First look at new dashboard for Xbox One and Series X

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Microsoft talked about the new dashboard for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X a few days ago, but a new preview shows us just what new elements are included in the new version of the dashboard. It’s now easier to navigate, offers a dynamic ribbon like background, and is a lot easier to navigate.

Here’s a first look at the new dashboard

If you’ve been waiting for a look at the new dashboard, here is your first look. The new dashboard is a lot more streamlined, less cluttered, and has a nice animation in the background to give it an extra flair.

The preview continues in the same video at a later timestamp.

Microsoft is now aiming to make a centralized gaming experience, combining the PC, Mobile and console space with a unified user-interface and user-experience.

Normally, when you switch from one device to the next, you have to re-learn different placements of items or settings.

Microsoft is looking to solve that problem by unifying the entire experience, regardless of what device you’re on.

They’re aiming to deliver a uniform experience to all users, whether they’re gaming on the PC, console or mobile via xCloud.

Microsoft is definitely aiming to centralize the future of gaming, and it seems that the new dashboard is definitely a step in the right direction.

The new dashboard is currently in internal testing and is available to users via the insider program.

We highly recommend not entering the insider program unless you’re ready for a world of bugs or other problems you might encounter.

Microsoft is aiming to finish off the new look by the time the Xbox Series X releases in November, so that people who are moving from the Xbox One to the new console won’t have to readjust to a new interface.

The new interface is definitely very clean and more focused, which is sure to drive the attention of gamers.

The dashboard is still a work in progress, so let’s hope the good updates continue.

What are your thoughts on the new dashboard? Hopefully Sony is also working on something as robust for the PS5.

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