMGcraft – Minecraft Tips & Tutorials! from YouTube

Generated structures are procedurally-generated, man-made, or natural structures that are present in many biomes and alternate dimensions in Minecraft. They often carry very valuable loot, making them a great place to scout for resources.

If you’re playing Java mode, these are the five best-generated structures to find diamonds in Minecraft:

  1. Buried Treasure (46.9% chance of containing 1 diamond)
  2. End City (21.2% chance of containing 2 to 7 diamonds)
  3. Nether Fortress (19.9% chance of containing 1 to 3 diamonds)
  4. Village (16.2% chance of containing 1 to 3 diamonds)
  5. Bastion Remnant (15.8% chance of containing 2 to 6 diamonds)

Best Generated Structure to Find Diamonds in Bedrock Mode

For Bedrock players, the odds are slightly different. To get the highest chance of finding diamonds without going to the Y: -58 coordinate, try to find the generated structures below.

  1. Buried Treasure (59.9% chance of containing 1 to 2 diamonds)
  2. End City (21.2% chance of containing 2 to 7 diamonds)
  3. Nether Fortress (19% chance of containing 1 to 3 diamonds)
  4. Village (16.2% chance of containing 1 to 3 diamonds)
  5. Shipwreck (14.1% chance of containing 1 diamond)

Remember, the art of finding diamonds is all about being patient and persistent. The more ground you cover, the higher your chance of finding the diamonds you desire.

What Can You Make With Diamonds?

Large Diamond Sword Prototype Made In Creative Mode
Source: TSMC – Minecraft @ Youtube

Diamonds come a dime a dozen, so you want to ensure you’re not wasting precious any ore crafting lackluster items. Here are some fabulous items you can make with newly-mined diamonds in Minecraft.


Enchanting Table

An enchanting table is a must-have for any Minecraft player looking to give their tools and weapons a powerful secondary effect.

Enchanting weapons and tools are made possible with an Enchanting Table, making this item an invaluable resource for players who want to increase their weapon superiority.

For instance, the Unbreaking enchantment can quadruple the durability of most tools, whereas the Mending enchantment can restore a tool’s durability as the player collects Experience orbs.

To craft an enchanting table, you’ll need the following:

  • 2 diamonds
  • 4 obsidian blocks
  • 1 book

If you want to enchant items without relying on an enchanting table, you may also craft an Anvil.


Diamond Armor

Diamond armor is among the strongest and most durable armor in Minecraft, second only to the extremely rare Netherite armor.

Diamond armor beats out leather, gold, iron, golden, and chainmail armor in terms of both durability and protection, making it the best armor choice against the hardiest mobs in Minecraft.

Diamond Armor is a collective term that refers to four wearable pieces: the breastplate, helmet, pants, and shoes. You’ll need 25 diamond pieces to complete the whole Diamond Armor Set, but once you have them all, you’d be practically invincible.


Diamond Sword

The Diamond Sword has a base power of 7, making it one of the strongest melee weapons in the game.

Aside from dealing massive blows to bulky Minecraft enemies, it can also be used to cut through bamboo and cobwebs. Of course, we’d naturally expect more action with the former!

To make a diamond sword, all you need to do is put two diamonds on the top-center and middle of the crafting grid. At the bottom center, place a stick. You’ll enjoy the durability and strength of the diamond sword soon after!


Diamond Tools

Diamond tools help you mine resources more quickly than other tools. On top of that, they have unmatched durability, providing you with more blocks mined per tool than any other toolset sans Netherite.

The shovel, pickaxe, hoe, and axe are the four craftable diamond tools in Minecraft. All of these tools are crafted in the same pattern and order as other tools from the Stone, Gold, and Iron sets.


Diamond Blocks

If you enjoy leaving an impression of opulence and wealth, then decorating your home with diamond blocks is a great way of doing so.

That said, this block serves no other purpose than as a pretty decoration. But if you’re looking for a way to show off your vast diamond reserves, constructing walls and pillars out of diamond blocks is always a fun option.

5 Easy Tips for Finding Diamonds in Minecraft 1.19

Diamonds in the Underground
Source: Joshe @ Youtube

Diamonds allow players to craft better tools, weapons, and contraptions that open up ways to become more productive and efficient in Minecraft.

If you’re having trouble finding diamonds, or want to speed up the process significantly, consider following the tips below to access these elusive resources.


Never Dig Straight Down

We can’t stress this enough, folks: never, ever consider mining straight down.

Digging straight down might be a tempting way to get to the best level for mining diamonds. But it also comes with the added risk of you falling into a lava pit or a mob lair, which can quickly lead to you losing your items and even dying.

Instead of mining vertically, consider mining using the staircase method to move up and down as you mine. This will allow you to cover more area to expose diamonds while also giving you time to act appropriately once you see a mob-infested mineshaft or lava pit directly underneath.


Scour Exposed Caves

Caves are a great place to find diamonds as well as other minerals and resources since it exposes the player to a large number of blocks right away. This reduces the time it takes to mine since you don’t have to break through a ton of blocks to find diamonds.

That said, it’s not every day that you get to stumble across a cave at a low level in Minecraft. But if you happen to hear groaning mobs during one of your manmade tunnel escapades, consider following the sound. You may stumble across a place worth exploring.


Use Your Best Tools

Diamond mining can be tedious and repetitive, so it’s important to use the best tools possible to make the process as efficient as possible.

That said, ditch your iron and stone tools for higher-quality tools. Gold, diamond, and netherite are excellent options. These tools not only break blocks more quickly, but because of their increased durability, they also allow you to carry more mined resources in your bag.


Bring Ample Light Sources

Diamond mining is conducted deep underground where sunlight can’t easily penetrate; as such, it’s important to bring ample light sources when mining for these elusive resources.

You don’t have to be fancy with it, either. Torches are a great way to light up an area and can be placed whenever the area starts to dim. Another boon is that you can still find coal in this level, making it easy for you to replenish your light sources if you happen to be short.


Branch Your Paths

When digging a straight horizontal line when mining for diamonds at Y=59, consider mining a web of branching paths that veer off to the side too.

This method helps ensure that you don’t miss out on diamond clusters around the area. When it comes to diamond mining, you want to be extra thorough to ensure you don’t miss out on clusters of diamonds. Making branched paths allows you to stop and resume your mining activities without having to make a brand-new tunnel.

Good luck with your diamond-hunting expedition!

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