Floodland Best Settings Guide (Video, Game, Audio)

Make the most out of this post-apocalyptic colony-management sim!

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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Floodland Best Settings Guide

Floodland is a beautiful game that has tons of details put into it. You can see how much love and care went into making the game since every texture looks amazing and detailed. To make the most out of the game, this guide will show you the Floodland best settings so that you can have fun.

Adjusting each setting according to your preference will allow you to have a better experience with the game. That is why this guide will show you the best Floodland settings. Without further ado, let’s buckle up and jump right in!

Best Floodland Settings

We have divided this guide into three sections: Game, Audio, and Video settings. Each section will show you the best settings that you can use and give an explanation about some of the confusing options. This will allow you to be more immersed in the game and have a great time.

Gameplay Settings

Floodland Best Gameplay Settings

Starting off with the game settings, these options allow you to adjust the UI, camera speed, and other aspects of the game. I mostly suggest that you leave these untouched since they are set optimally for the best experience. However, if you want to adjust them, you can do that as well.

User Interface ScaleNormal
Camera Speed50%
Camera Zoom Sensitivity50%
LanguageEnglish (Your preference)
Enable Auto SaveOn
Auto Save Frequency10 minutes (Your preference)
Time Format12H (Your preference)

Video Settings

Floodland Best Video Settings

We cannot talk about the Floodland best settings without mentioning the video settings. Floodland is a beautiful game with tons of detail in each texture. Each building has a lot of love and effort put into it. So, to make the most out of it, you can adjust your video settings too!

Settings PresetCustom
Display ModeFullscreen
Resolution1920 X 1080 (Your native resolution)
Lock Cursor to WindowOff
Adjust Brightness50%
Terrain QualityMedium-High
Fog of War QualityHigh
Shadows QualityHigh
Texture QualityMedium
Water Reflections QualityMedium
FX QualityMedium-High
Ambient OcclusionOn
Chromatic AbberationOn

Audio Settings

Floodland Best Audio Settings

Having the optimal sound settings will help you enhance your immersion and enjoy the game. Floodland has a beautiful sound design that will make you feel like a part of that world. Make sure that you make the most of your experience.

Master Audio100
Sound Effects Volume100
Music Volume100
Ambiance Volume100


And there you have it; those are all the Floodland best settings that you can apply to your game right now. Having these settings will allow you to make the most of the game and have a better experience. Keep in mind if you are having issues with these settings, you can always change them as well.

Hopefully, this guide helped you in choosing the ideal settings for Floodland. Let us know what your thoughts are about the game so far and whether you are enjoying it.

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