Forspoken Trophy List Revealed – Not Much Of A Challenge

Forspoken's trophy list is one that rewards exploration

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • The trophy list does not require players to 100% the game
  • Fairly straightforward list with no difficulty trophies
  • The title will release on January 24th for PS5 and PC

Forspoken is a game that needs little to no introduction, depending on your perception of the demo. The title has a bit of a divide in the fan base, but with the release date nearly a week away, we know the size and pre-load date for the title, but the Forspoken Trophy List also details the journey players will embark upon to get the coveted Platinum trophy for the title.

Forspoken Trophy List is not that hard

Forspoken is a very divided game. It has fans who enjoy the fast-paced action, but also fans on the opposite end of the fence. As a brand new IP from Square Enix, it deserves a chance, and with the release date on January 24th, we should be getting reviews for the title sooner rather than later. You play as Frey, a resident of New York transported to the magical world of Athia. She must now embark on a battle against enemies using magic and find her way back home while also resolving the conflict that currently afflicts the region.

With the trophy list, we have a look at some of the tasks you will have to do as Frey. Thankfully, the trophy list is not as expansive as God of War Ragnarok, which required players to 100% the game. It seems that the trophy list has some wiggle room of not getting all the collectibles, but there are trophies for collecting all weapons, and spells, along with some side quests. To top it all off, in typical PlayStation fashion – there are no difficulty trophies! So you can play the game as you choose.

The trophy list is visible on PowerPyx’s website, however, it’s worth mentioning that they have posted minor spoilers in their conclusion, particularly posting the number of chapters the title has which we have excluded here.

Forspoken is going to be one of those games that fans will either love or hate, but only time will tell if it makes an impact or disappears into the wind.

Forspoken Release Date and Platforms

Forspoken is releasing on the PS5 and PC on January 24th, 2023. It has a two-year-long exclusivity, after which it should come to other platforms.

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