Forspoken Will Be Exclusive To PS5 All The Way To 2025

Forspoken will not be gliding to the Xbox Series consoles anytime soon.

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • The two-year exclusivity rumor is now confirmed.
  • The Xbox Series consoles will not be able to expect news for the title until 2025.
  • This is the second title between Square Enix and Sony that is a long-term exclusive to the console.

Forspoken is an upcoming Action Role-Playing Game that is developed by Luminous Productions and published by Square Enix. The title has you control Frey who is teleported to a land where magic is the dominant source of power and she must navigate a variety of abilities and more to escape back to her normal life in the real world. However, it looks like Frey’s stay on the PS5 will last a comfortable 2 years according to a PlayStation ad.

Forspoken Is NOT Going Anywhere For A While

We knew that Forspoken would be a timed exclusive, but we had no idea about the duration of the exclusivity. Earlier today we covered the six-month exclusivity that the PS5 will hold over Final Fantasy XVI. However, it seems that the situation is more heavy for the upcoming Action RPG that is coming to the PS5 in January 2023. The same trailer that confirmed the six-month exclusivity for Final Fantasy, also confirmed a lengthy 2 year exclusivity for Forspoken on the PS5.

In the trailer, there are two instances where this is shown, it is one of those blink and you miss it moments, but here is a screenshot showing it. You can see it first at 0:21, and the second time again at 0:25. Both times, it’s emphasized that Forspoken will be exclusive to the PS5 for 2 years.

Forspoken Timed Exclusive confirmation

While the game will also take a wild ride on the PC, this is a surprising move, since Final Fantasy 7: Remake has yet to be announced for the Xbox Series consoles.

It seems that Square Enix and Sony have a sweet spot for keeping A-RPG titles on the PlayStation consoles for a while. We will have to wait and see if future titles published by Square will follow the same pattern since Sony seems intent on keeping this pattern up.

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