RUMOR: First Nintendo Switch Price Cut Ad Spotted

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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As of the past week, there have been rumors that Nintendo is planning on cutting the price of the Nintendo Switch by $50/€50/£50. While there was little evidence to support as such, a French retailer might be the first of many to follow to give us a first look at the rumored Nintendo Switch Price Cut.

Nintendo Switch Price Cut Spotted In The Wild

Its not secret that the Nintendo Switch is one the more dominating consoles that is currently giving the PlayStation family and even the Xbox family of consoles a tough time in sales. Despite launching years after the launch of the PS4/Xbox One, the Switch is putting up quite the fight against its competitors.

Earlier, Nintendo announced a brand new SKU to the Nintendo Switch family, which features an OLED screen, and many other features.

It seems Nintendo could be looking to do away with the current Stock of Nintendo Switch at their disposal with the current backlog of consoles by the price drop.

According to Nintend’Alerts, a reliable insider who has a good track record when it comes to Nintendo retail products, they have gotten their hands on what could be the first ad of many to follow.

While it is unsure if the price cut will be exclusive to France/Europe, fans are hoping that the price cut is global and will make the console even more affordable to fans.

It’s no secret that Nintendo’s system is still a dominating console, but a price drop could be a way for the company to clear the way for new stock and soon, for the OLED model.

While we will have to wait till Monday for Nintendo to drop an official announcement, many fans who have been putting off buying the console for quite some time will be glad to buy the console at a significantly better bargain than before.

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